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“Nature’s Pharmacy”


Mother Nature has the answer to cancer.

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Dark Red & Green Fruits & Vegetables

In dark red and green fruits & vegetables there’s a compound called phytoalexins.

In nature, this thing is out in nature and fungus wants to sit on this sweet fruit and begin to decompose it, and so the plant protects itself by making this phytoalexin. It’s a chemical that is a protein drug that’s antifungal in the beginning. The fungus eats it – it dies.

If we eat the fruit and that phytoalexin goes in us, then the cancer dies. It has the same anti-cancer properties as antifungal in the fruit.


Black Mission Figs

Figs have a compound that they have identified called ficin which has powerful anti-cancer activity. National Cancer Institute would love to be able to patent a drug like ficin but they can’t figure it out yet.


Leafy Greens

Spinach, Beet greens, etc.

The greens are rich in, they figure there is somewhere around 8,000 bioflavonoids, and 20,000 carotenoids, that are in mother nature’s fruits & vegetables.


Go for the colour

The colour are those pigments, phytochemicals that have powerful anti-cancer activity.


The planet earth is one of the greatest pharmacies ever invented and we’re ignoring most of it, and we go down to the drug store and spend 280 billion dollars a year on prescription drugs in this country.


And according to an article in the American Medical Association, there’s 140,000 Americans each year who die from the on-label use of prescription drugs (that means ‘following doctors prescriptions’), that means it’s somewhere around the third leading cause of death in America, using drugs that may be useful, often times are toxic.


Go with – try nutrition first. In many cases it can solve the problem.



Mother nature has sunshine coming down, and hitting the chlorophyll, and the chloroplast, and through photosynthesis, making sugar. And from that comes all life. That’s the beginning of all life on earth.


How does the plant protect itself from the damaging effects of sun? Because you’ve got both sunlight that is mutagenic, carcinogenic, it’s a damaging xray, how does a plant protect itself? About 20,000 different bioflavonoids and about 800 different carotenoids are in colourful fruits & vegetables, and they protect the plant from the sun and from the effects of photosynthesis.


Figs don’t travel well, that’s why you don’t see them much in the stores. There’s a phytochemical, ficin, which the National Cancer Institute has been researching hoping to find a synthetic analog, so they can make a patented drug. Meanwhile, you have access to that through figs. It’s a powerful anti-cancer – bio-regulators.


This is where it really hits me as to how powerful nature is, and I’m hoping that I can ‘infect’ the viewers with a sense of ‘respect’ for what God has given us, and the good Mother Earth in our food supply.


And here’s a simple sound byte:


This human body – 60 trillion cells – orchestrated like no other organism on earth – there is no robot or any machine that we can build that will ever come close to what the human being does.


Then we have our food supply. No food ever has just ‘1’ nutrient in it. And they keep doing ‘mono-nutrient’ studies. Studying 1 nutrient. That’s not the way nature works. We tamper with our food supply, by slice, dice, chop and blend, and add hydrogenated fats, and colour flavourings – 2800 different FDA food additives – most of which have not really been tested for their carcinogenicity.


And so we tamper with the food supply, we tamper with our body.

A child by 30 months has had 30 vaccinations. Some of them with Mercury in them. This is not a good idea.


So what we do is we’re tampering with the body, tampering with the food supply, then we end up with this incredible parade of diseases.


Diabetes. 20 million diabetics in the USA. Another 20 million who are pre-diabetic. 80 million Americans have hypertension, high blood pressure. The number is about 70 million Americans on psychotropic drugs (and that’s antidepressants, anxiolytics, sleep problems, etc.)


My simple message is: Use this body, the way that nature, God, intended it to be.


