[2015] Self-Assembling Nano, Smart Dust, Geo-Engineering since 1945

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A 2015 interview with Tony Pantalleresco talking about self-assembling nanotechnology, geo-engineering, HAARP, chemtrails, Smart-Dust, quantum dots, and solutions. Old-timer tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists are not looking so crazy now, hey! It seems like they are decades ahead of the rest of us in research.

Tony Pantalleresco The Dangers Of Nano Particles To Your Health!

Recorded 28 Dec 2015 YouTube (1hr29min) | ExtremeHealthRadio
Mirrors: Rumble (1hr15min)

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Video Notes / Rumble-Mirror version timestamps:

  • 00:00 Weather, geoengineering, Ontario, Canada vs California, USA.
  • 01:19 HAARP = 7 in Canada, Weather, Chemtrails, Nano biological agents

Basically if you target another country’s weather you can pretty well crippled them. Next to nanotechnology, and HAARP, these are technologies that are so extremely and alarmingly dangerous. People aren’t fully grasping the scope of when you see that line in the sky, how it can stop a biological agent or nanobiological agent and you get inflicted or afflicted with these things, how it can alter the climate, how it can alter the Agricultural Chemistry that’s required for certain heat or chemicals in the soil to react, bird life, things of this nature.

There’s still some people today that are still with this concept that it’s just jet exhaust, and there’s been actually US government NASA sites in the last few weeks validating the experimentation. This has been going on since 1945 it was called Chaff (Countermeasures) at the time. (01) (02) (03)

  • 03:14 Two types of chemtrails, high flying and low flying.

If you see the low flying one be prepared to see a lot of people get sick – respiratory issues, allergy-like symptoms. If they’re high flying that’s when you start seeing the weather altered. You can kind of tell when they’re doing something, all of a sudden you have this overwhelming heaviness come over you; you feel lethargic, your brain isn’t fully functioning, you’re there, but you’re not there. You feel kind of exhausted because the magnetic field in the atmosphere is being altered / bending / shifted. You’re just feeling like really out of it, or strong feeling of wanting to take a nap.

  • 04:46 Deniers need to get caught up; reality check. Get your head out of your backside.

NASA’s come right out and has admitted it, I’ve got the white paper on it, and the American government was talking about it back in the 80s, in regard to getting a antidote and a way to clear out the people who are working with these things, because they knew the level of toxicity of these chemicals. The information’s been there. It’s out there. There is an antidote to a lot of this issues as well.

  • 05:20 Our food supply – don’t eat cherries, peaches, berries. Loaded with smart dust.

If you’re gonna eat any fruit – Apples and Pears, you’ve got to take off at least an 1/8″ off the top. If you look under under a scope, you’ll see that the these things are loaded with nano dust all over them. Your citrus fruit you can peel, your kiwis, pineapples persimmons, but you’ve got to peel everything these days.

If you’re gonna use berries, you have to juice them, and then add an oil to the juice, blend them very lightly for about two minutes, let the oil and the water separate, that’ll collect the nano particles, when you pour it out, you’re nano particle free.

There is no such thing as organic, that is such a joke, and has been for the last 25 years. They’ve been spraying glyphosate and everything else on the organic, just like the normal stuff. The runoff from Atrazine and other things are getting into the water supply.

  • 06:51 The Italians did a research on the chemtrails called Chemtrails – A Secret War (04)

They talk about how the so-called organics are being sprayed with 23 chemicals from the chemtrails. Virtually impossible to have organic anymore.

  • 07:16 Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles that are between one and 50 nanometres penetrate everything; your skin; hair; clothing unless you’re wearing tie-back material, you are getting penetrated and you’re absorbing the stuff through almost every venue you can imagine. Tie-back is sort of like a polyethylene material; they use it sometimes in housing installation and in the lab when they’re working on nanotechnology. They have to wear this because it’s one of the few things that it’ll stop the penetration up to between 125-300 nanometres will stop from going through.

