[3] – I have never felt as if I belong

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We are very pleased that so many of those who came to the Earth sphere during this time have remembered or are beginning subconsciously to remember why they came, for it is very usual in such cases for at least nine out of ten of these incarnated extra-dimensional people to forget for their entire incarnation why it is that they have such a feeling of not belonging, why it is that they do not fit in, why it is that their natures seem so often at odds with society.81
81 Hatonn, transcript dated August 2, 1979, p. 5.

I am not certain who or what I am. One thing is certain: I have never felt as if I belong. Many of my contemporaries have stated behind my back that I am a strange one, that I am different. Well, the only thing I am certain of is that I am very different and have felt this difference all my life. I have always felt alone on this planet among the multitudes. Many times I have asked the universe, “Why am I so different?93
93 Zub, letter dated March 8, 1999.

As wanderers you came for two reasons: to serve and to be tested. If there is comfort in knowing that the path that is in front of each now is the appropriate, destined path designed by yourself, then please take comfort in that. There is always, in the illusion, the feeling that to be without the heavy body and heavy experiences of third density would be greatly desired. Yet, as soon as the incarnation is naturally over, the seeking spirit gazes backwards and thinks, “Why did I not learn more? What a great opportunity!104
104 Q’uo, transcript dated October 14, 1992, p. 3.

I think we all wonder what home we really come from. But maybe more important: if we could go back, would we feel the familiar comfort, or would we be a stranger because of our new experiences? Would it be possible to feel the same now about home? Could we be happy and at peace with “home”? Think about it. Perhaps, once chosen, the path of a wanderer must always lead away, never toward, home. Contentment may be the price one pays, for adventure and wonder.124
124 Thomas Wright, letter dated July 21, 1994.

The Anatomy of Separation

The only catalyst dealt with in third density is fear and love. The entity begins its babyhood wrapped in love, love known throughout its system, and it learns to close itself, to become apart, and to become defended because it seems fairly obvious that there are things to fear. There are entities and objects out there that can harm and hurt. So the spiritual life within third density may be described as either a learning how to love or a learning how to release fear, for fear is that distortion of love that posits a separation betwixt beings and things, thus occasioning the necessity of having some sort of response to these persons or things that will tend to increase safety and comfort.13
13 Q’uo, transcript dated March 2, 1998, p. 3.

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