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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 2g of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Thesis development and presentation of scientific literature

Rumble (34min) – This post 11:01 – 21:49

Part 2g: 5G-26G Human Control, Insert Thoughts, Feelings, & Cell Control

26 gigahertz

So the Implement 5G and Graphene has a specificity. Listen. Graphene absorbs all kinds of gigahertz to convert it into terahertz. In addition, there is also a frequency that is 26 gigahertz that causes the maximum transistor field effect, which means there we have an optimal performance point and subsequently an optimal point for causing the maximum damage. They’re going to correlate this in the official version and they will tell you that it is the Marburg virus or any other, with a very high lethality.

When you turn on 26 gigahertz, and we are seeing that there are graphene transistors at 26 gigahertz, and on the other hand, look at such a coincidence on the page of La Moncloa, the government site.

The government launches a public consultation and a call for tenders to bid for the 26 gigahertz band, and I said, damn, what a coincidence, they’re going to take precisely the band that activates graphene to the greatest degree. When they activate 26 gigahertz and they have probably done so of those massive tests already in schools and others. When this will occur, it can be very lethal.

In fact, they’ve done it with a Marburg simile, which has a 50% lethality, i.e. one of every two people. With 26 gigahertz, we can see instantaneous neurodegeneration, simultaneous arrhythmias. Ignited people from the point of view of pneumonitis, we can see weird stuff, cancer within two days. Because as I said, it is the highest degree for the activation of graphene, but look, what a coincidence. 26 gigahertz is the transistor effect of graphene, and it is the band chosen by La Moncloa. So our government and other parts of the world, they’ve all agreed between 0 and 300 to take 26 gigahertz. This is obviously not a coincidence, this is genocide.

This data is also important, and we are going to comment on it now, but we can’t go into this in as much detail as I’d like to. The inoculated people – a large part of about 80 or 90 percent emit mac addresses. Later you will see, if we have the chance, in the Pfizer vaccine that there are artificial patterns also based on graphene that have the ability to act as micro or nano-routers. That is, they emit mac addresses and somehow radiate outwards, and this irradiation is not a contagion. This irradiation can also be perceived by people around them who are not inoculated with that material and can cause them additionally to feel discomfort.

Insert Thoughts and Feelings

Well, next one. So we’re talking about 5G that has come out, it relates to all of this, and we have said in addition that it is magnetic, so we can read and write information on it like on a hard drive. So what if the hard drive is the neurons? Well, that’s where it all goes. This is the president or now ex-president of Chile, and when it all that movie started, they called it Covid. He was presenting 5G, the president of Chile, was selling this as if it were a commercial for lamps, but look at what he says. (01)

Together with the ministers of transport, telecommunications and science, here is the launch of bidding process for the 5G network. Let’s listen to it. We are moving forward together with the community of the leaders of the world. There’s the possibility that machines can read our thoughts and can even insert thoughts, and insert feelings. Some say that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Well, that is what we aspire to do. 5G is a tremendous leap forward, it’s a cosmic leap, it’s a Copernican leap. Because what the 5G technology will really mean for us, is an even bigger change in our lives than what all previous technologies in this area have meant.

The possibility that machines can read our thoughts and can even insert thoughts – insert feelings. Do you know what he is saying? He is talking at the same time about 5G in the field of neuroscience. First, it’s not a Copernican leap, it’s a Copernican twist, but we won’t ask him for more. He’s talking about inserting thoughts, that is that a person receives instructions through artificial intelligence, that’s neuromodulation.

We are talking about altering behavioral patterns, which is neurostimulation, inserting feelings, and this, how has it been done? Well, Rafael Yuster has done this by using graphine oxide that enhances brain signals, by mapping the brain to see which area is stimulated when the person is aggressive, when the person is depressed, when they are sad, it’s very easy, it’s not as difficult as it seems. We would have done better Dr Sevillano and I, but we have decided to take the path of seeking good for human beings.

So if they know what areas to stimulate, they can stimulate them remotely, wirelessly. Doesn’t the Chilean President selling 5G seem strange to you, wasn’t it meant to make the internet faster? What is this to deal with inserting thoughts when talking about machines? He refers to artificial intelligence, which is the other factor.