  • 08:34 Study: Nanoparticles are getting into the brains of the foetuses

There was a rat study done, four weeks after they were born, the nanoparticles they had injected, had in fact gone up into their brains. Would explain a lot of reasons the autism issues are going on; between the glyphosate stripping vital nutrients that are required for brain development like copper, zinc, iodine, and boron, and then the final coo would be to inject a nano delivery vaccine, which the nanoparticles again would cross the blood-brain barrier and cause severe neural damage. It doesn’t just sit there in the brain; it actually penetrates right into the very core, to the genetic code.

Our bodies are not designed to be using any form of nanotech at all. 99% of the colloidal silver being sold are nano. They’re extremely dangerous. The nanoparticles do not react the same way as a base metal. In fact if you have a base metal that’s toxic when their nanosized, you may as well magnify the amplitude of the toxicity up to like a thousand. You’re taking nano iodine, nano gold, nano, nano copper, nano zinc. Literally destroys the tissues in the cells and wipes out the mitochondria. A lot of the tumors that they’re pulling out of people today are loaded with metal.

  • 10:33 These substances aren’t necessarily bad, they’re bad in the nano form.

Zinc in a base metal like zinc oxide or zinc citrate or zinc (glycinate?), not a problem. If you take 30 milligrams of copper in a base form or in a colloid form – real colloid form – colloid should be in a micron level not nano level. Worse is pica, which is even smaller than nano. (wonder if he’s referring to Zinc Picolinate? that’s advertised as highly ‘bio-available’.)

  • 11:07 Metal toxicity (tsp of garlic chunks vs tsp of garlic powder analogy i.e. tsp of powder is more potent than tsp of garlic chunks
  • 12:49 How long has this been going on? Since 1945.

Exponentially increasing in the last 15 years. Serbia, Croatia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, United States, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand. This is not a national issue. This is a global issue.

  • 13:27 Self-assembling nanotechnology

What you’re dealing with here is a technology that can self-assemble inside of you, and self-replicate, and the self-replication is perpetual unless there’s been a program induced into these things to stop them from perpetuating.

  • 13:45 Smart Meters activated at night-time

Between three and 3:30am, your smart meters are being activated. RF or magnetic pulse going through the house, which is causing a microwave activity, and when it hits the nano, the nano gets turned on / activated, which causes the cells to flush out their fluids.

As they flush out the fluids, the nano particles get closer together, and as they get closer together, the conductivity of these things can increase exponentially at .335 nanometres the increase of powers 43 times and they transfer heat 10 times faster.

So what happens is your cells are literally becoming burnt-out, the proteins are then being used as raw building material for these things to continually self-assemble in the person’s body.

Leg cramps, your back or hips are sore, achy along the spine, chest cavity, headaches.

  • 15:20 Nanoparticles are coming from the chemtrails and your food. Even the aquatic life is being loaded with it.
  • 16:00 Microbeads in cosmetics. Passes through water filtration. Distilled water. All nano-sized particles are bad for us – anything that’s nano-scale.

The only water I tell people to drink is distilled or reverse osmosis because that’s the only two that will filter out about 95% of the nano and some of the contaminants are going on

  • 18:17 Interviewer: David Wolfe talks a lot about Nano bacteria and calcium forming organisms and things like this and he was talking about how Nano bacteria is one of the one of the main causes of calcification and inflammation and fibrosis – is that true?

He’s nuts. He’s out to lunch, seriously, FOS.

  • 19:00 Lyme Disease vs Morgellons vs Nano Poisoning

When you actually look at nano, what’s happening is 9/10 people are being misdiagnosed with Lyme. They do not have Lyme. If you have Lyme disease basically if you run a zapping device in your system, within about two weeks you should have taken out any form of Lyme in your body. If you really have Lyme, any kind of electrical impulse should knock it out.

But what’s happening is, if you run an electrical impulse and all of a sudden you start seeing geometrical patterns forming on the skin, or lesions start to form, what you’ve got is nano poisoning.

