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[18] - Catalyst and Experience

Catalyst and Experience

As one works one’s way through the incarnational experiences, one will have many, many different responses to situations that become the focus for work in consciousness. All situations, all entities, all thoughts and experiences become the food, the catalyst for this process; become that which is burned, the fuel for this process. As one works with the heat, the friction of the experience, there is a slow smoothing of those rough places, of those distortions within the lens of one’s ability to see, to see in a more and more clearly and specifically focused manner. 90 idem, transcript dated July 19, 1990, p. 2.

The challenge, heat and friction come from emotion, desire or bias:
The stronger the emotional bias, the more intensity there is noted within the learning opportunity. That is to say, the greater the emotion, the greater the bias, and the more obvious the lesson which is being presented to the seeker, for there is but one response to any catalyst within your illusion that reflects a balanced point of view. That response, as you know well, is love or compassion. When any other emotion is noted within the mind/body/spirit complex of the self, then the seeker may assume there is catalyst there to be processed in order that a balancing may occur. 91 idem, transcript dated May 14, 1989, pp. 19-20.

We can almost count on the fact that we have chosen more incarnational lessons than the minimum requirements for a lifetime. It all looks so much easier from outside the veil!
Now, we all know how the eyes can be larger than the stomach, how that incarnational plate may have been loaded generously. Nevertheless, it is to be remembered that there is nothing intrinsically mischievous or wicked about the lessons that fly before you in the gale of experience as you experience it. No matter how fierce the winds and storms may seem, they are as you yourself wished them to be in terms of that which was inevitably going to be dealt with as you lived through this incarnational time. When the difficulties seem overwhelming it is always easier to malign destiny than to buckle down and do the laborious work of digesting the catalyst instead. However, as a beginning to speaking of attitudes, we may say that these attitudes do not address a random life plan of catalytic experiences; rather, they address the stuff of which lessons are made. The fractional broken pieces of a whole lesson come bit by bit into the net of your personal energies and are there for a blessing and for learning and growth.
92 idem, transcript dated January 3, 1993, pp. 1-2.

So then catalyst, by Ra’s definition, is practically a potential/kinetic energy machine that is constantly on and we are constantly pushing buttons. 93 A. Friend, letter dated February 26, 1999.

For each catalyst, each experience, each event within your illusion has the ability to temper the heart of the seeker, shall we say, the will of the seeker, the faith of the seeker. There is within frustration an inevitable rededication of the self to seeking, for the temptation is to stop, to quit, to rest, to have done with it. 94 Q’uo, transcript dated September 9, 1999, p. 5.

And so the advice is to take it slow and easy:
As you receive your catalyst, bless it and break yourself open to receive it with the most love of which you are capable in a stable manner. Do not move yourself beyond that which you can do without damage to yourself. Do not ask that which you are not ready for of yourself, but rather be sensitive to the opportunities that these negative feelings, so called, of guilt bring rise to.
95 idem, transcript dated January 3, 1999, p. 5.

There is a variety of response available at all times to each entity in any experience. Each experience shall offer the opportunity for the entity to demonstrate his or her level of understanding, and this shall be demonstrated by the spontaneous response to each situation. Thus, the difficulties that may be experienced within your illusion are as the catalyst for a process of learning that occurs, in the larger sense, to the metaphysical or spiritual entity that each of you is. The experiences in your daily round of activities are those physical or mundane means by which metaphysical lessons are distilled. 97 idem, transcript dated May 4, 1992, p. 9.

Sometimes, we do have to back away from catalyst, for it is too much. But fear not, it will come around again:
At any point, an entity may say, “This I cannot handle at this time”, and may walk away from the catalyst. There is no loss of free will, nor is there merely one conclusion that may be drawn from the same catalyst. Each entity will experience a common catalyst in an unique way. Therefore, we ask that you be aware that spiritual coincidence is not coincidence, but planning. Before your birth – and we may parenthetically add here that each of your upon this sphere at this time is capable of graduation into fourth density – [each] has had the opportunity to make many, many choices, to see catalyst in a way that can be of service to self and others or in a way that is self-destructive and destructive to others. These coincidences are so that the one who is working along the spiritual path may be cheered and strengthened in faith. It takes nothing away from the free will of the entity to have a situation presented in which this lesson may be demonstrated as learned, this particular lesson that you interpret in this particular way. But if you walk away from this opportunity, this catalyst, you shall again encounter a similar catalyst, in different circumstances, in a different spiritual set of coincidences, so that you may further recognize that lesson you came to express and manifest.
99 idem, transcript dated May 28, 1989, pp. 3-4.