Eat foods that are as close to their natural state and the diet that our ancestors consumed, which was a little bit of meat, a whole lot of fruits & vegetables, I’m a big fan of wholegrains and legumes and nuts and seeds; a semi-vegetarian diet. Meaning, a little bit of fish and chicken and grass-fed beef and lamb in conjunction with mostly plant-foods. So you’re going to be eating a lot of relatively unprocessed. I stay away from Gluten as much as possible, less gluten. There are many other grains that you can consume like rice and corn – others that are far preferable to the wheat and gluten-intolerance issue that we’re getting to.


Nutrition can have a huge impact in cancer-outcome; while they’re being medically treated.

I’m not saying nutrition is sole-therapy.


Superfood Nutrition


Superfood nutrition is a concept that I started working on in the 90s. Superfood nutrition as we have defined it, is that we know in health that there are something on the order of 50-53 – depends on how you slice `em, and by that I mean, some people will argue about how many essential vitamins there are, how many essential minerals there are, some will say there’s 9 essential amino acids, when others will say there’s 10 / 12. Depending on how you slice it though, these things called essential or in this case ‘dietary essential’ (you have to get them from your diet in order to get them). The body can make the non-essential – technically they’re all essential – but the dietary essentials you must consume for the body to use in order to make the other things that your body needs). So if you’re not getting those 50+ essential nutrients, in your diet, then you’re going to have physiological consequences as a result.


Calorie restriction with Optimal Nutrition

Years ago you may of heard of the biosphere project – it was going to be a self-sustained environment – they weren’t going to get anything in or out of it, they’d have to grow what they need. Well they ended up – they had something go wrong, and they couldn’t grow ‘enough’ food. So they had to ‘ration’ what they ate, and have less-food. And while they were hungry and all, they found remarkable physiological and psychological changes that were very positive and that really spawned the whole calorie restriction movement. The calorie restriction ‘fasting’ movement and so on.


There have now been more than 2,000 studies in virtually every organism – single cell organism – all the way up to primates and even in humans now, that suggest, that this is positive for physiology. That it actually – it is kind of like – if you would say that there was a ‘fountain of youth’ – extend the life, delay disease, enhance performance, optimize weight, increased mental clarity, and start going down the list.. of things that are beneficial, from doing this approach.

When you now take calorie restriction and you add optimal nutrition,  most people would agree that if you would eat less calories, but you max-out the nutrients and you get all these 51 that we’re talking about, at the same time, that it has got to be better for you than either eating a ‘lot’ of calorically-dense food or a little, teeny bit of calorically-dense food.


There’s a really cool study in general nutrition in 2001. 4 groups of genetically-altered mice. Altered to be more-susceptible to disease.

So the first group of mice was the “all you can eat” group – they grazed all the time, had all the GMO foods they wanted, and they added corn and fish oil. They lived on average of 232 days.

The second group, same kind of mice, same feeding method, but instead of corn they gave them only fish oil. And they lived on average 100 days longer.

The third group was the calorie-restriction group, same food, same feeding method, but they cut the calories of the food by 40%. They lived an average of 200 days longer than the 232 day control group. Just by eating less of the unhealthy food they were eating.

The last of the four groups was the calorie-restriction group combined with healthy foods and fish oil, and THIS group lived an average of 400 days than the 232 day control group. 600 and something days vs 200 and something days.

So that’s a fascinating little study – if you’re a mouse, you really oughta be thinking about this kind of nutrition. But this does translate in a lot of ways – but it just shows how high impact that nutrition could actually be.


Fruits and Vegetables and “Natural Sugars”

This is going to be quite controversial. We are writing a paper. This is the concept:

Cancer cells can only assimilate rrspin molecules ~ rrspin sugars. (Those are sugars that will take to the right. )

Have you taken an amino acid? What is the letter in front that amino acid? L.

Lets’ discuss what “L” means: L stands for Levorotatory – that means “Left-spin”.

So the molecules in the Lysine etc. that you have taken are spinning to the left.

Cancer cells can only assimilate right-spin molecules. So that’s the opposite.

