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Read this today in a forum and it got me thinking about my thoughts and beliefs about eating meat and other things.. by the end of my reply, I realized I had a new awareness about what I believe is the best way to get the health-giving benefits out of any food that we eat, and that is to know internally what our body believes this food is doing to us. That to gain benefits out of our food, we need to LOVE it, and know that it is sustaining us, giving us vitality. To not have thoughts of “an animal was tortured for me to eat”, or this food is “bad for me, and I know it”, etc. To not eat the food that internally we think is doing us harm, but rather to eat food that we know is giving us life, health, and vitality.

The more I eat plants in their natural state, I seem to be getting more of mother natures wisdom. I’ve found that energetically plants hold some powerful teachings and guidance–most notably unconditional love and compassion.
I am on a “mostly-plant-based” diet but I also “eat whatever I want”. Whatever is available (if someone cooks something, I’ll eat it.. with no ‘public’ complaints)..I’m not rich enough yet to pick & choose what is available to me, so I try and just be “ok” with it.

I tend to go with whatever I feel like (which is usually juicing, smoothies, lots of salads, and some vegetables), trusting my instincts and also continually learning about cellular health… I ‘consciously’ add things to my plate for specific reasons, but I don’t hold myself at gun-point about it.. (part of living free).

I’m ever-learning, but my instincts are leaning towards a mostly-raw, plant-based diet, at least for a certain amount of time.. maybe for some it might be something they take on temporarily for cleansing / healing, although I can understand why people would stay on it forever if they are getting the benefits from it.

I also feel something karmic about the eating of animals.. like I can’t imagine myself actually killing something for food unless I was desperate in the middle of the desert or something, for ‘survival’ – we might be instinctively inclined (I’ve never been in that situation so can’t judge). I just can’t see myself doing it (even as ‘nicely’ as they do it in the “Avatar” movie), but I have lived a life where the killing part has been shielded from me, and so I do eat a little meat each week, but usually only when someone else has cooked.

I also think that it’s weird that after millions of years we still can’t agree on an optimal diet, but I do tend to think that the closer we eat to nature, the more healthier our cells will respond.

I think the reason we don’t agree on a one-diet-fits-all is because our individual bodies have individual deficiencies/needs because of our unique and individual exposure to toxins/contaminants, lifestyles/mindset, soil quality, radiation, etc. so our individual cells actually ‘need’ different diets. Even people who live in the same household might have different mineral/vitamin deficiencies. I live with 4 others – we all eat different things, crave different things, have different lifestyles, beliefs, etc. Even if we managed to eat the same diet (which we don’t), our cells would need different things, based on all the other stuff.

I have a strong feeling that our “thoughts” when eating certain foods would have an effect on the way our body responds to it too, I think we need to be ‘ok’ with what we are eating – whatever it is, we need to see it as life-giving or it won’t have any benefit (think of the intention experiment of the drops of water from what-the-bleep, and his later experiments of the rice – woah, eye-openng to me…the thoughts we put out ‘affect’ the cellular structure of the water & rice).

So if we’re not ‘ok’ in ourselves with eating dead animals, if we are not thinking there will be a benefit to eating it, then we shouldn’t be eating it, because how we ‘feel’ about it will affect the food. So maybe those who are gaining benefits from eating meat are the ones who believe they are getting a benefit from it, and that’s ‘why’ they are getting a benefit from it.

I can ‘physically’ and ’emotionally’ tell when my diet hasn’t been as ‘clean’ as it should be.. I get tired eating meat/certain oils… get breathless/fatigued/a little grumpy/generate ‘mucus’, etc. when I consume dairy/pasta/grains.

I’m learning to listen to my body… and right now my body responds best to fruit & plants…(physically, emotionally, and energetically) so that’s the transition I’m trying to incorporate… and I will feel free to change that as my body signals what it needs. I’m not sure if I will still feel the same way after I have done my ‘year of cleansing’. But that’s what I’m feeling right now.

It is hard to undo a lifetime of brainwashing though, especially when you live with others who think eating raw is nuts lol, and their cooking smells SOO good (hard to get excited about a bunch of kale when I’m smelling someone’s spaghetti bolognaise, etc), and when I learn that there might be certain benefits from eating meat, then I am “ok” with eating it (I’m ever-treating my body like a science experiment), but I hope that the rest of the habits that I’m not happy about will dissipate naturally when I move later this year to a place where this kind of living is ‘normal’, not ‘strange’.

I guess what I learnt about thinking about this conversation in general, is that I do have a new belief that I’ve just become conscious of.. and that is..

If we “believe” that a particular food is giving us a benefit, then it will give us a benefit, and if believe that food is “toxic”, then we will get sick from it. That our mind, our deep-seated beliefs internally are the real cause/cure or vitality/poison.

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