[1] – You are here to bring light to a dark world.

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[1] - You are here to bring light to a dark world.

What is a Wanderer?

The clearest definition of a wanderer comes from the pages of The Law Of One, Book I:

Questioner: Who are wanderers? Where do they come from?
Ra: I am Ra. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move toward this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.

How I interpreted/related: Once you have gone through many lifetimes, you realize that life’s (creation’s) desire is towards helping others (helping ‘other selves’, other ‘parts of creation’, creation-helping-creation). Earth has a calling right now and these beings heard the call and are here to assist with the planetary shift (wanderers incarnate here for the purpose of aiding others through the ascension process).

Questioner: How many of them are incarnate on Earth now?
Ra: I am Ra. The number is approximate due to an heavy influx of those birthed at this time due to an intensive need to lighten the planetary vibration and thus aid in harvest. The number approaches sixty-five million.

Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? Or what density do they come from?
Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density. The largest number of wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery.

The Q’uo source describes the situation we are currently experiencing on planet Earth:
Now, at this particular time many who may call themselves wanderers are awakening to their spiritual identity. As the awakening occurs there arises within the seeker a great hunger to know more, to find ways to serve, to become comfortable with this state of consciousness that is so completely different from that round of work and play that is not reflected upon. The routines may be precisely the same but the viewpoint has changed. And once awakened, the seeker cannot return to sleep but must live awake within the incarnation.
How I interpreted/related: Wanderers are also born into the veil of forgetting – they also don’t know who they are or what they are doing here, but that inclination to help / that there is some important mission they are here for still resides within them, and as they awaken (via some kind of catalyst or meditation, regression, or dreams), they see that the world is not the same as they had experienced til then and their perspective is forever changed (they can’t go back to sleep) – they seek more (truth), and have an inner-knowing of what they are here for.

Note that the Q’uo group does not define wanderers as ETs on Earth but as those awakening to their true identity as spiritual beings. This “sleep” that the Q’uo describe is simply the state of living as a person in a culture, living up to the behavioural standards of consensus “reality.” In that sleep, it appears that the physical world is all that is real, and the goals of the worldly personality, such as ambitions in careers and marriage, the gaining of happiness, money, power and influence, and simply being well liked and fitting in, are the goals worthy of pursuit. Whether we have awakened from that consensus “reality” in a way that makes us feel we are new to this planet, or one that casts our situation in the wandering pilgrim patterns of religion, myth or philosophy, the simple situation is that we have awakened, and we will not be able to go back to that cozy nest we may have enjoyed prior to awakening. We are now on a journey that will last throughout our present incarnation. This journey is one which is taken not in the physical world primarily, but in the metaphysical world.

When the term, wanderer, is used, the basic meaning of this word is of one who is travelling without reference to a specific goal or destination. There is, implicit in this term, a feeling or an emotional/mental mindset of aloneness, restlessness, shared solitude and indifferent scenery. The winds blow cold and harshly for the wanderer. The sun beats down mercilessly. Few there are who use that term who feel that it is desirable to be a wandering spirit. All of the third-density instinct is towards putting down the roots, securing the home, and protecting the home and family. The wanderer is uprooted when gazed at in the cultural context that you enjoy upon your sphere. Therefore, it is natural that this term be chosen as descriptive of those who have come into the Earth’s sphere of influence and incarnated to become as one with all citizens of your Earth.

But if this journey is so difficult, why did we ever undertake it? Those of Q’uo state:
You are here to bring light to a dark world. It is as simple as that. The purpose for which wanderers incarnated is all one: to love, and to love, and to love, and to love. You will be hurt, broken, humiliated and defeated in the course of a life in faith. It runs directly counter to the culture in which you live to do things for an ideal reason, to focus upon the Creator which is unseen rather than all of the phenomena, all of the gadgetry, all of the amusements that are so delightful upon the surface of life in your density. Be aware that even in those situations you may choose to be of service by moving constantly in an awareness of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. But also, and most of all, be aware, we ask each, that non-dramatic service is as vital as dramatic service, just as the mouth of an entity speaks many things, but would not be able to function without each and every other organ of the physical vehicle, which must be kept in some sort of balance in order that one may manifest any gifts whatsoever.

[1] - You are here to bring light to a dark world.Download A Wanderer’s Handbook free from llresearch.org

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[01] – You are here to bring light to a dark world.
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