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Our Energetic Selves and How We Evolve

We get energy flowing into our body through the feet and bottom of the spine without doing a thing to encourage it. We all receive this same unlimited energy. Once it enters our energy field, however, what we do to alter or distort this light energy is unique to us and to the way we think and live. At each energy center on its trip up the spine, the light will need to feed through the patterns of the centers themselves. The reference to the “inner light” is a reference to the kind of energy brought into the body’s energy field from the top of the head down by meditation or other work in consciousness. In enough force, it can greatly facilitate and accelerate the speed at which the upward spiraling light comes through the energy centers. This play of the upward spiraling light and the light called from above can be seen to resemble the eastern study mystics call the rising of the kundalini, in which lower energies are transmuted to higher:

The positively oriented entity will be transmuting strong red-ray sexual energy into green-ray energy transfers and radiation in blue and indigo and will be similarly transmuting selfhood and place in society into energy transfer situations in which the entity may merge with and serve others and then, finally, radiate unto others without expecting any transfer in return. 3 ibid., p. 29.

The seeker seeks the One. The One is to be sought, as we have said, by the balanced and self-accepting self, aware both of its apparent distortions and its total perfection. Resting in this balanced awareness, the entity then opens the self to the universe which it is. The light energy of all things may then be attracted by this intense seeking, and wherever the inner seeking meets the attracted cosmic prana, realization of the One takes place. 4 ibid., p. 51.

These centers can be seen to be in geometric shapes of energy flux. The goal is to open, balance and crystallize each of these energy centers so that they do not impede the progress of the light energy up the spine, especially through the first triad of rays, red/orange/yellow, into the heart center. Those of Ra say:

Questioner: How does an individual go about balancing himself? What is the first step?
Ra: I am Ra. The steps are only one; that is, an understanding of the energy centers which make up the mind/body/spirit complex.
5 Law Of One, Book I, p. 144.

We will look at the statement about each center separately. Follow the rainbow imagery as we visualize these:
The first balancing is of the Malkuth, or Earth, vibratory energy complex, called the red-ray complex. An understanding and acceptance of this energy is fundamental. 6 ibid.

In this red-ray energy center, located between the legs at the base of the spine, lie our concerns about survival and sexuality. When this center is blocked or distorted, all incoming energy is immediately stepped down or blocked by the resistance. We then have diminished ability to handle all the rest of our concerns. Malkuth refers to a kabalistic and ceremonial magical system of energies called the Tree Of Life. Malkuth is number ten, the lowest station or earthiest energy nexus.

Those of Q’uo say:
So, if each who seeks wishes to begin somewhere, it is well to begin at the red-ray chakra of generation, of survival. How blessed it is; how thankful we must all feel, to be breathing, to be living this day. If that joy is lost or removed, it still may be joy to one who has faith, just as those who live through the night have faith that the morning will come. The female in the culture in which you live is programmed to block the red-ray chakra to a great extent because the consequences of bearing children are much more devastating to an entity who has casually found oneself with a child. Therefore, we do not mean that to claim the red-ray energy and clear it, one must be sexually active. That is not so. However, one must be comfortable within one’s body, within one’s sexuality. 7 Q’uo, transcript dated October 17, 1991, pp. 7-8.

The next energy complex which may be blocked is the emotional, or personal complex, also known as the orange-ray complex. This blockage will often demonstrate itself as personal eccentricities or distortions with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self. 8 Law Of One, Book I, pp. 144-145.

Those of Q’uo add:
That second energy which is often associated with the belly is the orange ray or second chakra, and within this energy come the difficulties and the dynamics of the self’s journey with the self and the self’s interactions with other selves, one at a time. For the wanderer whose experiences of other selves are often difficult, the orange ray presents the challenge of remaining open in a hostile environment of, as this instrument would say, taking the slings and arrows of challenging fortune and still remaining eager for further contact with people. It is often true that the wanderer will not be completely aware of its difficulties of accepting itself. Therefore, the wanderer will project that difficulty outward and it will then feel that it cannot deal with other people. Yet other people are the mirrors which reflect the self to the self. It would be possible to work through the lessons of love without other entities but it would not be probable. It is the mirrors that touch your life that give you the information you need to turn within, and, little by little, find ways to deepen the love that you have for yourself. 9 Q’uo, transcript dated April 28, 1996, p. 4.

