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To wanderers, “purpose” is a central word. There is usually some feeling that one has come into life with a purpose, a mission of some kind. It is not usually felt as a burden, but as an honour and a duty. The search for just what that purpose is can be life-long. I see two levels of discussion here.

Q’uo speaks about how life’s purposes are seen, in general, by Confederation entities:
We have often said that your third-density incarnation may be seen as a school in which the illusion’s purpose is to drive the third-density seeker from the head to the heart. Whereas intellectual thoughts have light energy, shall we say, it may be said that emotions have heart energy, and because of this the emotions contain more profound information than any wisdom which the brain can encompass and speak concerning.57
57 Q’uo, transcript dated December 15, 1996, p. 2.

You represent and give meaning to love by your service to the Creator with those with whom you share your fragile island in space. It does not matter whether these services are small or great or considered important or unimportant by any society or way of thinking whatever. What matters is that you are attempting to open the heart, are attempting to use your gifts and are attempting to make what sense you can of your experience. These are your basic commitments in incarnation. These you may do minute by minute and day by day, and to the world you may be doing nothing useful. But each who has come within the glow of your smile or the friendliness and cheer of an open handshake or hug knows that more is going on than just passing the time.60
60 idem, transcript dated September 15, 1996, p. 3.

So there is a general educational purpose to all lives, in that we all came here to learn the lessons of love, to take in what the world has to offer and to find more and more balance and skill in dealing with it.

It is not well to pray and affirm in the attempt to control the life, because that which is upon the surface of your minds is as the tip of the iceberg, and those things which are deepest within take some time to express themselves through dreams, visions, or instant realizations after ten years of work. Some entities move quickly, others more slowly and more surely. All that we suggest to each is that each remain within the integrity of the self, feeling the selfhood of the self, feeling the discrimination and the thought processes of the self, so that as one listens to all of life, whether it be the weather report, a symphony or a channeling such as this one, one is listening with an ear to pray for the lost, to rejoice with the joyful, to give thanks for those who have had blessing, and to console those who are wretched.62
62 Q’uo, transcript dated October 22, 1989, p 4.

It is this feeling of rightness and rhythm that will come to the one who is making right use of her/his gifts. We commend to your processes of thinking the inclusion of that feeling sense that lets you know when you are on the beam and when you are not. For each has the intuition and the inner knowing that one can draw on and depend on.63
63 idem, transcript dated November 19, 1997, p. 2.

It is my feeling that our main mission here is a very simple one, but one that is almost always missed by wanderers because of our enculturated work ethic and our assumption that the mission must be one of doing something specific. But I feel this is not the case. Rather, I feel our purpose is to be present within the Earth planes, to live our lives, breathe the air and enjoy the experiences of the school of Earth. Our main mission is a mission of essence. We came here to be ourselves, for when we do that, our vibrational frequency reflects the higher-density vibrations of our home densities or our awakened hearts, and this aids in lightening the vibrational frequency of the Earth planes. Those in the spirit worlds, the inner planes, cannot perform this task, for they are not incarnate. They do not breathe the air, nor are they mortal. We came here to offer our lives, moment by moment, for Earth and for her peoples. This is not a “big” mission in the sense that this is not a doing at all, but a being.

A common misperception of those that walk the spiritual path is that there is something specific, some vocational career, that someone is supposed to be doing. There is this urgency of feeling that it is time to serve; it is time to move on with the mission for which I came to this place, and as we have said before through this instrument, it is our feeling that that idea of a career is a chimera unless that career is seen to be a vocation of being. There is that within each of you that is perfect. Each of you is a hologram of the one great original Thought, and this is carried in an undistorted form in every cell of your physical body and all of the subtler bodies which make up your mind and body and spirit in its complexity.75
75 Q’uo, transcript dated March 30, 1997, p. 1.

It is so very easy to say “I don’t care.” The truth is, other people don’t understand. They can’t, and they don’t need to. If they did, they would. You need to care. When you are able to perceive things that are beyond the “normal” range of human perception, you feel more keenly. It’s okay. If you don’t care, you don’t feel. If you don’t feel, you’ll never learn the difference between what is you and your own, and what is they and their own. You must know yourself. Most people don’t! This is not possible if you do not care.86
86 245, letter dated October 7, 1999.

Good advice for wanderers, to care, to be vulnerable, to wear the heart on the sleeve even knowing that it will be disrespected and misunderstood. It is not easy to go on caring. Sometimes the discouragement seems total. As I suggested to Pharaoh today, my best advice is to focus on meeting the moment with an open heart, then looking for the love in that moment, then following that love.

This may mean not sharing what is our personal truth, for when offered unasked, if our personal belief system is enough skewed from consensus reality, as many a wanderer’s is, the offering is often met with disinterest or even outright hostility. It may mean focusing on how we can make that other person feel more comfortable and special, and allowing that person to relate to us rather than our belief system. It is not dishonest to refrain from sharing what has not been asked. Be one who looks to plant a seed of thought, at most, and then move on, rather than offering the heart of self’s beliefs when unprompted. Refuse to stay discouraged. It may seem that we are alone and the situation is hopeless, but actually, there are a lot of people with a tremendous amount in common with us, and we will connect as time passes and destiny unfolds.


Included in mental problems for wanderers is a thirst for justice. The bone-deep outrage at unfairness and cruelty in people and societies is common among awakened souls.

The Q’uo comment:
The third density is not a density in which wisdom plays a great part. It is the folly of men to believe that there is wisdom in third density, and thus one may see the ideal of justice, an ethical, philosophical ideal which does not take into account either the nature of the illusion, the purpose of the illusion, or those entities which have come to self-consciousness within third-density illusion. In any real sense, there is little observable justice, for the plan which each has created before the lifetime often deliberately includes difficult, unfair and painful circumstance, and the more spiritually ambitious an entity is, the more difficult the lessons that that entity came to manifest will be.90
90 Q’uo, transcript dated October 22, 1989, p. 1.

As a wanderer, there is a space in your head where you know you are right. And it isn’t so much that you’re right. Often, you don’t even know why you think others are wrong. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, and no one needs to hear your opinion. It’s just the way it is. To doubt that space is to flirt with depression and insanity.96
96 245, letter dated October 7, 1999.

We are people doing inner work. The outer-driven world will often not understand that. But we are here to help, and we are able to be of help.

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