[11] – Guilt as Opportunities for Forgiveness / don’t fight the darkness

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[1] - You are here to bring light to a dark world.

New-Age Guilt

Do not be beaten about by your own feelings of guilt. Rather, see them as opportunities to do work in consciousness, to forgive the self for being human, to analyze the situation to see whether or not the guilt is productive, to work upon releasing that guilt if it has not been productive, to work upon using that guilt in the highest and best way if there still is something that one can see to be done. Above all these considerations, above all manifestation and illusion the reality, as far as we know, is the perfect outworking of perfection: love reflected in love, moving through each instrument that is a soul of a person and out into the world. As you receive your catalyst, bless it and break yourself open to receive it with the most love of which you are capable in a stable manner. Do not move yourself beyond that which you can do without damage to yourself. Do not ask that which you are not ready for of yourself, but rather be sensitive to the opportunities that these negative feelings, so called, of guilt bring rise to. 44 Q’uo, transcript dated January 3, 1999, p. 5.

The voices which echo in the mind may echo from many decades ago, from early childhood, from early traumatic time in which many negative signals were given to your spirit, either by yourself or others. Those who are seeking in the service-to-self path do not have the problem which you have, for they of course would refuse any guilt, or any judgment of the self as being less than perfectly worthy. It is the entity who desires to be the humble servant of all mankind that most finds itself trapped by its own feelings of inadequacy45 idem, transcript dated September 30, 1990, p. 5.

You are here to encourage yourself to be the willing servant, to feel the freedom of the joy of service. You are here to help, and the first person you must help is yourself, that you may be free from self-inflicted woe, and so single-hearted and able to turn gladly to service to others in compassion, in peace and always with a light touch. 48 Hatonn, transcript dated November 13, 1988, p. 8.

DOOMSDAY Armageddon

Remember it is not what we do as much as why we are doing it. Walking the path of love is about adding our energy to the light. It is a waste of energy to fight the darkness. 62 Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, letter dated November 1, 1998.

As both positive and negative entities attempt consciously to achieve harvestability to positive fourth density or to negative fourth density, many are the stories of contacts and arrangements betwixt governments, or individuals within governments, and those who are not from your world. Because there is no way we could speak of these things that would not interfere with the free will of those who hear these words or read them, we shall simply say that were such things possible they would be part of an illusion which is part of a play. You may make it a comedy or a tragedy. It is not anyone’s choice but your own. There have indeed been many, many landings, abductions, and that which seems to be abduction but is in reality work upon the computer within you which you call your brain, placing within it programs which seem as much the truth to the one experiencing such, upon awakening, as any other memory. The basic intention here is to create fear. There are other designs which we cannot speak of because of that same law of free will, but we can say that they are inconsequential to those who choose to live a life of faith. Yes, these things are occurring, and yes, many, many positive contacts are also occurring for those who seek in love and light. 63 Q’uo, transcript dated July 1, 1990, pp. 10-11.

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