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We are fields of energy, beings of energies. That is how we work. And what is our environment? On Earth, it is to be in this lifetime, this body, this incarnation. Beneath the surface reality, the consensus reality that seems so genuine, we can see ourselves, metaphysically speaking, as entities involved in an illusion built of space and time, a physical illusion in which we are experiencing life at this time.

We have a harvest of lessons learned and unlearned at the end of a lifetime. Between incarnations, we look at that harvest, and plan our next lifetime, in its broad strokes. We build on what we feel we have learned, and place relationships and circumstances in our way that we wish to work upon further. When we enter the birth process, we forget all that we have planned, and the darkness of Earth consciousness descends. In that dim light, we work all our lives, again attempting to learn our lessons of love, again working on difficult relationships and challenging issues that span many incarnations. We develop desires, and through time, fulfill each desire, until we have satisfied ourselves at the table of third-density life. We do not move on until we are entirely ready to move on. If one set of three minor cycles, the 75,000 years of the major cycle of third density, is not enough for us, we simply repeat the grade, one, two or three minor cycles, again. And if necessary, again, so that as long as we wish third-density experience, it will be here for us.

I think there are nightmares in many people’s lives that are probably dimly remembered experiences from other incarnations, things so terrible that they have bled through into the present lifetime. Another common experience is having a predisposing weakness in an area of the body that was traumatized in an earlier lifetime. Always, when working with such difficulties, remember that to forgive the past is to heal the present.

Those of Ra speak about reincarnation:
Questioner: When the 75,000 year cycle started, the life span was approximately nine hundred years, average. What was the process and scheduling mechanism, shall I say, of reincarnation at that time, and how did the time in between incarnations into third-density physical apply to the growth of the mind/body/spirit complex?

Ra: I am Ra. This query is more complex than most. We shall begin. The incarnation pattern of the beginning third-density mind/body/spirit complex begins in darkness, for you may think or consider of your density as one of, as you may say, a sleep and a forgetting. This is the only plane of forgetting. It is necessary for the third-density entity to forget so that the mechanisms of confusion or free will may operate upon the newly individuated consciousness complex.

Thus, the beginning entity is one in all innocence oriented towards animalistic behaviour using other-selves only as extensions of self for the preservation of the all-self. The entity becomes slowly aware that it has needs, shall we say, that are not animalistic; that is, that are useless for survival. These needs include: the need for companionship, the need for laughter, the need for beauty, the need to know the universe about it. These are the beginning needs.

As the incarnations begin to accumulate, other needs are discovered: the need to trade, the need to love, the need to be loved, the need to elevate animalistic behaviours to a more universal perspective.

During the first portion of third-density cycles, incarnations are automatic and occur rapidly upon the cessation of the energy complex of the physical vehicle. There is small need to review or to heal the experiences of the incarnation. As, what you would call, the energy centres begin to be activated to a higher extent, more of the content of experience during incarnation deals with the lessons of love. Thus the time, as you may understand it, between incarnations is lengthened to give appropriate attention to the review and the healing of experiences of the previous incarnation. At some point in third density, the green-ray energy centre becomes activated and at that point incarnation ceases to be automatic.

Questioner: When incarnation ceases to be automatic I am assuming that the entity can decide when he needs to incarnate for the benefit of his own learning. Does he also select his parents?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct50 Law Of One, Book I, pp. 193-194.

So when we start out as third-density beings, we are still relating to other selves as either the family and part of the tribe, or other than the tribe and to be defended against. The lessons of love are all ahead. Slowly, through many lifetimes, we discover more and more of who we are, as spiritual beings, as ethical creatures able to choose right over wrong, and forgiveness over revenge. Very slowly, we become more and more able to see ourselves in the people we meet, and the people we meet in ourselves. We begin to think beyond defending the self and family, and create opportunities for learning and service by how we treat ourselves and other people, and how we choose to share our gifts. And we do it all against a background of “a sleep and a forgetting”, a perfect unknowing, so that our choice to live a life in faith is a pure one. It is a tremendous challenge, and we can see Earth, in this regard, as a distillery of sorts, a refiner of souls. We come into life as a rough-hewn piece of lode-filled rock, and our life is spent in the tempering fire and under the clever chisel of catalyst and experience, finding, smoothing and polishing the faces of our inner gems and removing impurities. We hope to learn much in each lifetime, although we undoubtedly have had varying degrees of success in various of our previous experiences with incarnation. 

Those of Latwii speak of these lessons of incarnation:
The lessons you have chosen in the preincarnative state to undergo are those that have the capability of becoming one within your self, bringing the lesson home so to speak. As the harvest becomes closer, my friends, these lessons of love and of sharing yourselves, the learning, the experience of becoming one with those that you perceived as being troublesome to your spirit, are great lessons and are ones to be thankful for. 51 Latwii, transcript dated May 15, 1993, p. 1. 207

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