Human mammalian cells can only absorb left-spin molecules. (That’s why you take an L-Lysine, not an R-Lysine)

The difference with cancer cells, is that they can only absorb right-spin molecules, right-spin sugars. What are the right-spin sugars? The processed sugars. The waste sugars. The ‘enriched’ sugars. The ‘synthetic’ sugars.

So at Holford cancer, we allow our patients, in moderation as things should be, to eat organic, pesticide-free, clean, natural fruits. Because when nature’s fruit is left-spin molecules. So they are helping our normal cells.

In California they have a “Grapple” which is a combination of an apple and a grape – it looks like an apple and tastes like a grape. That’s not “God-made” so for sure that has an R-Spin and don’t take that if you have cancer.

This is my concept. That Cancer patients can take in moderation, healthy sugars. And we need healthy sugars. Let’s think about a PET scan. What contrast medium are they injecting? A right-scan sugar so that the PET scan lights up. Any right-spin sugar is an unnatural sugar. So cancer patients in Dr Tony’s opinion and I respect what they have to say, you could have honey, maple syrup, molasses, sugarcane, as long as it’s natural, unprocessed, unadulterated, and of course free of pesticides and those types of things.


Dr Max Gerson juiced every hour his cancer patients.. 5-6 coffee enemas a day.. what was his main juice? Carrot juice. Isn’t carrot a high glycemic index ? One of the highest. But he knew that the carrot juice and the sugar in that, was not going to affect the cancer cells.




Think of the Superfoods. We have to counteract all the toxins in the environment. Once upon a time we may of been able to grow our own food and get all we need but I believe right now that we are living in extraordinary times – maybe catastrophic in the devastation to the environment.


And because of that just selecting certain foods that I think might be good like I’m not a big fan of beets, I had an allergy to it as a child, I believe now looking back, that I wasn’t allergic to beets but because beets have such a powerful phyto??… impact of the liver for instance, that it was helping me to detoxify, and it was misinterpreted as an allergy.


Beets are a great food.


Superfoods. Super Greens.


Kale is an excellent plant, excellent food.


Sea vegetation. If you can find not over-radiated, non-contaminated forms of sea-vegetation and there are many strains of this, create the most minerally rich superfoods on the planet.


Silica for the connective-tissue. Most of the foods that we eat unfortunately have been robbed of these trace elements because industries found it much more profitable to take those minerals and use it for different reasons, and they leave us with a deficient food.


For Silica.. something like the Horsetail extract, something that you could grow and make into a tea yourself or concentrate in a wholefood form – and now you have an abundance of silica which again, it is one of those trace minerals, so critical and the only time you’ll find it in a health food store is in the little beauty section for women that want to have better nails or hair or skin. And we ignore the fact of the integrity of the entire connective tissue throughout the body. The vascular system as well is dependant upon that humble trace element.


Wholegrains used to contain abundant amounts of chromium. And they’ve been robbed of the chromium because the soils don’t contain it or industry refines it out. Chromium is needed for managing blood-sugar. It helps to deliver it successfully into the cells, and mobilize it out of the cells should we need it, if we don’t have enough of it coming from external sources.

Then we see cancer really taking advantage of our chromium-deficient bodies. It has access to the sugar very readily because we don’t have the chromium necessary to bind it and help deliver it so that the cancer cells can’t get it.


Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, although we see now – lower than it was. We need for “real” metabolic benefit, higher quantities that we are getting just from Brazil nuts. Concentrate the selenium in a food-grown source is going to be critical. Utilizing upwards of 200 micrograms a day – bare minimum – as preventive treatments, but upwards of 400-600-800-. or even 1000 micrograms a day as FOOD-GROWN form of selenium to reverse the cancer like no other trace mineral can do.

Rather than believe the FDA and their corrupt study of yesteryear which says selenium can be toxic to you, the whole form we are talking about is not a synthetic isolate, in a food-grown form, we can take large quantities without concerning ourselves with seleno-toxicity and it will greatly benefit the cancer patients almost more than anything else.


