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The nature of any relationship is a placing in dynamic tension, shall we say, of two different points of view that have enough points of agreement in common that there is the attraction, one to the other, for the purpose of further illumination of that which is mysterious. The points of commonality, then, which form the basis of the initial attraction are the first areas to be explored in any relationship and are those areas which shall begin the process of providing catalyst as each entity moves from that which is known to that which is unknown within the self and within the relationship. As this movement continues for each entity, other areas of the self and of the relationship become available to the light of shared consciousness. As these other areas are explored and are added to the catalyst-producing process, the relationship is continually altered and there are changes in the perception of the other self for each entity, and in the relationship itself as well. As this process continues, it is the question of the strength of the original attraction, those areas of commonality, that will determine whether there is the continuing growth of that acceptance of common ground, shall we say, within each entity.” 127 idem, transcript dated October 30, 1994, pp. 4-5.

It is well upon such a journey to travel with a companion of similar desire that wishes above all else with you to make this journey of seeking, of learning and of service, for those who are of a like mind will far more surely find those clues within the catalyst that point the direction for the next step, and those who travel together will experience their catalyst and processing of same in an unique fashion, with one utilizing the intensity of experience at a time perhaps when the other has less intensity, so that there might be assistance given from one to another. 128 idem, transcript dated May 28, 1989, p. 11.

One last bit of advice: just be ourselves:
That which is most helpful to an entity in utilizing the catalyst of the daily round of activities is the spontaneous and unrehearsed thought, word or deed which is carried out to its logical or appropriate conclusion, then reflected upon in a conscious fashion and utilized within the meditative state, so that any biases that are not deemed consonant with the highest ideals of the seeker might be noted and marked for future reference, so that the lesson which is embodied might be clarified and a certain set of actions might be associated with that lesson. 129 idem, transcript dated May 14, 1989, p. 16.

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