Note that the Ra’s very description of the center is couched in terms of how this energy can be blocked. We are not worried about energy coming into the body. That is set in infinite supply. We are concerned with letting the energy come through each center without hindering its power. The orange ray is the center most concerned with relationships between ourselves and one other person, and our fights with ourselves as we try to become the image we want to appear to be before the world. Its location is in the lower belly. This is an amazingly important center in terms of the benefits of keeping it clear, and the difficulties of doing so. Work done to ease self-consciousness and awkwardness in this center echoes and helps all the higher centers, especially the much-valued ray of the adept, the indigo-ray centre.

The Q’uo have this to say about the yellow-ray energy center:
Moving up into the solar plexus we find the yellow ray that is the primary ray of this density, that is, the ray within which the greatest work of learning and service can be offered. This is that ray within which wanderers must learn to work within various groups and institutions of your peoples. The yellow-ray difficulties mirror and extend those difficulties of orange ray. However, dealing with group dynamics is in one sense simpler, but in the normal sense far more complex than the dealing of one person with another. Within this energy nations are built and destroyed. Religions are started and abandoned. Peoples move across continents and cultures evolve, mature and fall away. And within each group there is the more balanced and loving and compassionate path. Within this large assortment of groups that each entity will encounter within a lifetime lie the matings, the marriages, the belongings, the revolutions that shape the present and the future. In this energy each comes into deeper contact with the group mind, the national mind, the racial mind and the archetypical mind. This is the seat of power within the entity. This is where the instincts of control and influence dwell. This is the place where the spider builds its web or decides to become another entity. This is the crucible of your lessons in love. 10 ibid., pp. 5-6.

So our lessons in love are couched, in this third density we now experience, as social, yellow-ray work. Those of Ra add:
The third blockage resembles most closely that which you have called ego. It is the yellow-ray or solar plexus center. Blockages in this center will often manifest as distortions toward power manipulation and other social behaviors concerning those close and those associated with the mind/body/spirit complex. Those with blockages in these first three energy centers, or nexi, will have continuing difficulties in ability to further their seeking of the Law of One. 11 Law Of One, Book I, p. 145.

The yellow-ray center is located in the upper belly and stomach, and can receive a lot of blockage from our responses to family and work situations, and other situations in which the social groups and society in general have their part.

The center of heart, or green-ray, is the center from which third-density beings may springboard, shall we say, to infinite intelligence. Blockages in this area may manifest as difficulties in expressing what you may call universal love or compassion.
12 ibid.

We may read “infinite intelligence” to mean “love”, in the sense of the infinite love of the Creator, and “infinite energy” to mean “light”, in the same creative sense. Both love and light can be magically called by working through the indigo into the violet ray.

Moving into the heart, the green-ray chakra, that heart energy center, we stop and ask each to think upon the way in which energy works. Now, if there is a tightness, a stringency or a blockage within red, or orange, or yellow, to the extent that that energy is baffled, energy into the heart will not be as much, for there will be the energy bleed-off before the energy of the one Creator reaches the heart center. The energy that reaches this center is, in practice, that energy that the self has available to begin to work upon consciousness. The disciplines of the personality—learning to communicate, learning to find the sacredness of all things—these lessons of love are not well undertaken by those who have not come to some degree of balance within the lower energy centers, and this situation is perhaps the most typically devastating to the wanderer of all situations we could explore, for wanderers yearn so for the vibrations, the feelings and associations of home that they do not have the spirit and the energy to clear those blockages, to allow confusion to reign as it will without becoming enmeshed in that sea of confusion. 13 Q’uo, transcript dated April 28, 1996, pp. 7-8.