What is Iodine and do we need it to prevent cancer?

Minerally-rich Sea vegetation. What is it rich in? Iodine. Rich in iodine. Kelp has lots of iodine.


To help supply the body with the things it needs to help the body function optimally, how we were designed by our maker, where we supply the body with the right nutrients – it should do fine. .. for a lifetime. So I consider one of the basics Iodine.


Every cell in the body needs and requires iodine to function optimally.  We can’t function optimally in an iodine-deficient environment. And I tested along with my partners over 6,000 patients – over 96% were low in Iodine – the vast majority significantly low in Iodine. And when I talk to clinicians around the country who are looking at this, they find the same numbers that I’m finding.


Iodine’s main job in the body – Iodine has a lot of jobs in the body – the Immune System can’t function without it, you can’t fight infection without it – but one of it’s main jobs is the endocrine glands. And the endocrine glands include the Thyroid, the Breast, the Ovaries, the Uterus and the Prostate. What are we having problems with?  The Thyroid, the Breast, the Ovaries, the Uterus and the Prostate. The fastest growing cancer in the United States is Thyroid cancer.


All these tissues are running at epidemic rates. Iodines main function is to maintain a normal architecture of these tissues, and iodine deficiency the first thing that happens is you get cystic formation in the breast, the ovaries, uterus, thyroid, prostate, and we’ll throw the pancreas in here as well which is also increasing at epidemic rates. Pancreatic cancer. And so cysts start to form when iodine deficiency’s there and it goes on longer, they become nodular and hard. If it goes on longer, they become hyperplasia, hyperplastic tissue which is the precursor to cancer. And I say that’s the iodine deficiency continuum.


The good thing about Iodine is – Iodine has apoptotic properties, meaning it can stop a cell, a cancer cell from just continuingly dividing and dividing and dividing until it kills somebody. So Iodine can stop this continuum wherever it catches it and  hopefully reverse it but at least put the brakes on what’s happening.


Bromide we are getting in toxic amounts in our environment – in our food supply from brominated vegetable oil, many medicines, and 100% of the patients I tested with cancer had low Iodine levels and high Bromide levels. Bromide can push Iodine out of the body.


What we need is iodine in our bodies, and the only way we can get it now is through supplementation because we’re getting too much bromide in our food and in our drink and in our consumables such as computers and cars and you’re probably wearing it in your clothing right now as a fire retardant, so Iodine needs to be a continual supplement regimen for everybody.


We’re getting too much bromide not enough iodine and too much fluoride from our water supply – that’s another story too, but the good thing about Iodine, is that Iodine can kick out both of those if we start ingesting it again.


Before the 1970’s Iodine was used in bakery products as a conditioning agent, and for some reason in the early 1970s they substituted bromide for iodine and it’s not clear why, but we started to get all this bromide now in our bakery products. Every slice of bread, cookie, cake, now they have bromide instead of iodine. If you look at prostate and breast cancer rates, that’s when they really started taking off in that timeframe so I say that’s when our iodine levels really fell off the cliff. And what’s also happened lately is that our soils are becoming deficient in iodine.


So the US government recognized that iodine deficiency was a big problem in the 1920’s as goiter was at epidemic rates in women, so there was a study done and the government recommended they could put a little bit of iodide in salt to take care of this goiter epidemic. Which they did and it was a very effective treatment to prevent goiter and it’s still in salt now – in refined salts as we know it. The problem is that only 10% of the iodine in salt is bioavailable for the body, not a great way to get iodine in, and then you couple it with bromide and fluoride over-exposure that we’re getting and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Salt is not the best way to get iodine in. We have to supplement it. Lugol’s solution or tableted lugol’s solution. I tested all of the products, they’re all fine, I think that’s the way to get it in. I think it’s impossible to get it in through our diet right now in the world we live in.