You cannot truly make a mistake, for whatever road upon which you turn, you shall meet your catalyst again and again until you recognize it, love it, forgive it and move beyond it. You are queens and kings, rulers of yourselves, all of you royal. Remember who you are, remember your birthright and remember that you live in a spiritual democracy where each entity is precisely, mathematically equal. The differences within the illusion come from your use of will through faith. 102 idem, transcript dated May 14, 1989, p. 10.

You are not here to become perfect. You are here within an illusion which forces you to seek beyond the limits of that which is visible or knowable. 107 idem, transcript dated February 5, 1995, p. 3.

You are the one who chose this foggy, barren landscape, metaphysically speaking. It was your desire to place the self within this thick and dim illusion that is the Earth world in order that you might forget that which you know instinctively, for one cannot learn as one does in third density unless there is the physical stimulus, the emotional battering and so forth that constitutes catalyst for the individual as it goes through its daily round. So no matter how difficult things may seem, it is our opinion that the situation remains perfect, for it is the outworking of the self’s plan for this incarnation that is being experienced.
108 idem, transcript dated October 22, 1995, p. 3.

I think a synonym for “catalyst” might be “suffering”:
Now, what consists of catalyst? To what characteristic should the seeker look to identify it? We might suggest that the experience of discomfort, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, is a hallmark of catalyst, for catalyst, by definition, will create changes although it, itself, is not altered. Therefore, when the seeker finds itself fretting, worrying and hesitating concerning an issue, the student simply steps back and takes note that there is this discomfort. Therefore, there is catalyst.
109 idem, transcript dated February 5, 1995, p. 2.

The suffering, the questioning, the doubting, the pain and agony of all that you experience is for one thing: to hollow you and to focus that emptiness so that it is ready to receive. 110 idem, transcript dated March 16, 1997, p. 4.

The partner of catalyst is experience. If catalyst is what we walk into unawares, experience is what we receive from the harvest of that catalyst, plus the work we do in shaping our response to that catalyst.

Thus, your experiences become a part of you and as you progress in your journey of seeking you will find that this blending of experience occurs most easily when there is as little resistance and as great vulnerability to it as you can stably withstand and accept within your being. It is not easy to place oneself within the swirling waters of change, for it is easy to believe that one may drown or be washed ashore in a distant location unfamiliar to the present self. However, we can assure each of you that you have placed within your incarnational patterns these opportunities for rebirth of this childlike self that laughs with glee at all catalyst that it perceives, looking at the world as [a] place in which there is endless opportunity for experience and excitement. 116 ibid., p. 10.

To this childlike self, experience brings joy and love:
That which your senses see and hear and feel and taste and touch is a panoply, a weaving and interweaving of a tapestry of unimaginable joy, of every color and emotion and sensation and inner process: the dark, the colorful, the pale. All of the various strands of your experience and your being are woven in light, in love, in joy, and to connect through the beauty of the grass, through the star in the sky, through the frost upon the pane, through the look in someone’s eye, in every and any way to connect with joy is to come into the self most profoundly. 117 Q’uo, transcript dated December 19, 1999, p. 3.

Those of Q’uo add:
Many times the dance between entity and experience, or to be more precise, between entity and catalyst, is what is often called a disease or a disharmonious experience, for the entity or some portion of the entity is thrown off its normal balance and forced by the imbalance to pay attention to the dance it is now engaged in. When this perception and this dance are accomplished mentally and emotionally then there is a reestablishing of the balance, of the harmony, of the seeker. When the perception is distorted enough, or perhaps we should say ignored enough, then it may be that catalyst is given by the mind to the body and physical ailments of one form or another ensue to further guarantee the capturing of the attention of the seeker. This kind of discomfort then focuses the attention of the seeker upon that catalyst that has not been well used. As catalyst is used and the dance is completed then also is that which is called healing achieved. 122 Q’uo, transcript dated May 25, 1997, p. 4.

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