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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 5 of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Presentation and speech of the writer and poet Aarón García Peña.

Rumble (30 mins)

Well, now we have come to a very important point. Although it does not fall within the let’s say scientific aspect, well it does fall into the scientific approach. We have shown you the video of Dr Sevillano and we have a little bit more time, because initially Dr. José Luis Sevillano was going to send a slightly longer video but there were some technical issues, and often we wonder whether being paranoid or not, because on the inauguration today there was a duathlon in the city of Seville. Everything somehow always seems to converge to the fact that there is some type of obstacle or event that materializes, but nonetheless this is a coup d’etat directly served on the table of these people that we are doing today, and I have the enormous pleasure of introducing you to him in person.

For me it has been one of the most important things I have experienced from a personal point of view in these recent times. A person who has faced precisely up to the system, from within the system. He is a true fifth columnist. He’s a great poet and you will have heard a lot about him, and who, in addition to everything, has a huge heart and he has had no doubts as many of us have done in abandoning all kinds of ideologies from the political, religious points of view, which are precisely those toxic ideas that they introduce into the population so that you become separated, so that you look either to the left or to the right.

Look at this political terminology left or right but never up. Why? Because with this you’re going to enter into collateral effect. You’re going to enter into a collateral confrontation but you’re never going to look at what they’re doing to you. That operation that is right up there, call them supranational elites, call them reptiles, we don’t care. We care very little about who they really are. We don’t really care who they are. The thing is as you can see they are doing it and they are doing it now. Not in the near future, they are doing it right now. Without further delay I’ll leave you all with the great Aarón García Peña.

Aarón García Peña (timestamp: 02:25)

I got a little emotional watching Sevillano. How could you not? How could you not admire work such as this, how could you not?

We poets are very arrogant by nature. We depend on our ego to survive, to get out of bed every day. They don’t make it easy for us to get the truth of what we feel, think or elucidate get through, so if you don’t have ego you can’t get out of bed everyday.

For a poet with as much ego as I have, with as much strength as I get out of bed with every day, to see Ricardo Delgado and Jose Luis Sevillano’s work, working tirelessly over two years has been a spectacle, a haemorrhage of satisfaction, worthy of the human race, worthy of the human species.

Who has decided that history is a game in which we are always the ones to lose? One asks this question already looking under the microscope. Plato in his book The Republic tried to understand the different ways of dealing with public issues. Res publicae or public affairs, he differentiated between five, five periods that followed one another in an orderly and uninterrupted manner, like a circle that prevents the possibility of there being or existing an immovable government. The first one he identified was the government of the wise, or as it was later called, the dictatorship of intelligence. It is largely reminiscent of enlightened despotism, this all for the people but without the people, and that would be formed by people who were supposedly “good people”, who would not let themselves be directed by the goodness of their governance. And that by carelessness, egalitarian, or inadvertence would cease to procreate more wise people to replace them, seeing the need to resort to the military to prevail, who in turn would take advantage to end up seizing power.

Thus came the second form of government which Plato called theocratic oligarchy, in which the military would be in charge of public affairs, organizing the country as if it were a military camp, with hierarchy, command, obedience, territorial conquest, obtaining spoils of war, which would be inherited by their most direct descendants, who ruling as adults would be called the third form of government.

Plutocratic oligarchy, in which public affairs would remain in the hands of the possessors of wealth, for those who grow up in opulence, mostly later work to increase it, thus strengthening the division between rich and poor, until the day comes when the situation becomes unsustainable for the citizens, thus leading to democracy or the fourth form of government, which perhaps we do not understand in the same way as Plato understood it in his day, because this democracy is defined as the way in which public affairs pass into the hands of the people when they rebel against their poverty.

Plato understood democracy not as a stable system, but as a revolution of the underprivileged classes when they became the majority, and as a consequence of the fact that after the democratic uprising, everyone, Plato said, would interpret the law in their own way, individual interest would prevail, disorder would become the norm, what we call chaos, and the state would be on the verge of disappearing, so that the people fed up with self-abandonment would surrender to a man to whom they would entrust the task of restoring order, unity, law that is, a tyrant who would decide with a form of government called tyranny, and after which the dictators of intelligence would return to restart the circle again.

I could not but yield to the temptation to incorporate this model formulated by Plato through the observation of the contemporary and previous cultures to his own, 4th century BC, to the current history of Germany, Argentina, and Spain, and they adjust, they fit, and stay wrapped up like an old-fashioned undershirt.

