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Wanderers & ILLNESS

Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, wanderers have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty or feeling of alienation which is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations.28
28 Law Of One, Book I, pp. 127-128.

Those of Q’uo say:
Being a wanderer does not condemn the body to an early grave. Rather, it promises a chronic situation of mismatching vibrations. This is often expressed, manifested, or shown in allergies, illnesses, and mental and emotional difficulties.29
29 Q’uo, transcript dated April 28, 1996, p. 2.

The Confederation entities have some good advice in this regard:
Catalyst is offered to the entity. If it is not used by the mind complex, it will then filter through to the body complex and manifest as some form of physical distortion. The more efficient the use of catalyst, the less physical distortion to be found. There are, in the case of those you call wanderers, not only a congenital difficulty in dealing with the third-density vibratory patterns but also a recollection, however dim, that these distortions are not necessary or usual in the home vibration. In the case of your planetary sphere there is much inefficient use of catalyst and, therefore, much physical distortion.35
35 Law Of One, Book III, p. 124.

In many cases the mind is the parent of the illness, and the illness is the acting out of that which was refused as catalyst by the mental/emotional complex of the self. There is the cancer of anger that grows upon itself. There are the lung diseases of those who have not said the words that they must say to be healthy, have not told the truths that must be told to be free of misunderstanding at a deep level in relationship. There is the acidic condition brought about by sheer overwork, which ruins your gastrointestinal tracts. Many are the illnesses that are the outworking of mental imbalance or emotional imbalance. We do not use the word unhappiness, because we, in our experience, have not found that concept helpful. Joy, not happiness, is a spiritual concept. Because the mind and body are so closely linked, in many diseases, they are indeed responsive to love. You may name any emotional or mental complex distortion that has caused illness that you wish, and we say to you that that is love, poorly expressed. But the mind is not closed, and consciousness is as creative as you allow it to be. Consequently, those who undertake, in healing, the will to health, and a faith that that which has been caused by their own minds’ concerns can certainly be turned around, will indeed respond to positive suggestions.36
36 Q’uo, transcript dated September 23, 1990, p. 5.

The highest energy which an entity can access consciously or unconsciously determines how much the ills of the flesh shall move according to the rule [of] manifestations in general. The more sure awareness an entity has of the illusory nature of an illness, then, the less this illness can actually create in the way of sickness. If there is a basic key to healing, as opposed to curing, it is this: the awareness of the entity moves to that place where that entity feels sure that this is reality, where that energy is when the entity states to itself, “This is who I am.” This is who indeed that entity is, where that entity will move, what limitations this entity will attract for learning, and what suffering it shall enjoy as it learns. Each of you controls the degree of healing within by that which you know, that which you are, that which you desire. Those three things.38
38 Q’uo, transcript dated March 13, 1994, p. 3.

Those of Q’uo say:
When preincarnative choice has given to you a difficulty, have faith that you are a spirit advanced enough to participate in your own destiny, that occurrences do not happen simply by chance, that the seeming poverty, the seeming limitation, the seeming difficulty, the seeming illness, is also a forthright aid in setting up a circumstance in which a lesson of love can be learned under adverse conditions. Yours is the last density with truly adverse conditions for the positive, or service-to-others oriented person. Only in this density, the density of choice, does this occur. Know then, that that which is in front of you is not more than you can work with, is not that which defeats; you would not program that for yourself. But you are stretching yourself, because you wish to change, you wish to become even more polarized in love and service to the Creator and others than you are now.39
39 idem, transcript dated September 23, 1990, p. 9.

For you see, you are warriors – old, old warriors. Not against anything, but for love. And the love that you offer in this incarnation is the love which this density needs to understand, that is, sacrificial love. Gladly split yourself open, and bless the splitting. Worry not about the outcome of this or that, and insofar as you can, remain aware of the reason you came, of the joy of service, of the great sympathy you deserve from yourself as the animal which has given itself as your vehicle suffers because of the mismatch of spiritual vibrations betwixt the wanderer self and the third-density vehicle.40
40 idem, transcript dated March 20, 1991, p. 6.

As each approaches its own health concerns, remember that there is virtue in the whole circle of ways of affecting consciousness, but above all these things, for the greatest health of all, turn always towards the infinite One in praise, in prayer, in silence and in thanksgiving. 46 idem, transcript dated February 14, 1993, p. 2.

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