The blue-ray center of energy streaming is the center which, for the first time, is outgoing as well as in pouring. Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping the spirit/mind complexes of its own entity and further difficulty in expressing such understandings of self. Entities blocked in this area may have difficulties in accepting communication from other mind/body/spirit complexes. 15 Law Of One, Book I, p. 145. 188

The blue-ray center is located in the throat. Did we ever wonder why clear communication at times feels so very difficult? Try talking to a family member while both are blocking energy from coming through the orange- and yellow-ray centers, and we find no energy available for that blue-ray, clear communication. Honestly, we don’t want to talk! And what a wonderful thing it is when those rays are cleared, desire is restored, and we can speak our minds with heart and humor. Those of Q’uo say:
Now, with the movement into the throat chakra, or the blue-ray energy center, we move into that area wherein gifts of the Creator have often been given generously, for wanderers are communicators. It is ironic that the usual experience of the wanderer is one of frustration at being unable to communicate. This is, however, not because the wanderer cannot communicate, but because the wanderer is not speaking on the level at which others may be listening. The skill of communication is certainly in a large part simply the thinking and expressing of thoughts, knowing what is thought and finding the way to say it. However, the penalty for communicating in ways in which the other is not presently thinking is a failure to communicate.

Therefore, a signal skill of a communicator is the listening ear that is able to distinguish just where the other entity is dwelling within its own mind and heart. We encourage each to practice the skill of listening and of attempting to tailor that which is communicated to the needs of that particular entity. This is careful, subtle work, yet we feel that it is a good discipline and one which is badly needed by the wanderer, for it is a wonderful gift to share one’s essence with another. Yet if that speaking does not hit the mark because the entity has been careless in giving to that individual to whom it is speaking, then those powerful energies have to some extent been misspent. 16 Q’uo, transcript dated May 12, 1996, pp. 3-4.

Indigo ray, home of the gateway to intelligent infinity, is located at the brow’s center, and is the ray of work in consciousness. When we can get the rays clear up through the heart ray, we can begin to get in there and do some good spade work in blue and indigo. It is not an easy or simple thing to bring the mind into an awareness of the metaphysical universe. And yet, for wanderers this is our native universe, not the space/time or consensus-reality universe. This is the source of our being seen as abnormal and weird. The rest of the world is dealing with the surface of life without seeing the depths to which we are awake. When we work from the depths upward, the world and the issues of the world fall into place with relative ease. When we analyze situations in terms of energy center blockage, we can see into them, and how to work with them.

The next center is the pineal or indigo-ray center. Those blocked in this center may experience a lessening of the influx of intelligent energy due to manifestations which appear as unworthiness. The indigo-ray balancing is quite central to the type of work which revolves about the spirit complex, which has its influx then into the transformation or transmutation of third density to fourth density, it being the energy center receiving the least distorted outpourings of love/light from intelligent energy and also the potential for the key to the gateway of intelligent infinity. 18 Law Of One, Book I, p. 145.

Speaking of violet ray, the crown energy center, those of Q’uo say:
It is the basic vibratory complex carried in the violet ray by each wanderer that is witness by its very essence. Therefore, the wanderer’s job in everyday affairs is to keep the channel of selfhood and essence clean, clear and pellucid. This is in many ways a passive spiritual vocation. It is easier to make the mistake of attempting to speak this witness and not being understood or of service than to refrain from some activity and, therefore, fail to bear witness. The planetary consciousness is drinking in your essence. It is lightening the planetary vibration and is acting as an ameliorator of birth pangs within the planet itself and within the great congregation of entities which now approach your millennium. Inconvenient and difficult times beckon. Within these confusing times the silent witness of being shall more and more be needed as the planet reaches for a new point of balance. 19 Q’uo, transcript dated May 22, 1994, p. 2.

