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If we have no polarity in consciousness we also have no action or experience. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. You may use the general term “work”.
63 Law of One, Book I, p. 185.

Since the one Creator had to initiate this recursive dichotomy, each time we make a decision, right or wrong, we are reenacting the creation process, and creating a whole new flow of our life, based on that decision. Isn’t this what the one Creator did to get the universe going: made a choice? 64 Bruce Peret, letter dated April 3, 2000.

When the one Creator divided Itself in order that It might further know Itself, the division which took place became likened unto an illusion, for the result was the creation and is moment by moment the creation as you know it and far beyond what you know. As the Creator, which is simplicity itself, became that which seemed complex, the possibility of two means of traveling through the creation or each portion of the creation became apparent. That which moved in resonance with unity became that which you know as the service-to-others path, that which is radiant and expresses the light of the one Creator to all about it, for all is seen the same as self, that is, the one Creator. The service-to-self path became possible when the first division in third-density consciousness occurred due to the placement of what you have called the veil of forgetting between the conscious and the unconscious minds. This intensification of the illusion of separation provided to the Creator a more intense and purified means for that portion of Itself which may be seen as magnetic to function. Thus, the service-to-self path is one which draws unto itself the light of the Creator in all portions of the creation about the entity which has chosen this means of knowing itself and of evolving towards the same Creator. Thus, it is the same light which powers both paths in opposite fashion, or so it would seem within the saga of polarity, for as those of the service-to-others path give forth the light to all about them, it would seem that this action is in opposition to the service-to self-path which absorbs the light and uses it for its own purposes. Yet, in truth, it is the Creator which provides the light for both paths, and the same Creator which receives the light as a result of the action that is potentiating upon each path. 68 Q’uo, transcript dated May 25, 1986, pp. 6-7.

What is that which is? Unity. What is that which is not? Separation. The positive polarity chooses to see all as worthy of love and care, to be given to without expectation of return. The negative polarity sees all others as needing to be controlled and protected for their own good by the self, according to the needs and desires of the self. To love without demand or to control is THE choice of this density:
Each of you is a being of pure light. Each of you has complete freedom to choose the way in which you will manifest that light. All the so called evils of the world are but love distorted. We encourage you to find ways to choose love over fear, light over darkness, surrender over control, for the attempt to control is at heart service to self. Know as deeply as you can and as often as you can who you are and where you are going and for the rest, trust destiny. 72 idem, transcript dated December 29, 1997, p. 3.

The more we strive to accentuate and increase the rate of learning or evolution in a spiritual sense, the more the polarity of intended action can carry a very strong message to the deeper mind and the more difficult it is to find a positive polarity; that is, the more the dark side of the self is engaged in working through catalyst, the greater the opportunity to polarize positively the seeker has. Thusly, when things seem the darkest, when the self sees the self as that darker side, this situation in itself is a gift and the way to open that gift is simply to accept and absorb that awareness of the self’s darker side while allowing the heart to remain open. When that open heart approaches the darker side of self, its gift is to be able to know the light while gazing into darkness.
79 idem, transcript dated November 10, 1996, p. 2.

The nature of positive polarity is such that in order to deal lovingly with someone else’s dark side, we will see our own dark side too. This is hard! Those of Q’uo help with this concept:
One’s relation to one’s dark side should be one of gratitude and love, for the dark side is that which strengthens and enables the light side. Each experience of the darker side of self is that which burns away pride and what this instrument would call egotism. It is well when one sees that side of self which has those vices and sins, if you will, in abundance not to turn away but rather to embrace, to love, to accept and to forgive that part of the self for being. 80 ibid, p. 3.

We would not in any way suggest that there is a way in which a spiritual life can be lived with particular ease. It is an increasing difficulty to change, and change again in the pursuit of positive polarity. The vibrational mismatch begins to take its toll upon the physical vehicle. Entities whom you love may no longer love you, and almost certainly will not understand you. And as you gaze upon your gifts, you know that the stewardship of them is a great responsibility, ever greater as the gifts and talents are perceived as greater. And so the spiritual seeker strives, struggles, loves, breaks itself, and dies to the world, entering larger life as a warrior of peace and love, in a field of consciousness much transformed by the rigors of manifestation. 81 idem, transcript dated March 24, 1991, p. 8.

So, persistently, you shall, even though affirming the goodness of all experience and affirming the goodness of your lessons, come up again and again against the outrageous, unacceptable, painful experiences which, by subtle or bold means, shake your comfort apart and force you to deal not only with the situation but with your own feelings about that situation. You see, you can know that all is well and know that everything is for you to learn, but this does not keep the unruly emotions of a deeply sensitive being which has been cut off from the resting place of eternity from feeling many, many painful things, and seemingly having to feel them in the darkness of solitude, whether it be total solitude or simply the deep loneliness of inner solitude. You cannot expect any attitude whatsoever to buffer you from feeling emotions. 82 idem, transcript dated January 3, 1993, p. 7.

Before one can be free to serve another, one must come into relationship with the self, and the process of arriving at a love and acceptance of the self may seem very selfish and egotistical. 85 Q’uo, transcript dated May 18, 1997, p. 3.

One who seeks the truth cannot rest upon the previously found truths or previously made ethical choices of one’s pilgrimage, but must continuously be prepared to meet that present circumstance which uses all past choices and demands then a living witness of your own polarity. Your choices without the energy of your will are like lamps without fuel and are not useful. Thusly, in your theoretical, abstract, metaphysical being, be very conscious that the entity who seeks shall be tested and the seeking shall go forward when the test has been passed, the passing of the test being the responsible and reliable remembrance and embracing of past choices which have increased positive polarity. 87 Q’uo, transcript dated May 24, 1992, p. 3.

Those of Ra feel this is due to wanderers’ difficulties sometimes in recognizing evil:
The positive polarity sees love in all things. The negative polarity is clever. 97 Law of One, Book III, p. 140.

Now, each carries a load. There are no exceptions to this rule, for you are in an intense density. Many of you have come back to this density to be sure you understand the lessons of love: that is that love is always given with no expectation of return. For wanderers, who are here to aid in the lightening of the planet upon which you dwell, this is very important. 98 Q’uo, transcript dated September 17, 1989, p. 5.

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