Nourishment, Health and Presence ~ Gudni Gunnarsson [Notes]

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Nourishment, Health and Presence

My notes from Nourishment, Health and Presence ~ Gudni Gunnarsson

Nourishment, Health and Presence
Gudni Gunnarsson

// Well worth watching beyond my notes:

The moment you forgive yourself you take responsibility for your journey. Letting go of regret and remorse. The moment that happens you have no need to punish, scold, or abuse yourself.

When we become ‘response-‘able” – we retrieve – self-respect. That retrieval is the source of energy that everything revolves around (its your chi, life-force, the love you have, the energy & awareness you have to invest in whatever creation you deem necessary or want or desire).

The moment you forgive yourself and get back your energy, your source, your self-respect. That self-respect becomes the framework for our self-image. The self-image is how we perceive ourselves, our perspective towards ourselves, and how worthy we feel.

If there is such a thing as disease, it is “not feeling worthy”. On some-level its not feeling worthy of love, of health, or prosperity.
Its deemed by ourselves; we judge ourselves.

People were coming to me wanting to force themselves to be different – applying violence instead of love. You can’t change your body with violence & intensity, but you can change it with love & compassion & kindness.

“No amount of violence will change anything, but a small dose of “intention” will change everything”

The moment you define what you want, and feel worthy of obtaining, that’s going to change.
“Define what your body image is”.. most of my clients can’t.
Compassion & Kindness is the lecture of that projection. Violence & fear keeps us from obtaining it.

Extreme = “not good enough”. (no pain, no gain.. the American way of marketing.. create the need & then fulfill it – so most marketers are going to say that “you’re the problem” & they have the “solution”)
You are the solution, you are not the problem.
If you buy-into that somebody else has the solution for you, you’ve victimized yourself and abandoned yourself.

Presence is power – the moment you’re present you’ve retrieved your power, and from there you can sustain an ability of creation – you become a defined conscious creator. If you’re not there; you’re just an accidental calamity. Because you are refusing to become responsibility for your energy. When I say responsible, there’s no blame, no attachment, it only means the ability to respond rather than being re-active & compulsive. 

We’re prime-creators of our existence & expression. Fear is the ultimate disease. The only thing we have to fear is the illusion of fear. We’re the generators of the faith or we’re the generators of the fear. Both aspects are perspectives. Do we believe the world is friendly or unfriendly? Just that perspective is going to ‘rule’ your health. If we want things to change, we must be the change. We must love ourselves. At the same time that happens, immediately – we have love for others, the planet, and for the suffering that’s going on.

The most important aspect of the healing; the moment people are willing to forgive themselves
(they are addicted to the pain or the consequences of their behaviour)
addiction = absence

We’ve become subjected to our patterns of behaviour (we call them habits), but they can also be rituals; conscious rituals that we initiate & practice until they become the expression of who we are.

The moment they forgive themselves – the lights turn back on. (Energy, chi, prana, life-force) In that light, anything is possible.
Forgiveness just means letting go of rejection. Becoming present. Inducing love. Retrieving your energy. Letting go of remorse & resent & rejection. Becoming present & responsible. In that moment of reasonable energy – you can choose to direct the life-force in a completely different pathway.

If you’re thinking about what you don’t want – you “want it”. There’s a consequence to how you devote your energy.

The aspect of forgiveness means that for ‘that moment’, I’m going to love myself instead of reject myself. I’m going to let go of the rejection and open my heart. And in “that space”, everything transforms.

It’s a practice and you have to do it. It calls you back, it calls your spirit back. And once you’re spirit’s back, everything is possible.

Everything is based on your permission; your allowance for love, for prosperity. I know people that can attract it but can’t sustain it, because they don’t feel worthy of it. So health is about feeling good about yourself and allowing/trusting your heart.

Disease is based on our ability or dis-ability to receive love or ease.



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