If you want to HEAL in an Inverse-World run by Evil… (Boycott Google & Replace with Natural Healing Sites)

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We are living in an Inverse World right now…

Good is presented as Evil
Evil is presented as Good

It’s been happening for decades but ramped-up in the past 5 years and especially ramped-up since the “Pandemic”. If you want to heal, do the “opposite”. Don’t use Google – use an alternative like DuckDuckGo, but if you do use Google, you have to scroll past the first 10 pages that they “want you to see”.

Google – Run by Evil – has decimated things that Big Pharma doesn’t profit from, and replaced with advice that Big Pharma does profit from.


  1. Google
  2. Mayo Clinic
  3. Web MD
  4. Fact-Checkers
  5. Any “Big Charity” Organization (such as The Cancer Foundation, etc.

All owned by those who want to sell you Cancer treatments and they will not ever “Find a Cure”

Add to your bookmarks:

  1. Dr. Axe (01) (02)
  2. Mercola (03)
  3. Global Healing Center (04) (05)
  4. Self Hacked (06)
  5. Dr Sircus (07)
  6. Markus Rothkranz (08) (09)
  7. Paleo Hacks (10)
  8. Robb Wolf (11)
  9. Dr. Brownstein’s Holistic Medicine (12)
  10. Top 10 Home Remedies (13)
  11. Green Med Info (14)
  12. Mark’s Daily Apple (15)
  13. Examine (16)
  14. Dr Weil (17)
  15. Patient.Info (18)
  16. Mind Body Green (19)
  17. Organic Facts (20)
  18. Eat This (21)
  19. Everyday Health (22)
  20. Live Strong (23)

If any of them don’t work, turn off your anti-virus program! That’s another tactic they are using to try and block you from being able to heal yourself.

Learn how Evil the World has become or Learn more about Natural Healing:


Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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