They call it Morgellons, which has been another pile of rubbish as far as the labelling of this condition. It’s not a pathological condition at all. The pathologies that are coming from this are secondary.

If I take copper, zinc, and iodine out of your body, you are now open to algae, mould, parasitical, and microbial infections; fungal and bacterial. When you strip that out of your body through glyphosate poisoning, then when you get exposed to any kind of nanotechnology, it just starts to take over because I’ve now suppressed your immune system. I have compromised your immune system where it’s not functioning or I’ve even turned it down so that you can be infected.

If your gut bacteria gets flushed out by glyphosates, you can’t even convert B12 and Folic acid in the system for it to be converted for the use of the brain and other things.

  • 21:20 Be careful of people selling you solutions and DIY nanotech antidotes

Be careful about what you’re hearing, because a lot of times it’s gonna cost you. You’re gonna be reaching deep down into your pocket to spend a lot of money on things that are not going to touch this.

We haven’t sold anything in regard to any of the techniques. We show you how to make a nano bucket, which is a chamber. You put your feet in and you add vinegar and salt, and if you want to: add DMSO and a little trisodium phosphate. Mix it up. You put it in and you have a flashlight and you wait about five minutes and all of a sudden you’ll start seeing these things being released from the legs.

  • 22:08 Interviewer: What do they look like? Metallic or quantum dots

They could look like anything; metallic of a metallic nature.

There are quantum dots that may come out and they could be of any color. A type of nano construct and and when they clump together, they create a dot because the size and the depth-size of these things and how concentrated they are, and what they do is they change colour as they move through your system. (05) (06)

10min Clip from Quantum dot Lecture (2005)

When people talk about something creepy and crawly moving through their body, that’s a quantum dot moving through the system; it’s taking a reading on your system, and as it goes to different sections of the body it changes its colour, and so when you see these things come out they can be a teal, turquoise, jasper, gold, yellow, orange, or like Crystalline material. All kinds of different colours.

When you see the threads coming out of people, if you actually magnify those threadsthose aren’t threadsthose are actually a hexagonal or a six-sided shaped construct, and through a normal scope it’ll look like a little tube, fibre, or a wire. It’ll even look like a metallic wire because the stuff constructs the stuff inside of you. (07)

Assembled nano particles, extracted with Tony’s anti-nano devices

  • 23:32 It’s self assembling, and everybody has it.

There is nobody that doesn’t have this; if you’re drinking the water; breathing the air; eating any food: you’ve got this in you.

I always tell people leave all grains alone – wheat; barley; rice; corn; quinoa; leave them alone because the stuff feeds on carbon hugely, and it uses that as a huge building block, and the majority of things all have glyphosate on them anyway. They’re one of the most sprayed foods on the planet for glyphosate.

  • glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup)

It’s a part of the genetic alteration of the food. What they use it for primarily is; it’s a surfactant and it acts as a drying agent so when they go to harvest the crop, they get more out of it. They’re using a nano-adjuvant to deliver the glyphosate which means that you cannot wash this off. It goes right into the cells and right into the DNA of the plant, goes right down to the root source and gets into the soil.

I’ve got 60 pages of research on glyphosate on my web page. It’s there for free. You can go look at it. It’s extensive. How it hits you is first it attacks the gut, then it attacks the endocrine system.

  • 25:10 glyphosate damages the endocrine system

I’ve got women from 19 to 50 that can’t have intercourse anymore because it has shut down the endocrine system from the estrogen getting down to the vaginal areas so they can’t produce nitric oxide to be able to have pain free intercourse.

A lot of males in their early in their between 20 and 24 are unable to get erected. You’ve also got brain dysfunctions that are going on as a result of this stuffthis stuff is more than just a pesticide. It’s a form of bio warfare. Using Nano delivery to introduce this into the plants.

  • 25:46 Smart Dust

There’s another part of this equation. They’re spraying smart dust in all the fields in order to regulate the and get the inventory and the data they require on the plants.