Best sources of iodine in the diet are, sea-vegetables such as seaweed or ocean fish. The problem is the longer that fish has been out of the ocean, the less iodine that fish has, and fish have other problems such as being high in mercury. So I think a better way is that we’re going to need to supplement with iodine in the cancer epidemic that we’re having right now.

Average doses I find for people – 12-24mg for most people

If they have breast, lung, thyroid, prostate, ovarian, uterum problems they may need more.


No Sugar. No Sugar. No Sugar.

Cancer consumes sugar about 19 times as fast as healthy cells.

No junk. Wholesome foods. You can eat animal foods. You can do a low-meat diet.

If you combine beans and grains you can get a complete protein.

Read “Diet for a small planet”.

Get enough of the broad spectrum of amino acids. Approx 20-22 amino acids that are essential, all but about 8-10 we can make ourselves.

All the good fatty acids.. the omega-3, the omega-6, the omega-9 in the right proportion.

And good starches – one of the best foods is watercress – high in sulfur things, plant hormones that fight infection /  fight damage. When you crush a plant, it releases sulfur things so sulfur is one of the best way to fight invaders like cancer or infection.

Watercress is like Arugula (Rocket). Those are the cruciferous vegetables.

I like those but you can overdo those also because they start binding iodine and your thyroid gets depleted.

Iodine by the way is another important item that we’re very neglectful of. I treat almost all of my patients with iodine. The RDA of iodine is 160micrograms – I have a product that has 20 milligrams per drop!


Ayurvedic medicine

Cucrumin – comes from Turmeric, it’s a root (curry).. it’s a spice but it’s not spicy. It doesn’t have the heat component. Yellow curry. People have mustard – what makes it yellow is the turmeric. One of the benefits is that it’s a strong anti-inflammatory. Now has been shown to block over 97 different types of inflammation. Eating it as a food or even taking it as a supplement has a variety of benefits. Can be taken in higher doses and lower doses.

India has the lowest dementia rates in the world – why? They consume about 25-50 milligrams of Turmeric daily over their lifetime. And that prevents inflammation of the brain.


We should be eating a plant-based protein diet. Less animal products. And less highly-refined oils. Too much of those trigger more inflammation, and people are taking pills that are blocking inflammation.


Antifungal Diet

Treating people for the fungal overgrowth that happens in our body. The common denominator of any of these natural herbal plants, exotic fruit superfood remedies that work, is that they had some powerful antifungal in them.

Garlic, aspirin, skin of red grapes, etc. So I went into the lab and I started investigating which foods are the highest or the most impact on controlling candida overgrowth. So I setup Petri dishes right there in the lab, and we inoculated them with candida, and then we just went about inoculating them with extracts from different fruits and vegetables and so forth.


B – Basic

A – Antioxidant

L – Low Fungal

I – Insulin


B.A.L.I. diet.

The food that you eat, has to keep fungal under control and doesn’t put gasoline on the fire.

Grains, sugars, rice, corn, wheat, etc = inflammation, yeast overgrowth


Foods that are close to nature. Lots of fruits and vegetables. I do have people who eat lots of protein but you should not be eating more than 60g of protein per day because it overwhelms the system and creates inflammation. There’s lots of sources for protein though. If people have to have meat, grass-fed, couple of oz’s. If they have chicken, it’s free-range. Unfortunately all the fish is tainted with mercury and radiation so its hard to recommend that anymore. It used to be a great protein source but it’s not now. We have to eat foods that help us detoxify. We need foods that help provide energy. We put all of our patients on wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is the most powerful food that people can beat. All of our cancer patients, whether they are at home, or whether they are in our clinic, they get wheatgrass every single day.

Juicing – a lot of people who have undergone cancer therapies – their gastrointestinal systems aren’t working so we have to do the work for them. So we give them juice so they quickly absorb the nutrients they need to.

Some people need to put on weight so I put them on a special program. So it depends.

Most of your plates are going to be a lot of vegetables, a little protein, seeds are great, all different kinds of seeds from Pomegranate seeds to Pumpkin seeds to Sunflower seeds.