This violet-ray energy center, located at the crown of the head, is like a spectrographic flower, showing the rainbow of energies that we are receiving, changing and expressing. We cannot work on it. It just is. It contains our energy signatures, our metaphysical names, our essences. Take all else away, and this expression of us would still be complete cosmic identification. Let name and kindred, station and position, career and power, money and society, thoughts and plans go, that violet-ray expression is still us, the distillation of pure us-ness. When Confederation entities speak of appreciating the beauty of our vibrations, they are speaking of this reading or signature of our energy web.
The remaining center of energy influx is simply the total expression of the entity’s vibratory complex of mind, body and spirit. It is as it will be. Balanced or imbalanced has no meaning at this energy level, for it gives and takes in its own balance. Whatever the distortion may be, it cannot be manipulated as can the others and, therefore, has no particular importance in viewing the balancing of an entity. 20 Law Of One, Book I, p. 145.

We look now more closely at this “gateway to intelligent infinity” that those of Ra referred to in speaking of the indigo-ray center:
The indigo ray is that ray worked upon only by the adept, as you would call it. It is the gateway to intelligent infinity bringing intelligent energy through. This is the energy center worked upon in those teachings considered inner, hidden and occult, for this ray is that which is infinite in its possibilities. 21 Law Of One, Book II, p. 77.

There are two terms here, intelligent infinity and intelligent energy. We have identified them as the Creator’s love and light; the creative idea and the light, literally, used to manifest the idea. Here is another definition:
There is unity. This unity is all that there is. This unity has a potential and kinetic. The potential is intelligent infinity. Tapping this potential will yield work. This work has been called by us, intelligent energy. 22 ibid., p. 6. 191

Further, intelligent infinity can be seen to equal faith:
You are precisely correct in your understanding of the congruency of faith and intelligent infinity; however, one is a spiritual term, the other more acceptable perhaps to the conceptual framework distortions of those who seek with measure and pen.
23 Law Of One, Book I, p. 77.

The seventh ray, the violet-ray energy center, here comes into play:
The violet emanation is, in this context, a resource from which, through indigo, intelligent infinity may be contacted. The radiation thereof will not be violet ray but rather green, blue or indigo depending upon the nature of the type of intelligence which infinity has brought through into discernible energy. The green-ray type of radiation in this case is the healing, the blue ray the communication and inspiration, the indigo that energy of the adept which has its place in faith. 24 Law Of One, Book III, p. 31.

Intelligent energy, then, is intelligent infinity brought into manifestation from beyond our body’s system of energy:

Intelligent energy is the energy of the Logos, and thus it is the energy which heals, builds, removes, destroys and transforms all other-selves as well as the self. 25 Law Of One, Book IV, p. 53.

Intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from [the] eighth density or octave. The one sound-vibratory-complex called Edgar used this gateway to view the present, which is not the continuum you experience but the potential social memory complex of this planetary sphere. The term your peoples have used for this is the “Akashic Record” or the “Hall of Records”. 26 Law Of One, Book I, p. 141.

The eighth density, octave or energy center of the body would logically be the eighth chakra of the oriental systems which they place just above the head at the crown, colored white. Those of Ra do not speak of it. Logically, however, the gateway would first come from the octave chakra into the violet ray, then into the indigo ray. This gateway to intelligent infinity, when contacted, can bring about many fruits, depending upon the intensity and the nature of the desire of the one contacting the gateway while doing work in consciousness.

The right use of power has ever been a central concern! Be careful working around power lines! The energies of green, blue and indigo are called the higher energy centers for obvious reasons. To have the heart open and energies running clearly and unhindered into the higher triad of energy rays is to be free to do what I call work in consciousness. We will talk much more about this later, for this is work wanderers are naturally drawn to do but are not wise to pursue until the lower triad of energy centers is cleared and balanced and energy is running well into the heart center. And there is another reason for not doing higher center work till lower centers are clear and balanced: our physical health. Note here that “plane” and “level” are used as would be “energy center”:

Questioner: Is it necessary to penetrate one level at a time as we move through these planes?
Ra: I am Ra. It has been our experience that some penetrate several planes at one time. Others penetrate them slowly. Some in eagerness attempt to penetrate the higher planes before penetrating the energies of the so-called more fundamental planes. This causes energy imbalance. You will find ill health, as you call this distortion, to frequently be the result of a subtle mismatch of energies in which some of the higher energy levels are being activated by the conscious attempts of the entity while the entity has not penetrated the lower energy centers or sub-densities of this density. 28 ibid., pp. 168-169.