What is smart dust? It’s a type of technology that’s a basically a program that’s put in the field, in order to take readings of the soil, so they know when to water, and they can tell different things about the field. It’s a transceiver, and so what’s happening is you’ve got that program mixing with chemtrails which are programmable to self-assemble and self-replicate, and you’ve got these two intermixing and then when you are buying your food, you’re consuming this.

  • 26:35 Autism, Soy

When you’re talking Autism issues, for instance, the last thing you want to give a child is Soy in any way shape or form, because of the nature of Soy is actually another depleter of about eight or nine minerals and again four of them are for brain development.

  • 26:52 vitamin D and vitamin A

They’ve got everybody on a vitamin D kick, which I find hilarious, because this is causing nothing but problems as well. It’s vitamin A everybody should be on, not vitamin D, but again, it’s been distorted and pushed very heavily. Overloading of vitamin D causes the calcification of the heart. (example of a guy that was on 10,000IU/day).

I don’t believe that anybody should be taking more between one-two thousand IU of vitamin D daily and getting it primarily from butter and coconut oil and other saturated fats.

I don’t believe in using any fish oils because fish oils actually super oxidize the body, causes accelerated aging. This is another misdirect by the so-called gurus of the day. Unless the Omega three you’re using is like a walnut oil. All the fish oils are contaminated There’s no such thing as a filtered fish oil Unless you’re adding something like BHT, Rosemary/Sage or Thyme essential oil, or COQ10 to slow it down or stop the oxidation process.

  • 28:38 For those that are listening you may be interested. We did an interview with Professor Brian Peskin who was saying all the same things about fish oil.
  • 30:40-37:32 Audio Issues / interviewers chatting about Tony whilst trying to get him back on the line.

His website’s a little bit hard to navigate (agreed!) but his YouTube channel is really cool. He’s got something on his website ‘The smart meter in Arizona‘ that I kind of want to look at. (08)

Smart Meters (Old Fox video)

Rumble | DailyMotion | YouTube

  • 37:32 Soy, Glyphosate, Nanoparticles, Chemtrails, Transhumanism, Lithium, Fluoride

I’m sure you’ve seen this out in California, you’re looking at people walking around looking like robots, because they’re basically having their brains loaded with the lithium from the atmosphere and then they’ve got these idiots promoting lithium in the health industry again.

I have to laugh, in the last little while, I have seen fluoride now being perpetrated as a health supplement; I’m not kidding you – I have to think that the globalists who have interjected this into the health food industry – must be laughing themselves silly that people do not have the capacity to think what is being promoted.

One person argued with me about how lithium has benefits; lithium is burning a hole in their brain and if it and if it does come out it shreds the kidneys; no matter how you mix it. It’s a salt.

  • 40:17 Supplement companies now run by Big Pharma

The most moronic thing I have seen in the last 15 years; it makes my head spin with the level of stupidity that is coming out in this industry, and it’s all done through sabotage. All the supplement companies are more or less now being run by the drug companies, and the ones that aren’t will eventually either fall or be taken over.

GMP really stands for ‘give more poison’, not ‘good manufacturing product’ because that’s what they’ve done.

  • 40:46 What is natural artificial flavouring?

Natural artificial flavouring could be aborted babies. Could be soy. Could be Beaver anus. Could be a plasticizer. This is why it’s labelled in the way it is; you are assuming because you’re buying a yellow or orange product, that you’re getting a citrus artificial flavour, but you really don’t know what you’re getting. We’re talking about the health food industry. I’m not even talking about mainstream here.

  • 42:10 Nanotech coating your skin

The reason why you’re not getting the Elements you’re getting, is because your skin is being coated with a layer of carbon nanofibers, and carbon material. Now, if you get a scope, 60x microscope and you go up and down your arm, you will see sometimes. Stuff glowing on your arm; pink; lavender; bluish material; a hue of what is glowing. That’s a radioactive material that’s coating your skin.