Inevitably, it was always of interest to me that this model, designed 2,200 years ago, has ended up being deafeningly predictive, and it was not even five years ago that I had the intuition that it could be a natural mechanism based on human behaviour itself. In other words, whatever happens, it’s because the way we are.

However, two years ago, it seemed that it was just now, after listening to Jose Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado, looking into the microscope and personally providing myself with the technical capabilities to discover and describe unequivocally its contents, I doubt all powerfully now that this order is natural and not an artifice, a written guideline, an applicable protocol, and applied to each one of the cultures throughout the centuries, or whatever has really lasted to date, this that we call time.

But then, what sense would the creation and control by who knows what living things of this successive game, almost unalterable, of the five forms of government have? It is enough to look attentively at the evolution of what we are living through to keep us at each other’s throats in order to never identify the enemy.

And from there come the ideologies, those that we have all defended to the point of taking and losing our lives. And from there comes the elements of one or another form of government, like a bad paella that we don’t let rest and stir again and again for fear that it will take root, that it will take anchor, that it will become attached to the earth learning by itself.

Learning by itself of its most felicitous flavors being, by the way, the socarrado tastes better. For once you look under the microscope, nothing of what we knew and how it was explained to us retains its meaning.

Waking up implies, in essence, realizing this: that truth depends only on one’s own perceptions, on one’s own analysis, and of course on one’s own judgment, and that on that individuality that they annotated to evaporate your self-love.

Gone are the gurus, gone are the leaders, or any other meddling scholar who is at the head of one or another collective with the intention for wages to represent us, because thanks to these representatives they have incorporated the single thought.

In fact, we can see that we are facing a tyranny because other ways of interpreting reality are ignored in the media, trade associations, political parties and educational curricula.

The gradual withdrawal of philosophy from the classroom is not a coincidence.

Do they want me to genuflect, to show reverence, submission and abidance to a country that has murdered my neighbours, my writer friends, my architect friends, musicians, butchers, notaries, construction workers? That has murdered the people I love the most, and what is worse, the ones I could have fallen in love with?

Do they want me to kneel with a bow, with a bow of courtesy, and show admiration before the fools, the servants, the slaves, the docile and cowards, when I can stand up before myself with the dignity that a human being deserves, being able to live up to my own convictions, that I denigrate myself with silence when I can wake up with a word?

Do they want me to protect my work, my public image, my home in exchange for denying the evidence, losing my sanity in the process? I am my work, I am my public image and I am my home.

They wanted to destroy us from within. They have been long striving to stop us from loving ourselves, because only a man who has lost his self-respect can be conquered.

For more than 20 years people have been wishing for something horrible to happen because they have been trying hard to make us wish for it.

We were already dejected because they made us feel dejected with their terrorist propaganda, with their fears gradually assimilated like any skin of an apple cream absorbs.

They were preparing us – not to kill us – but to allow them to kill us, making us believe that the human being is the problem.

They told us that the state defence and security forces would defend us, that the state would guarantee our human rights, and they made us “uniform” in the collective, turning us into information repeaters of the single thought.

On that blank sheet of paper they called exams. Identifying the truth with the textbooks and the teacher’s sermon, and by dedicating yourself professionally to making money, pushing your own passions aside so that you could only be happy in your leisure time. Making society a sum of bitter citizens. And as all bitter people are bitter, we pass on to our children the same lie, becoming the supportive echo of our enslavers and torturers.

And so, we were all little by little weakened, losing our identity to the point of depositing in others the defence of what they want us to be, and being also, each one of the groups, those who have come to kill us in what we call sociological tyranny.

Suppressing our right to work, our right to free will, our right to freedom. Our right to the inviolability of the home, to the inviolability of the body, to humanistic education and to the autonomy and independence of the individual before any totalitarian state.

Executive, legislative, judicial and media. But all concentrated in a single person whom we call the president of the government. But in truth he is a tyrant who has the protection and connivance of the rest of the public representatives. I say this just in case there is somebody who does not know this yet, out of all the rest, all the rest.

By the way, in a strangeness that is not at all accidental because all of them are the same tale coming from the same beast. Looking under the microscope we understand why we have been indebted for the last 40 years until we became lackeys of our own debt. Until we gave up our freedom in exchange for our family remaining under the roof.

Looking into the microscope we understand why we have been alienated from popular wisdom, aphorisms, proverbs, sentences, apophthegms, separating us from each other so that no one can continue to serve as a pedagogical reference in the construction of our own knowledge.

