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The Veil of Forgetting

The veil of forgetting is a phenomenon which is occurring and is utilized only within the third density so that a choice of paths might be made at this point in the evolutionary path. Thus, the existence of a divided mind, that which is conscious and that which is below or subconscious, is possible only with the veil of forgetting in place which occurs, as we have mentioned, only within the third density.
59 Q’uo, transcript dated April 2, 1995, p. 7.

So now, third density offers the gift of self-consciousness, of self-awareness; but, there is a balancing gift as well, and that is that a veil is dropped between the conscious and the unconscious minds or levels of mind, so that there is no longer that perfect unconscious awareness of the perfection of processes which is occurring. The third density, then, is one which begins with the unconscious mind completely opaque. 62 Q’uo, transcript dated September 5, 1993, p. 3.

Questioner: Is the veil supposed to be what I would call semi-permeable?
Ra: I am Ra. The veil is indeed so. 64 Law Of One, Book IV, pp. 76-77.

If the veil is semi-permeable, what penetrates through it? The most common penetrator of this opacity of the subconscious mind is dreams:
The goal of the seeker is not specifically to remove the veil, but rather through a series of experiences to form a carefully protected shuttle, shall we say, through that veil which may be used by faith and will in order that the deeper self may speak in language clearer than dreams usually are. For, indeed, the veil is, without any effort on the seeker’s part, made somewhat transparent through the dreaming process. It is a diaphanous rather than a completely opaque veil. This veil then is to be seen as an ally, as the seeker either with joy or without it moves through the lessons, and as this instrument would say, the recesses and the vacations of an incarnational experience.
65 Latwii, transcript dated February 14, 1988, p. 3.

Meditation and the unconditional love generated by the adept or mature spiritual seeker are also penetrators of the veil:
As we talk to you about reincarnation, we wish to not downplay the experiences of the past, but reassure each entity that when [memories of] past experiences become a necessity, they will float into the conscious mind through dreams, or most especially through meditation. In general, we may say that it is not helpful in a deep way to know past life experiences, but rather it is helpful in terms of your desire to accelerate your process of spiritual evolution, to be more and more sensitive to the promptings of your intuition, your feelings and your heart, thus becoming more and more sensitive to those energies that are passing between you and those about you. Thus, if you find yourself at odds with a co-worker, a friend, a companion or a loved one, it is well to move into meditation, asking and releasing the question of where the balances of love and service have gone awry in this particular instance, and more than that, how you may bring love back into manifestation within the circumstance, how balance may be restored, how love may thrive.
68 Q’uo, transcript dated January 17, 1988, pp. 4-5.

The regressive hypnosis, as it has been called amongst your peoples, is the most popular means of partially penetrating the veil of forgetting which separates the conscious from the unconscious mind. An entity may also utilize the dreaming state for such remembering, utilizing the brain and the mind which moves through it to program a remembering of previous experiences. Meditation is also a means by which an entity may move itself or its conscious focus to a time previous to its current incarnation. This technique, however, is one which requires a great deal more skill than the two previously mentioned techniques. 70 Hatonn, transcript dated April 21, 1985, p. 15.

For the individual, a way out of this endless cycle, the first step, is perhaps to say: “Maybe there is something to this reincarnation business.” Then, every day, ask but two questions: 1. Who am I? and 2. What am I doing here? both in the most sincere way possible, to understand the answer and correct behaviour.” 71 H. Lynn Herrmann, letter dated July 9, 1997.

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