  • 42:36 Skin coating is blocking full spectrum of the sun

These particles coating your skin are blocking your ability to absorb the full spectrum of the sun; not just one spectrum – the full spectrum. So the frequencies of the sun are not being completely taken in by the body. So when you start taking vitamin D You’re not doing yourself any favour until you get the stuff off the skin and get your body working the way it should.

  • 42:57 How do you get this stuff off your skin?

“Salt in yourself”. That’s what it says biblically and salt is one of the best cleaners you could ever use we.

Tyler Tolman Skin Detox Bicarb/Vodka Scrub (09)

^^ 25 May 2023 Tyler Tolman: I’m not sure if Tyler (video above) is aware of the nanotech or biofilm coating our skin, but this looks like a great method to begin with. Something that you can have ready-made to do every single shower/bath. ~P

Tony’s recipe (archive.org link)

  • Tony’s BATH recipe:
    1. Baking Soda ¼ cup
    2. TSP (trisodium phosphate) ¼ cup
    3. Borax ¼ cup
    4. Epsom Salt ¼ cup
    5. Sea Salt 1 cup
    6. Turpentine ½-1 CAPFUL (not cup, CAP) (or an essential oil)
  • Make sure it’s mixed well.
  • Hot Water (as hot as you can handle)—soak half an hour (minimum)
  • 43:28 “you will be surprised if Elvis doesn’t come out of your pores—that’s how much stuff will come out of you.”

Women: because you’ve got a layer of fatyour breasts are mostly fat; your hips; your backside; around your legs; the way you’re designed anatomically—you’ll collect more. But the fat actually protects you as well.

Men: mostly muscle, unless they’ve been drinking a lot of beer or eating a lot of soy, then you’ve got the effeminate fat going on.

Don’t be surprised what comes out, or how much. You may see what looks like hair-like materials, but it’s not your hairthose are literally carbon nanofibers or carbon nanotubes. They’ve come out of your skin. You may see like a plastic flat piece come out.

  • 45:00 Tony acquired Nano poisoning 8 years before this 2015 interview

I was down in Phoenix eight years ago. That’s how I acquired this nano poisoning. Every day when you open the door and you looked up in the sky, all you saw was layer upon layer upon layer of lines, and when you walked down the street: the doves were dead on the road; the bees were dead on the road; the palm trees were completely rustic. The health issues that people were dealing with down there… and because of the heat, they were told to drink eight cups of water a day, and I was only drinking one. Water flushing everything out the door—you need the potassium and everything to stay inside of you.

  • 45:44 Tony’s EDTA soft drink story

They had a Soft drink called Misty. I don’t know if they still have it.

(Looked it up, pretty sure it’s this one, called “Starry” aka “Sierra Mist Soda Lemon Lime” ~P)

Yeah, it’s like a Seven Up; a clear-based pop and I looked at this thing and I was blown away by it. It had EDTA, Phosphorus and Citric acid. I said awesome.

Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Potassium Benzoate, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Disodium EDTA. (Ingredient lookup)

So now, what I did is, I took a little Calcium Magnesium pill, I had to drink half of it out because you will get an explosion afterwards if you don’t. So I put that in there, and it reacts, and it breaks it down for you, and now you’ve got the perfect electrolyte.

You’ve got the calcium magnesium, phosphorus, and citric acid which delivers this right into the cells and into the tissues. So you drink a half a bottle of that with this mix, man, you’re good. Heart, muscles, bones, everything had everything it needed. On top of that, the calcium, citric acid, and the magnesium were pulling aluminium out of the body, so it was a win-win.

The sugar was not a big issue with me because I figured with the other things, it would activate the insulin properly, and then it had the EDTA in it, which act as a delivery agent! So it delivered the calcium magnesium more directly with the citric acid, so man, it was like a shotgun, and no cramping.

So when you buy this pop you got EDTA, citric acid, and phosphorus. Phosphorus pulls metal out of you, just as well as citric acid will chelate metals or deliver metals, but Phosphorus opens the tissues up It allows the phosphorus to go in and pull the metal out your body, then when you’re adding the sugar, it causes an insulin spike which further depletes the mineral source, but, if you add the calcium magnesium and maybe potassium with it, now it does the opposite, it actually acts as a delivery method, so you just got to kind of know how to play the game.