When energies are blocked, and we are attempting work with another person, the experience varies:
If both entities are blocked, both will have an increased hunger for the same activity, seeking to unblock the baffled flow of energy. If one entity is blocked and the other vibrates in love, the entity baffled will hunger still, but have a tendency to attempt to continue the procedure of satiating the increasing hunger with the one vibrating green ray, due to an impression that this entity might prove helpful in this endeavor. The green-ray active individual shall polarize slightly in the direction of service to others but have only the energy with which it began. 29 Law Of One, Book IV, p. 85.

I imagine we shall be a while getting to this point! But we can certainly work with these energies to balance them. Now that we have this picture of the system of energy centers clearly in mind, we can begin to see why those of Ra speak so often in terms of energy transfer. If we are working with the lower energy centers of red, orange and yellow, there is no energy transfer possible. We can impose or force our energy into another at those levels, but we cannot exchange energies in the positive sense, for the heart is not involved yet. Once the heart center is open and receiving unfettered power through the lower centers, energy exchanges become possible. And oh, how good these feel.

Those of Q’uo say:
Work in consciousness proceeds from the heart. However, the heart’s energy is entirely a creature of the power, shall we say, that is brought to the heart. Those who wish to skip working on the self in relationships, with regards to issues such as sexuality, survival and so forth, may wish that they could spend all of their time working on communication and consciousness itself, yet unless the energy centers of red, orange and yellow, of survival, self-identification and association with others are addressed, and that with respect, there will be a lessening of the flow of energy into the heart. And one can only work from the heart upward with that energy that has come through to the heart. Those who have experienced the rising of kundalini, that flow of energy up the spine, know that its origin is the root chakra, those organs of generation, reproduction and elimination that together form the great taboo, the great unspoken subject in your culture. Yet there is great need here for much balancing with regard to the issue of life itself. This is strictly red-ray. And so much depends upon that way in which you meet this opportunity for life. 31 Q’uo, transcript dated January 11, 1998, pp. 4-5.

Exchanging from the heart is a healing in itself. Clear communication feels like balm. And sharing at the indigo ray level is a most special and spiritual treat. Those of Ra say:
The spiritual energy transfers are at the heart of all energy transfers, as a knowledge of self and other self as Creator is paramount, and this is spiritual work. 32 Law Of One, Book III, p. 177.

Yes, this is what we all crave getting to. But we are wise not to do so before we have done our work with the lower energies. This is not work that is done once and then left behind, but rather work we do from moment to moment and day by day, refocusing our energies, re-finding our centers, rebalancing ourselves many times in the process of our everyday living.

Sexual Energy Transfers
At any moment, then, we are hopeful of meeting that moment with an open heart, and being ready for whatever energy transfers come our way. Energy transfer is the exchange or gift of energy from one entity to another. Positive transfers are felt as gifts of love. Negative transfers are felt as gifts of negative emotions and states of being such as anger, hatred and prejudice.

Don asks those of Ra:
Questioner: Could you tell me of the number of possible energy transfers between two or more mind/body/spirit complexes. Is it very large, or are there few?
Ra: I am Ra. The number is infinite, for is not each mind/body/spirit complex unique? 33 ibid., p. 176.

