[8] – Psychic Greetings / Attacks from Negative Entities

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Psychic Greeting

One’s choices can be used in either the positive or the negative sense, even when there is the seeming interference of negative entities in the manner of what many light workers call psychic attack and what we came to call psychic greetings. We chose the term greeting to emphasize that there does not have to be a negative experience on the part of the one who is greeted and that the experience that the one who is greeted actually has is in direct proportion to how that entity looks at the situation. If one wishes to see such a greeting as a difficult attack, then that becomes the experience. One can, however, also choose to see the Creator in all entities and events and can praise and seek the light within any situation and then that will become the experience. When this latter choice is made the psychic greeting becomes a great blessing in that it presents to the one who is greeted an intensive opportunity to see the one Creator where it may be more difficult to see and which, when accomplished, develops a great deal more spiritual strength than may normally be developed.57
57 Jim McCarty, in The Law Of One, Book V, p. 47.

Psychic greeting can take place within dreams as well as during conscious awareness. The typical time for such nightmarish dreams is the deep of night, at three or four in the morning. Initiation can bring about the same situation, of awakening in the night feeling attacked and hag-ridden. Most of the time, such nocturnal experiences are signs of initiation, not psychic greeting. When this occurs in our experience, we can deal with it the same way, whether it is psychic greeting or part of an initiatory experience. Prayers and affirmations of thankfulness and praise for all blessings received calm and centre the mind.

The psychic greeting dream does exist but is so very specialized that it is extremely rare. Realize that your own lives have shown you abuse, terror, shame, humiliation and many extremes you would much prefer not having experienced. All of this is catalyst and is dealt with largely on the sub-conscious level. So your nightmares are actually attempts to heal and are to be valued as much as the happiest dream, for they represent a valiant and courageous subconscious mind which is quite determined to see you through that which has made you fear something or someone.63
63 Q’uo, transcript dated April 12, 1989, p. 2.

It is important for the entity upon the path of service to others to attempt to see the Creator within all beings at all times, to give praise and thanksgiving for the light of the Creator that exists in all, to seek and know that Creator in each, to offer within the meditative state, the heartfelt love for all who send greetings or attacks, and to surround the self, then, in that love and light of the infinite Creator.66
66 idem, transcript dated April 21, 1995, p. 6.

All entities, whether of positive or negative or of no polarity, are a portion of the same creation and the same Creator, and the most effective means for a positively oriented entity to deal with negative polarity is to generate within the heart the overwhelming love for such an entity, and to send that love to that entity in the meditative state if possible, and to bathe that entity in the love and the light of the one Creator as you perceive it.153
153 idem, transcript dated August 2, 1988, p. 12.

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Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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One Comment

  1. michael says:

    Hi Penny!
    I would like to comment on psychic greetings!
    To start with, i truly acknowledge the existence of psychic greetings.
    I have experienced quite a few of them myself.

    However, it has become common in “spiritual communities” to name each arising of negativity as a psychic greeting!
    I found that, unless you already in a very highly developed stage of your evolution, you’re simply not interesting enough for higher entities to attack you.
    I have the impression, that a lot of what is actually our own negativity and old pain will often be accounted to an outer source.
    This is a form of denial and puts us in an unfortunate situation, whe we cannot deal with the negativity, since we perceive it as coming from an outer source.

    Either way, a psychic greeting ALWAYS builds on a foundation that was already there!
    I found the willingness to deal with what arises along with an honest gratitude for the (perceived or real) entity attacking us the best solution!
    Gratitude for two reasons:
    First, (if its a greeting), the “attacking” entity greatly reinforces the state or emotion that was already present in us, but below the threshhold of our awareness.
    The greeting lifts this into our awareness, giving us the chance to heal it!

    Second, if your gratitude is really honest, you may eventually find love in you for that entity. The entity in question will stop the attack, since it tries to harm you and will lose (negative) polarity if it turns out that it actually served you.
    my (admittedly rough) rule of thumb is:
    if it doesnt stop after i honestly am grateful and loving towards that “entity”, it wasnt a greeting but only my own old pain!

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