  • 48:12 Anti-Nano Recipes

There’s a bunch of videos that we’ve done. We have a Nano Bucket and we have other nano solutions. A whole protocol to help people reduce this down to something manageable.

(Website is not very organized and hard to find anything and half the links don’t load (but full of information, and you can paste urls that don’t work into Archive.org to view them). YouTube has his older videos. BitChute has his newer videos. Don’t forget the download post where I categorized some of his files ~P)

  • 49:00 Blue-Green Algae pulls copper out of your body

I hate these gurus that come out here and they tell us all about the bad news and they try to sell us some crap that isn’t really gonna do anything. They’re selling Soy or some blue green algae crap. Blue green algae. That’s another one—another saboteur: it basically pulls a copper out of your body.

  • 49:43 Without copper, you become a “babbling fool”

Copper is one of the best biocides you could ever take and it’ll protect you from microbial / bacterial / fungal / mould and algae infections.

They have demonized copper because back in the 70s and 80s they had copper pipe in the homes. Well, that was the best thing you could have had, but what was happening was the copper was becoming more excessive and they weren’t getting enough zinc. So what happened was the zinc copper ratios were out of whack, and so all of a sudden “copper was a poison”.

Without copper, you cannot regrow brain cells or brain connections to the cells. It’s part of the whole acetylcholine connection and growth factor. So without that you become a babbling fool after a while, because your brain isn’t connecting anymore.

Without copper, you cannot produce SOD. Copper and zinc produce Superoxide dismutases (SODs). It is like the top 3 antioxidants of the body. Without it, your eyes cannot purge out this chemtrail activity, your lungs can’t purge it out, your liver can’t work properly. It sustains and supports the glutathione levels in the body. So, when we’re talking today some of them again the hullabaloo and the baloney that the industry promotes in order toit’s a scare tactic 99% of the time to get you to buy useless junk that isn’t going to help you or to give you stuff that’s going to further deplete youmaking you more susceptible to becoming sick.

  • 52:08 The Medical field has never cured nothing since the second world war

Those who have found cures are either shutdown, ostracized, or removed from the medical field.

Like when they were bringing out the polio vaccine. There was a woman doctor that discovered two days before it was to be released, that the pathogens actually lived in the mix of the vaccine and they shut her down and eliminated her.

That generation, which is my generation, the post-war generation. They had to introduce in our bodies junk DNA that was designed to create the anomalies we’re facing today.

As the generations have gone on, instead of using supposedly dead cultures, now we’re using nanodelivery cultures, which have the actual components actually alive, and then we start adding 10 or 20 in a cocktail, there is absolutely no research on this to indicate in any way, shape, or form, that there’s any validity to the research. It’s just pure nonsense.

  • 54:00 How the nanoparticles get embedded inside the colon & sodium thiosulfate antidote

I found out something the other day about how the nanoparticles get into the colon, get embedded inside the colon where we actually absorb the foodstopping the absorption of the food.

The sodium thiosulfate that we talk about on YouTube (updated video BitChute-Oct 2022) will pull that out. That’s another one that it’s very potent. It’s probably the best detoxifier I’ve ever seen.

This will strip out… “if you see a UFO coming out of your backside, it’s left the building; it pulls everything out; I mean everything”

  • 54:00 Interviewer: Do you follow a daily protocol?

Every day, from the moment I get up. I’ll percolate a bunch of herbs so that my ATP levels are up and my mitochondria levels are sustained. I’m adding creatine to my black coffee, which is probably the cheapest and easiest way to boost your ATP levels—you have to sustain your ATP. You have to sustain the Myelin Sheath.

Just simple Creatine monohydrate. You don’t need all this other crap with a nitric oxide blah blah blah . Creatine has arginine in it anyway. Creatine has three amino acids—Glycinearginineand methionine—. a cheap ten dollar bucket of Creatine will suffice just as easy as this $99,000,000,000 Creatine that they’re selling you.