Right now, human beings have three dangers:

  1. artificial intelligence because they are somehow using artificial intelligence for the worse.
  2. the 5G network that they have implemented throughout the world with telephone masts that we are already seeing are deadly
  3. and the interface that they are introducing, which is graphene oxide in the injectables.

By the way, the indications we have is that there is not even biological material in the sample, that is why they pointed out that even if the vaccines were expired, they could still be inoculated that nothing would happen as Minister Arias told us.

And indeed, we are going to see that graphene can be used for monitoring or as a sensor, okay? Graphene-based sensors for monitoring human health.

  • Graphene-Based Sensors for Human Health Monitoring (02)

Where? Well, where there are predominantly electrical organs: heart sensors and head sensors – especially for the head, but not only sensors, we’ve said that it’s an interface so they can monitor, meaning read information and write it, meaning stimulate it.

The following, for example, is they created with graphene and neurological interface. Here for example, we talk about the head, which is healthy and efficient, efficient for killing you, be sure not to miss it, and by the way, it’s part of this major European project called The Graphene Flagship. If we could put in jail every one of the graphene flagship, all this would end, but some of us, where does all this come from? Well, in principle, from the graphene flagship, at the very least.

An interface of outside neurons, neurons to the outside is artificial intelligence.

Another article, unlocking the brain with new graphene technology, where you can see this electrode that looks like a half leaf. (03)

Those are nanoparticles or carbon nanotubes, identical to what we will see later in all injectables.

Towards graphene interfaces to connect neurons to electronic devices. (04)

So the graphene is an interface, and that’s what is in the injectables. Now you understand why Sebastián Piñera was speaking. He doesn’t understand it, but why was he talking about inserting emotions, inserting thought neural monitoring? They managed to control. We have said what? The head. It goes directly there, but also towards the heart, because its electrical and graphene is a superconductor, so it will also go there.

When it’s in the heart, what can it do? Well, with graphene, using light – light can perfectly be microwaved within the electromagnetic spectrum – Remotely. i.e. wireless or through cell towers and masts, we can control microsites and the heartbeat of the cells. Controlling the heartbeat means they can make it beat twice as fast, even faster, and kill a guy, and in fact, that’s how they say it here. (05)

It will move cells at will, they say, “It was surprising how flexible graphene allows cells to literally move at will”. Do you want it to beat twice as fast? No problem. Just increase the intensity of light or the radio frequency. Three times faster? No problem.”

Killing you is no problem. It is invisible. Also intangible. Nobody is going to notice. In fact, we are seeing it. True? And how? Using graphene.

So you can see here a kind of obsession. It’s in tattoos, ink, water, injectables – everywhere, masks, PCR tests, all carry this material, and the curious thing is that they are trying at all costs to cover this up.

“Is a carbon-based nano material..” This is graphene. “Could facilitate the arrival of drugs to the central nervous system” and people say, but listen, surely, is this a medicine or based on the toxicity I am seeing, doesn’t it do more harm than anything else? And above all, not only does it harm more than anything else, which is also what they’re looking for, but it can be radio modulated for this purpose of inserting thoughts and feelings – because it is an interface.

We are seeing increasingly strange news, where a mother apparently without any type of psychiatric or previous pathology loses her temper and stabs her child to death in the bathtub. (14)

This is happening increasingly, and above all, because she heard some voices that told her so. This format of voices, of erasing memories, and inserting other types of instructions can be done with this technology, and in fact it is being done. It’s being done. At the University of Campinas, we currently test the possibility of using, do you see this? Reduced graphene oxide, and what did Dr. Campra find? What did we find in the vaccines? Precisely this. (15)

We already know down to the line, the direction they are taking, and of course, in our country, especially in Barcelona, there are all the companies which work with graphene. INBRAIN Neuroelectronics is next. Together with ICREA and ICN2, which is the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia) (partner of the Graphene Flagship) what they intend to do, they say, is to cure neurodegenerative pathologies using graphene, and what I say from here to the director is that a material that inflames the neurons and creates neurodegeneration cannot be used to cure anyone.

You’re not going to cure neurodegenerative pathology and not going to join one synapses with another if that synapses is connected to a cloud, which is what they are trying to do. (21:33)

An individual digitally parasitized and connected to the cloud through the interface, is not an individual cured of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. It’s a robot, an automaton, he’s a transhuman which is exactly what they’re looking for, transhumanism. (21:49)


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