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Faith (as a Polarizing Necessity)

The essence of faith is the simple feeling that all will be well, and all is well.
111 idem, transcript dated February 2, 1991, p. 10

Faith is simply faith that the Creator that made all that there is, including you, is a Creator of infinite and intelligent love, that It loved you as part of Itself, as a child to nurture, as a personality from which to learn about Itself, as all parents learned from their children. Aiming toward living a life in faith is nothing more than releasing fear, and allowing that which is to be, to be.
120 idem, transcript dated July 15, 1990, p. 8.

When preincarnative choice has given to you a difficulty, have faith that you are a spirit advanced enough to participate in your own destiny, that occurrences do not happen simply by chance, that the seeming poverty, the seeming limitation, the seeming difficulty, the seeming illness, is also a forthright aid in setting up a circumstance in which a lesson of love can be learned under adverse conditions. Yours is the last density with truly adverse conditions for the positive, or service-to-others oriented person. Only in this density, the Density of Choice, does this occur. Know then, that that which is in front of you is not more than you can work with, is not that which defeats. You would not program that for yourself. But you are stretching yourself, because you wish to change, you wish to become even more polarized in love and service to the Creator and others than you are now. 124 idem, transcript dated September 23, 1990, p. 9.

Service to others starts with respect for others. If you run out trying to help someone, you are simply imposing your will on them, which is service to self. You can present views, experiences, anything you believe to be true, but you cannot impose those views, experiences and beliefs on others. It must be their choice on what, if, and how they interact with the information, which should never be accepted as “gospel”, or you are engaged in transference, not understanding. 136 Bruce Peret, letter dated February 2, 1999.

Offer a thought when the time seems right, then drop the subject and move on with equanimity. A person will hear us when it is her time to awaken, not before. Trust the alarm clock each of us has set. We are all on schedule. We can choose to accelerate that schedule, but only for ourselves.

There are two elements at work when you are working upon polarity. One is faith. One is desire. Look to your desire that it may be of the highest and the best that you know. Look to the true and the good and the beautiful and hew as best you can to the high road, keeping in mind always that it is intention, not manifestation, that is important in the metaphysical universe of time/space.
142 idem, transcript dated November 21, 1999, p. 4.

Karen Eck, a wanderer who remembers being from Andromeda, offers a good example of focusing and purifying her desire:
I got into my car and drove to California, giving my life to Holy Spirit, knowing that I would be taken care of and things would work out very well. I wrote down what I wanted to manifest for housing after I landed a job and got pretty close. Which reminds me, that’s what I need to do here: write down the best scenario I can think of for being in this place where I now find myself.
143 Karen Eck, letter dated June 11, 1999.

The more I am able to love other-selves, the more real I become. The more natural, as in my true nature. Integrating all aspects of my other-selves within me, the human me, makes me more complete. When we are going against our true nature, when we see ourselves separate from other-selves, when we see some people as “worthy” or “unworthy” of our love, acceptance or whatever other form love takes, it is simply nothing more than separation: fragmentation of myself. 150 Romi Borel, letter dated November 5, 1998.

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