My coffee consists of a tea brewed. I’ve got Hawthorne leaf, Nettle root. Sarsaparilla for the safrole content. I percolate that for about 15-20 minutes so that I get a real strong dose. Pour it into a cup, then I’ll add my ATP to my creatine with some AMP, Iodine, Zinc, Boron, stir it up, add a little maple syrup to it and away we go.

  • 57:00 We have to sustain our Mitochondria and our Myelin Sheath.

Without that, you’re done.

  • 51:10 Women need more Iodine than men

The other things you want to consider also taking maintaining especially women is iodine. Iodine is divine, and I use the Lugol’s. Any of them will work.

Women: Your breasts and your thyroid compete for iodine, and your breasts and your cervix and your uterus and everything else, has to convert the estrogen’s that you’re releasing from estradiol to estriol. Iodine does this. Without it you have endometriosis, ovarian cysts, cervical cancers. Iodine is very key to to the female physiology. Males needed as well, but females need twice the amount because of the nature of your physiology.

  • 58:34 (Kate) What is a good amount for a woman to be taking?

I’d just start one to four drops a day, and if you get hit with something, go up to 10 or 20 drops in divided doses three times a day. Don’t take it straight up. It’ll burn the blazes out of ya. Mix with water, tea, or coffee.

  • 59:20 Males need selenium more than females

Both need selenium to regulate the iodine levels in the thyroid, but males—especially if you’re sexually active because every time you have sex or intercourse, there goes your selenium out the door, to protect the seed—so make sure the selenium levels are up with the males.

Iodine and selenium regulate the heart rate. It’s a huge heart regulator. So, when you got these people saying they got palpitations, I mean the first three things I give them are Taurine, Magnesium and Potassium, but right after that is Iodine and Selenium.

  • 1:00:15 Fukushima will never reach us in a million years. That’s another big pile of hooey.

It will never reach us. The radioactive material did not go airborne.

Heavy water doesn’t float—it goes straight down. So the sea weed in the ocean will filter that out.

All hokey hokey.

  • 1:01:44 I’ll tell you what your problem is in California though

United States and Canada orchestrated an iron dumping along the west coast so that the HAARP technology will work underwater. So what happened was you had all this fish and crap dying because of the iron poisoning in the ocean. The Navy are in your areas out in the ocean firing those HAARP beams along the west coast of California.

  • 1:04:18 The Japanese on the other hand, 40% of the population got thyroid cancer.

They basically have wiped out a whole generation of people in that area. They’re not making babies now as it is, I mean, they’re now spending all their money on pet supplies and pet clothing for their pets.

  • 1:04:37 Ukraine and Russia

Three years ago (from this interview in 2015) they were burning the radioactive waste off the coastline of the Ukraine and Russia. Well all that radioactive material went up in the air. That went airborne and that went across Europe. Now that would have taken years to get across to north Atlantic, but that would have hit the northeast probably predominantly, not the west coast.

  • 1:05:14 Believe nothing unless you can validate it

I’m Mediterranean for one thing, and I don’t believe nothing anyway, unless I have substance to validate it. If Christ is in front of me, I want to see some ID to make sure it’s him, because we’ve got so much baloney going on today, I want to see some ID.

  • 1:05:33 MK Ultra, false flags, or things setup to take away your guns.

The reason why Americans have guns is to protect them from the government.

The problem with America is the checks and balances have been removed, the checks and balances have never been in the three branches of government. That’s been the big lie that they taught in the educational system. You know, the judicial branch or the legislator branch or the executive branch are the checks and balances, the check and balance of the American government was the people, because it was a government for the people, by the people, of the people.

So this was the only system ever set up anywhere on the planet that had this check and balance. This is why the right to bear arms was always there because that was to check and balance and make sure the government did not become a tyrannical government that it is today.

So when they separated the people from the government—this is why the United States government has gone rogue because the check is no longer there to balance it out, and that’s why the US is in a situation.