Food that is good for us, actually tastes good. And in today’s world we have a tonne of choices of good foods that are actually healthy for us that taste good as well.




The first thing is to be well-hydrated. Good quality water. I’m against fluoride, I’m against chlorine if possible. I like mineral water, spring water. I’m not a big fan of the alkaline water process. But certainly the body has to be well-hydrated.


Any addictive process, whether it’s cocaine or heroine or coffee or cigarettes is tougher to break if the person is dehydrated. So the first thing I do for someone who is an addict, is I re-hydrate, and stabilize blood-sugar. Now what’s interesting about nicotine for example, it clears the system quicker if you are dehydrated. So the patient is reaching for another cigarette. But if they’re well-hydrated, they’re not quite sure when the nicotine left their system. All the illnesses we are prone to – all the symptoms are less problematic if we are well-hydrated, and water is a tremendous anti-inflammatory.  


So I’m a fan of anti-inflammatory diets, I’m a fan of eating real food, eating living food, it’s astonishing to me that we even have a category called ‘junk food’. I like to tell my patients – there’s no such thing as junk foods.. you know there’s food, you know there’s junk, and even though the junk can ‘taste’ like food – it’s not food. It’s not going to do what food should do – it is not nourishing. It’s kind of an oxymoron.



Seeds and I’m going to include Nuts / Beans / Anything that you can put into the ground and it will ‘grow’ in this.. i.e. A pea will be a seed in that regard.

Seeds are particularly valuable – it’s such a wise little packet it concentrates nutrients about 20 fold and 30 fold more than the rest of the fruit,  so it’s this fabulous packet of concentrated nutrition, and what we know is that it’s got all sorts of genetic spare parts – it’s not going to be a seed that grows into a plant, that’s available to you and I to repair our DNA with, it also has tremendous stem-cell precursors, especially from the husks of seeds.



When you play music or sing, just listening to music that relaxes you, heals you, is therapeutic. The stories are beyond argument. That the music you are listening to, making, playing, singing… can have extraordinary healing capacities and actually changes the way the brain works. Stress is a killer, Music is a healer.



We’re all exposed to stress, and we can all tell our stories that would make others discouraged. But somehow, we have to be able to take that stress, and use humour to try and dissipate the stress.

Here’s this big ugly balloon that’s blocking our view of the beauty of life, and humour says “pop the balloon” or at least slowly let the air out of it.


Music & Humour can assimilate the immune system. For every moment of anger, you will suppress significantly (immeasurably of course) the quality and quantity of your immune system. One minute of anger is 6 hours of depression. One minute of laughter will boost significantly your immune system for 24 hours. That’s why children up to the age of 5 laugh around 400 times a day, adults only about 40. Laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter sessions, we try to put in session jokes at them. Laughing at how bad the jokes were .Its amazing how powerful things that cost “nothing” are. Meditation, colours.

the most immune depressing colours are white and blue.

We painted all our walls mauve, its the most immune-lifting colour

We take into account all those things sometimes account for a lot.

Music and laughter are 2 things that are free. Natures natural pharmacy. Can access them 24/7.


It reminds me of a question a traditional chinese medicine master asked me.. we were in a forest.. he said.. look around, find me something around here that is not medicine. And I couldnt. Everything around us was medicine – the soil, the tree bark, the herbs, the plants – everything had a medicinal component. Even the sky, the sunlight was medicinal. The water in the plants are medicinal. I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t medicine. So when people tell me .. I don’t know what to do, I’ve got Cancer and I’ve tried everything – I tell them.. Have you Tried Nature? I bet you on the way to your cancer clinic, you walked by nature. You walked by some plants that probably have anti-cancer medicines in them.


Disclaimer:  The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical or psychological condition, nor to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. The information contained herein is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. Therefore, this information is not intended as medical advice, but rather a sharing of knowledge and information.

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