Looking under the microscope we understand why we do not understand the same things from the same words through a linguistic engineering that has distanced the signifiers from their meanings, so that we end up simply not understanding each other.

Democracy, feminism, equality, we do not understand the same thing from the same words and it is not hazardous either. Or why looking under the microscope we understand that there are these territorial differences so that we are always looking at each other sideways, envious of their privileges.

Or why they have incorporated the most manipulable psychological profiles in the bodies and security forces of the state.

They have lowered the IQ to 80 for access. Or why they have created ideological collectives to control the thinking and actions of each population group. And of each one of the individuals in what they have called the representative democratic system. Or why they have used for the first time in history and in unison the patriarchy to intimidate us with force and sanctions and the matriarchy to make us feel bad.

Lest we kill defending our fundamental rights, our parents and the elders. Or why they took our fears so that we would disregard our own intuitions as a defence mechanism. Or why they mistreated us for our own good and because it was our fault. Taking you away from family, friends, co-workers, interpersonal distancing, making us helpless so that they would only receive the information that they conveyed to us. That they created. Making us fragile so that they could appropriate our will with the excuse that they were “saving us”, and so we all stopped living for fear of losing our lives. Some more than others it must be said.

Even looking under the microscope we understand why unruly children are now stolen. The naughty of yesteryear, without a doubt, future dissidents. With the excuse that they do not disturb in the classroom and with the connivance of their parents who are more comfortable without having to put up with them.

Looking under the microscope we understand that national and international geopolitics is a farce. Theatrics that have been demonstrated with the existence of reduced graphene oxide in all the vials of the misnamed or so-called vaccines against Covid-19. Including the Russian and Chinese ones, Sputnik and Sinopharm, because if they have agreed to introduce that poison, this catalyst, enhancer, amplifier or transistor of electromagnetic radiation. They obviously also did it too with the excuse of a war in Ukraine. As if there were two sides. To increase for all the cost of living, by lowering with full hands the rate of life expectancy. In the meantime they say they will “save you” from the tyranny of poverty, text from the 2030 agenda, preamble, war is their plan to impoverish us all.

Looking under the microscope what we once had an intuition about, we now know. We are without a doubt in yet another era of sacrifices. Perhaps the most sophisticated and grotesque of those that we have known from the history books that they themselves invented to protect their lives.

And they seem to like above all: children, infants. Those who have no speech and no way therefore of defending themselves. Those whom they used to sacrifice because “God wanted that”. Sending them also to the front lines of battle, I don’t know if you remember in a war at a slow pace until they were shot down. Or at a fast pace because technology made it easier to finish them off.

Looking under the microscope there have never been wars, there have been sacrificial rituals.

There are many ways to think you’re smart but there is only one way to know that we are so demonstrating it. For there is no worse person than the one who thinks he is good at harming others in order to heal them as the 2030 agenda points out through its experts. Those experts who are only experts in reproducing the thinking of their masters. Those intellectuals who have now proven not to exist, because you can’t boast of being an intellectual without thinking for yourself.

They made us digest the fact that the truth is the enemy of life. That ignorance is the shelter of the most intelligent, with the intention of convincing us that freedom is suicide.

But a human being who thinks for himself can never be assassinated, even if he is killed. Moreover a single minute waking up is worth more than eternal sleep.

By trying to keep company by repeating their lies, we have left our own truths in solitude.

Let’s wake up each one in his own way, this is important. There are no leaders, there are no gurus. Let us wake up each one in his own way, in case it would be necessary for us to remember how to live.

We have stopped making demands on ourselves because all freedom implies effort, and freedom was already making us lazy. All words fit into one mouth. Even and above all, the most comprehensive among the language the word “humanity”. All words fit in a mouth. It depends on us for them to continue to be alive.

Looking under the microscope and unearthing the identity, the self-esteem, the bombarded self-esteem. And if any of you after looking into the microscope now, still does not defend himself, I promise at the very least to write the epitaph.

Ricardo, thank you on behalf of all my descendants. One after another, on behalf of my grandchildren, on behalf of my great grandchildren, of the children of the children of my great grandchildren. Thank you on behalf of all my lineage.

And we began by asking ourselves who has decided that history is a game in which we are always the ones to lose? The game is over.

Ricard Delgado Martin (28:44)

How great, how great our Aarón García Peña is and what an ability he has to convey his message. I already said so at the time. And brave and smart. If there were many Aarón’s, if there were more Aarón’s they wouldn’t have done what they’ve done to us. But we still have the capacity to reverse this situation.

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