  • 1:07:00 Canada has also been rogue

In Canada, we’ve always had a rogue government. The banks decide who’s going to be our prime minister and then the corporations decide what they want done in the country. That’s how it goes.

No country in the world has ever had that perspective—taken away since since early 1920s, and they’ve succeeded.

  • 1:07:30 Education system

The crap their teaching in the school system today, 30 years ago would never have happened. Captain Diaper and some other stupid crap for teaching kids in kindergarten. They’re not teaching about botany, mathematics, sciences, or any level of spirituality.

Now we’re learning about homosexuality and how this is going to be an accepted behaviour and we’re teaching this now at kindergartens, which up the road is going to lead to laws and legislation for paedophilia to be a normal response. This is where it’s going, and people don’t realize this.

When you’re seeing some of the trends, it reminds me of Rome and Greece and some of the other ones just before they fell—this is how low they got to, before they were wiped out.

  • 1:08:30 The level of stupidity has never been this low

Talking health, vitamins and stuff, and nobody’s reading the other ingredients in the vitamins; which are polymer material or metal metallic material or estrogenically-based materials.

People going out buying food, reading a label, seeing xyz 1 2 3 and poison poison poison poison, and still buy it.

  • 1:09:31 Agenda 21 & how to defend yourself

Well, we tried we saw the agenda 21 about five or six years ago coming into the game, and we realized that eventually all these health food… see United States will never lose their vitamins, but what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna reduce them down to next to nothing, and they’re gonna have so much crap into them to neutralize or negate any effect, that people will be thinking they’re taking something as a placebo.

It’s already happening. People are buying stuff today, 20 years ago if you bought some of these things, back then, were actually curing people; healing people; fixing them; repairing them; restoring them. Notice I’m using these words—because they are still in the dictionary.

  • 1:10:11 Old school more potent and effective, today’s vitamins are rubbish in comparison

A lot of stuff I’m still using is old school by comparison today. You don’t see me pushing some of these super high antioxidants which costs an arm and a leg, and a lot of times is mixed with either canola or soybean oil anyway, so it’s garbage.

I still use an old basic CoQ10 60-100 milligrams strength, I add it to my own fat, add black pepper to it in a little limonene from say, an essential oil like lemon, and now I’ve got something that’s high end, going to be in my system for quite some time, going to regulate my ATP levels, and my heart’s happy, my brains happy—because it’s removing the lipofuscin out of my head—and I’ve got something that’s going to keep the mitochondria going and going.

It’s all about how we play and tweak, I’m just showing you how to defend yourself because if the day comes when you can’t get access to supplements or they are just plain worthless, well by that time you’ll have your own indoor grow going—herbs and food—then you can just go and take and harvest whatever you want.

  • 1:11:23 Extract and concentrate your own oils

We’re going to show how to take a extract, and concentrate it down to an oil, so that when you take it, you only need a drop, because the magnification of that is like 10 fold.

If you want to make your own cannabis oil for instance. You can make it this way as well. So those people who have cancer, can grow it, harvest it, and make your own oil, and then if you want, add CoQ10 and a little BHD. Now you’ve got antioxidants to go with the cannabis.

XNA: that’s something that we could have talked about too, but that’s something you may want to look at, basically it’s the same as DNA except the sugar molecule is different, and what it does, is it can take a copy of your template, and if you ask something to the XNA, it goes right in without any challenge because it looks just like you. (12) (13) (14)

(Wow, XNA reminds me of the Replicators on Stargate SG-1 ~ P)
Scientists have been synthesizing XNA molecules for well over two decades. “What makes the findings of Pinheiro and his colleagues so compelling isn’t the XNA molecules themselves, it’s what they’ve shown these alien molecules are capable of, namely: replication and evolution.” (15)

Again my site, feel free to download anything you want off the site, it’s all free. I don’t need your credit card, I don’t need your personal information, go there, get it, download it, store it somewhere. The life you save might be your own.


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