Two things worth looking at about energy transfers: how hard they are when we begin and why, and how higher chakra energy exchanges differ. Those of Ra say:
After the veiling process 34 it became infinitely more difficult to achieve green-ray energy transfer due to the great areas of mystery and unknowing concerning the body complex and its manifestations. However, also due to the great shadowing of the manifestations of the body from the conscious mind complex, when such energy transfer was experienced it was likelier to provide catalyst which caused a bonding of self with other-self in a properly polarized configuration. From this point it was far more likely that higher energy transfers would be sought by this mated pair of mind/body/spirit complexes, thus allowing the Creator to know Itself with great beauty, solemnity and wonder. Intelligent infinity having been reached by this sacramental use of this function of the body, each mind/body/spirit complex of the mated pair gained greatly in polarization and in ability to serve. 35 Law Of One, Book IV, p. 102. 196

Questioner: With respect to the green, blue and indigo transfers of energy, how would the mechanism for these transfers differ from the orange-ray mechanism in making them possible or setting the groundwork for them?
Ra: The great key to blue, indigo, and finally, that great capital of the column of energy transfer, violet energy transfers, is the metaphysical bond or distortion, which has the name among your peoples of unconditional love. In the blue-ray energy transfer, the quality of this love is refined in the fire of honest communication and clarity; this normally takes a substantial portion of your space/time to accomplish although there are instances of matings so well refined in previous incarnations and so well remembered that the blue ray may be penetrated at once. This energy transfer is of great benefit to the seeker in that all communication from this seeker is, thereby, refined and the eyes of honesty and clarity look upon a new world. Such is the nature of blue-ray energy and such is one mechanism of potentiating and crystallizing it. As we approach indigo-ray transfer, we find ourselves in a shadowland. We cannot give you information straight out or plain, for this is seen by us to be an infringement. We cannot speak at all of violet ray transfer as we do not, again, desire to break the Law of Confusion. 36 ibid., pp. 86-87.

The green ray of the heart being open, there is power to the blue ray to refine that love with wisdom, and to the indigo ray, if blue stays open, for the sacred and lovely gifts of spirit. Don asks those of Ra:
Questioner: Could you define this statement, “energy transfer between two mind/body/spirit complexes”?
Ra: We shall give two examples. [In the first energy transfer of which we would speak,] each begins with some sense of the self as Creator or in some way the magical personality being invoked. This may be consciously or unconsciously done. The transfer is subtle and each transfer unique in what is offered and what is accepted. At this point we may note that this is the cause for the infinite array of possible energy transfers.
The second energy transfer of which we would speak is the sexual energy transfer. This takes place upon a non-magical level by all those entities which vibrate green ray active. It is possible, as in the case of this instrument which dedicates itself to the service of the one infinite Creator, to further refine this energy transfer. When the other-self also dedicates itself in service to the one infinite Creator, the transfer is doubled. Then the amount of energy transferred is dependent only upon the amount of polarized sexual energy created and released. There are refinements from this point onward leading to the realm of the high sexual magic. 37 Law Of One, Book III, p. 176.

Nothing makes red ray sparkle like a fulfilling sexual life, or even a so-so sexual life enhanced by the trust, friendship and love of a valued mate. Offhand, one would think that it would be the frequent and many-partnered sex of the swinging single or philandering spouse that would strengthen red ray the best, but actually that tends to deplete the person experiencing this sort of sex, since most often there is no transfer of energy above the lower three chakras. If the heart energy is not involved, there is no likely gift from one’s lover of the sort that strengthens the chakra system, even though one may be offering green-ray energy. An understanding of the metaphysical nature of sex may help:
The energies transferred during the sexual activity are not, properly speaking, of space/time. There is a great component of what you may call metaphysical energy transferred. Indeed, the body complex as a whole is greatly misunderstood, due to the post-veiling assumption that the physical manifestation called the body is subject only to physical stimuli. This is emphatically not so.
39 ibid., p. 85.

We are not simple creatures, but beings of energy, bundles or fields of energy living in an energetic universe. When the centers of energy held within our mind/body/spirit complex are in balance, we are beings which receive, transmute and transmit energy.

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