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Ra: I am Ra. Our understanding of karma is that which may be called inertia. Those actions which are put into motion will continue using the ways of balancing until such time as the controlling or higher principle which you may liken unto your braking or stopping is invoked. This stoppage of the inertia of action may be called forgiveness. These two concepts are inseparable.
72 Law Of One, Book II, p. 51.

Questioner: If an entity develops what is called karma in an incarnation, is there then programming that sometimes occurs so that he will experience catalysts that will enable him to get to a point of forgiveness, thereby alleviating the karma?
Ra: I am Ra. This is, in general, correct. However, both self and any involved other-self may, at any time through the process of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness, ameliorate these patterns. This is true at any point in an incarnative pattern. Thus one who has set in motion an action may forgive itself and never again make that error. This also brakes or stops what you call karma. 76 Law Of One, Book II, pp. 51-52.

Realize that you must stop the wheel of karma for yourself by completing a very thorough and earnest process of forgiveness of the self, forgiveness of the other self or situation, and forgiveness of the process that has taken place, of steps that seem to have been made clumsily or wrongly. You are perceiving yourself within an illusion. You can judge to the point of your own instinct, but you cannot judge finally. You simply judge, and forgive, to increase your own positive polarity77 Latwii, transcript dated June 23, 1990, p. 11. 215

Only one thing stops the wheel of karma, and that is total forgiveness. 78 ibid., p. 4.

The end of karma is forgiveness. If you find a certain entity particularly difficult, seek the seeds of forgiveness in the infinite love which lies within you, for as you forgive the other entity and yourself, so you have balanced in love that which before blocked energy and stopped the process of spiritual growth. 79 Q’uo, transcript dated January 17, 1988, p. 7.

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