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Being a Wanderer

We are wanderers who long for something we cannot find but we sense exists. We are those who have awakened spiritually to wander in search of our source and ending. We have awakened to the beauty and the high principles of unity, service and love, and we are searching for ways to bring these elements into our everyday life. For us, it is not an idle matter to try and improve the quality of our lives. It is essential. If we try to follow the ways of the world, we will have a great deal of difficulty having a decent life experience, and sometimes even have trouble surviving.

You are not alone – surrounded by unseen helpers

We would wish each here to know that there is no step taken in any incarnation that is taken alone, for not only do we walk with those who call us to walk with them, but each entity within your illusion is surrounded by friends that may not be seen or felt in any physical or mental way, yet there are those teachers, guides and friends who have been called to you by your own seeking and the nature of your experiences, who watch you walk and who walk with you, and who hold the hand in the metaphysical sense when those moments of stress and trauma appear. Call, then, upon these unseen friends whenever you feel that you are alone and need the support of another. Know that all such calls are answered, perhaps not in the exact way that one would imagine but in a way that has substance and lends support to the journey that is taken, for each of you here has made agreements with many who are also here and also with those who walk with unseen treads and who find great joy and meaning in assisting you on your journey, for this is a journey which all take together, and none arrives home without aiding and assisting the journey of another. This is the way that the journey is accomplished. 61
61 Q’uo, transcript dated August 25, 1996, p. 4.

We assure each that we walk with you on this journey and that no entity walks alone, for each has those friends, teachers and guides that walk with it as do those brothers and sisters within your own illusion walk with each in spirit.62
62 idem, transcript dated September 18, 1994., p. 7.

There are many, my brother, who walk with you in an unseen fashion, so that in truth one is never truly alone. There is a goodly company of such angelic presences that is with each such entity within this third-density illusion. There is much of hope and sustenance that can be gained from attempting to speak to these entities within one’s daily meditations as one becomes more aware of their walk with one in the daily round of activities. For truly, the efforts of each within this third density to serve those Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow are recognized and great praise and thanksgiving is given for each such effort. There is, indeed, my brother, a heavenly choir that accompanies you upon this great journey of seeking and service.74
74 Q’uo, transcript dated October 17, 1999, p. 8.

There is much unseen support for work in consciousness, for prayers, and for a life lived in faith. We ask you to lean into that support. This instrument would call it angelic support and say that there are angels everywhere. Other entities would describe this far differently, but the concept remains the same. There is guidance. There is help, for the Creator is constantly communicating to you using everything: nature, the environment, other people and coincidences. Be alert. Begin to see the spiritually interesting coincidences and you shall be much encouraged thereby.75
75 idem, transcript dated May 24, 1998, p. 7.

There have been times when I needed reassurance that I was not just crazy. My co-workers don’t share my view of this place. Sometimes I wonder, “How can all of them be wrong?” Well, in short, I decided I needed proof. I asked “the friends” to show themselves in a material way. They agreed. This is something that I will not ask again. The experience of seeing them was incredibly beautiful and traumatic. Asking fourth-density beings to materialize is something I recommend against, unless you are comfortable with your reality being ripped away.78
78 Ed Wiegel, letter dated November 27, 1996.

Sorrow is essential to this experience that you call third-density life. But your attitude towards this sorrowing, grieving and changing process can create for you a peace that surpasses all understanding. We encourage each of you to see that heaven, even if it is from afar, to know that the angels and ministers that have always loved you, love you now and are here to help you. Though unseen they hover, waiting to comfort, looking for ways to confirm any glimmer of hope within. You are never alone in this process. This is a guarded and protected process, and the heaven does abide. May each of you help each other to find your way home.80
80 Q’uo, transcript dated March 15, 1998, p. 5.

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