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A new law mandating the public’s use of nanotechnology meets resistance from hacktivists who are conspiring to thwart the impending roll-out of a dangerous (injectable) hardware upgrade called Nano 2.0.

Must watch: Sci-Fi Short Film “Nano” | DUST

10 Mar 2019 YouTube | Rumble | Telegram (14mins)

Commentary from Tony May 2020 (PDF)

A sci-fi short movie clip called “Nano” showing what the world is headed to with the nanotechnology and our bodies. They called it Bio Affordable Use Act (Baua) Which is alluding to Bauer which was Rothschild’s real last name—and the agent’s last name was Roth. They were paying tribute to a high Luciferic family that has played a significant role in getting this all in place.

She stated version 2.0 of the sensational and now mandatory smart phone peripheral (output, input, hardware) the nano is rapidly gaining market share as Aspire (company in the movie) rolls out public beta testing to some lucky users.

100’s of new body enhancing apps are available exclusively on the nano 2.0 platform. On screen was a message “Remote paralysis” elicits criticism of nano 2.0. She says, remote paralysis is changing the way America does law enforcement. Then she debates a guy who was the former director of the Texas ACLU who was dismissed from the organization for denouncing the organizations position on gun control and nano 2.0. She talks about gun related deaths being down 80% since the 2nd amendment was repealed. Then she says fatal shootings are practically non-existent.

He says he believes the technology being used to apprehend criminals is “Unsafe… Unnatural…” She says, “What, compared to guns?” He continues…“Unconstitutional.”

She says, “It is a painless paralysis of the motor function.

Next an online prostitute is coming to the agent’s apartment for a “date” and you see the digital details of the date on screen. The agent is watching the tv debate where they talk about the biotechnology crimes division. She says that one could argue BCD was created in direct response to “Sorcerer” (some hackers that want to stop the mandatory roll out).

Then the scene switches to the hall where one of the hackers named Zolee intercepts the prostitute to take her place as the agent’s date.

The tv debate: the lady says remote paralysis has the exact same effect as the BCD’s nano gun. She mentions reading a document on nano 2.0 to which the guy says he has not read it. She says, “Well I have and there is absolutely zero risk to the recipients physical or mental health.” The guy says, “And their freedom…?”

The scene switches to Zolee in the hallway with the prostitute. She threatens her and says, “Show me your phone.” When the prostitute shows her, she inserts a program called “Naptime” that runs through the phone and because it is biometrically attached to the prostitute, once it runs she completely shuts down.

Then the scene cuts back to the tv debate where the man says, “I’m talking about the marriage of business and government. I’m talking about the fact that Aspire, the feds and whomever has the ability to effect my body’s motor functions without my permission!”

She says, “Don’t you think you’re being a little paranoid?”

Scene cuts to Zolee who contacts her partner in crime to let him know that the agent who she is about to have a date with prefers blondes. Her partner dials up an app on his phone called “crazy horse” and punches up blonde hair and blue eyes for Zolee, and then we see her hair and eyes change.

Zolee enters the apartment and he frisks her for weapons. He digs through her purse and finds a knife. She says she’d carry a gun if you could still get them.

The tv debate continues and the man says, “Until every American has an IP address that can be tracked, monitored and switched off at the push of a button.” The lady starts to say, “a necessary precaution”

The scene goes back to the date. The agent offers Zolee a drink. She tells him if he prefers his women to be drunk, “There is an app for that, 100’s of them actually.”

She then notices the thumb drive looking thing plugged into his arm. He tells her it gives him direct access to Aspire’s central database. He says, “Do you have any idea what direct integration can do for nano response times? I could rewrite my entire genome in a fraction of the time it would take you to change that pretty hair color.”

She says, “We don’t need that thing to have fun.” She pulls out her phone and says, “I’ve got all the apps you need right here.” An app called “Body Sync” comes up. She sends the request from her phone to his phone for them to “sync” up.

He accepts her request but the device plugged in to his arm blinks and sounds saying: “illicit app detected.” She starts teasing him saying his “toy” doesn’t want him to have any fun. He says she has a “cracked version” of the app and that it can get her into a lot of trouble with guys like him. She talks him into unplugging the device from his arm so that they can supposedly “sync” on her program which is supposed to be illegal because it is not approved by Aspire. She says, “That wouldn’t stop a man like you would it?” Then he unplugs the device from his arm.

Her partner in crime is out in the car hacking Aspire’s network at the same time. On screen shows his IP address and that the program is extracting his biometric data. Then it shows it is gathering his data and then goes to her info. and says that it is awaiting connection to “bio-key.”

Once they are now synched through the program she touches the agent, his name is Max and you see blue streaks as if it was a cold touch. She sets her phone down.

Now we see inside the body, the nano connecting to the blood cells and changing them.

They are about to have sex, but she grabs her phone and runs the program to put Roth into nap time mode. He goes to sleep.

She then gets her phone and takes the thing that used to be in his arm and plugs it in to her phone and links to her partner in crime to download the information. He says, “You should have used protection Roth.” (Because his body and all of his information is now being hacked.) They begin to access the nano 2.0 beta trial.

The download isn’t complete and agent Max begins to wake up.

Once the “naptime” app is finished running, Roth’s phone comes back on and he wakes up. They just barely got the download before he wakes up. He wakes up and says “What happened?”

She runs and he catches her and finds out she is an agent for “Sorcerer.” He tells her she has been preselected to receive the nano 2.0 beta, courtesy of Aspire and Uncle Sam (government). He says, he can’t help her with the free apps, for those you had to preregister online.

Agent Roth then gives Zolee a shot, injecting nano 2.0 beta into her body. You see the new nano attacking the nano that was already inside of her body and shutting it down.

Then Agent Roth says, “What can we do with Zolee?” Real time location tracking, biometric data monitoring and non-lethal immobilization. It remotely induces paralysis forcing the suspect to submit without incident.

She pulls out a knife, stabs him and manages to get away.

Zolee is running away and he tells her, “Welcome to the future.” She runs out to her partner in crime and gets in the car and they speed off.

Agent Roth pulls the knife out of his leg and runs a program on his phone to heal the wound through the nano inside of his body.

As Zolee and her partner are driving off you see a billboard sign that says “nano for pets.”

Zolee’s hair begins to change back-n-forth and her partner realizes that she has been injected with the nano 2.0.

Agent Roth calls the station and tells them where to go and pick Zolee up and states that she will be RP’d which means remotely paralyzed.

Her hair flipping back-n-forth is an outward sign of the nano fight within her body.

Zolee gets out of the car and her partner asks her not to do it. She says, “I’ve been docked.”

Then agent Roth has her information pulled up on his cell phone and hits “remote paralysis” and she all of a sudden shuts down.

You see the nano inside attach to the blood cells instructing the shut down.

At the end you see a bill board advertising that everyone must get their mandatory nano upgrade.

The last scene is Agent Roth looking at his phone and seeing that the download of nano 2.0 to Zolee has been completed. Then it asks if he wants to abort the connection Yes or No?.

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