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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 4 of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Dr. Sevillano’s speech on screen.

Rumble 2min 28sec

To finish the microscopy session to conclude it I’m going to put on a video of Dr Sevilliano.

Based on what we’ve seen, we could have seen so much more – we could spend five hours and we will see graphene in a much better way with great quality, but I think the sample is representative enough.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano

In short:

  • Three years of a pandemic with variants. It’s endless variants.
  • A mobile phone network that rolls out just at the same time as the pandemic begins. Right in the first location where the first cases appear.
  • Climate change that threatens to lock us up in 15 minute cities.
  • The war in Ukraine, which could explode at any moment and creates more serious economic, energy and political problems.
  • And what you see there under the microscope.

It is the nucleus around which all this reality has been enveloping us the power over the past three years. It’s articulated, but it is not the end. It is only the means in order to reach the end, and the end is also announced to us through social media and the specialized press.

It’s The Fourth Industrial Revolution, called by them Transhumanism. There can be no transhumanism without an interface, and what you see under the microscope is an interface.

Reach your own conclusions, and please help us by sharing this invaluable information. Thank you for your assistance on behalf of the entire La Quinta Columna.

What wisdom and how intelligent Dr. José Luis Sevillano was when he realized from the beginning everything that was happening, and what a job La Quinta Columna has achieved to bring this out with all kinds of attacks, countercurrents, insults, deaths included, facing all of this and with all of this, and yet somehow we are doing what we think any of you would do if you had that know-how, that knowledge. You share it, right?

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