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Persist in experiencing and studying one system, be it of myth, science, philosophy or ethics, or any system whatsoever to which the seeker is personally and individually drawn. 29 idem, transcript dated November 17, 1991, p. 4.

We speak of Christianity, Buddhism, Shintoism and so forth as if they were singular. This is not so. Each of these religious systems has one thing in common, and that is a call to mysticism, a call to a life in faith. That faith is what makes the bridge between time and eternity firm. Faith is fed by desire. Thus, the beginning of the creation of the personal myth is a burning, passionate, consuming desire to know the truth, the truth of who you are, of that of which you are constructed, of your relationships to eternity and imperishability. Consciousness is malleable. It is plastic.
If you seek the Creator, your path will come to you. 32 idem, transcript dated April 30, 1989, p. 4.

Someone once asked me what my religious beliefs were and when I told them, they said I was a mixture of every religion on this planet. I suppose that is true. I only know that I believe in the Creator, nothing will sway me from that, and that I, much to people’s disbelief, can comprehend infinity. 35 279, letter dated January 5, 1997.

I accept the knowledge that I am wandering on this plane. Much of my inspiration has come from many spiritual works and practices, from Rosicrucianism, Buddhism and Christianity to yoga philosophy, Unity’s Daily Word, Seth Speaks, The Ra Material and Q’uo to Sufism, Taoism, the I Ching, Celestine Prophecies, African Spiritualism, Swami Satchidananda and Paramahansa Yogananda to The Science Of Spirituality with Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. 37 Apache, letter dated November 6, 1999.

I began reading obsessively about religion, psychic experience, philosophy and just about anything else I could get my hands on having to do with the nature of reality. I realized that at the core of all religion there seemed to be some kind of universal truth which had been expressed differently by other cultures. At the heart of it all was something called God. 39 Pharaoh, letter dated January 13, 1998.

It is a good thing in your mind to allow the various myths and legends about the seeker’s journey to evaporate from your minds, and to cease expecting and anticipating your journey’s next day, your experience’s next hour, for you are creatures of the moment and the journey lies within. And so, my friends, we suggest that you toss concern about your own sincerity to the wind and sing the songs of joy that are in your heart at this moment, or turn your face to the wind and moan and cry if that be your lot. Accept joy and sorrow as if they were the same thing. Accept the rocky place and the oasis as if they were equal gifts, for these are your home. You shall learn comfort in suffering, and you shall find the undertones of sadness in the most joyful moments, for that which is within you is whole and entire. You are not an experiencer of isolated events or a chronicle of segmented stories, but rather eyewitness to a present moment which this illusion shall suggest to you often to be more than one thing, longer than one moment, fragmented and broken. Yet if the road goes on forever, how can it be fragmented? 40 Latwii, transcript dated April 20, 1986, p. 4.

We would suggest very strongly that it is well if there be an altar or holy place, small as it may be, within the dwelling or close to the dwelling that may be dry from the weather and accessible in all temperatures so that one may go there and meditate each day, to feel that place within that hungers for heavenly food. 41 Q’uo, transcript dated April 30, 1989, pp. 4-5 141

[10] - A call to a life in faithDownload A Wanderer’s Handbook free from llresearch.org

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[01] – You are here to bring light to a dark world.
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