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Have you, your community, or your government been blank-slated and mind-controlled? Do you know how easy it is to manipulate your beliefs if you aren’t aware of the tricks they use? Words said whilst you are in the process of ‘seeking to recall’ a memory (accessing your visual recall bank) is an ‘in’ to re-programme you…

Know anyone who is suddenly pro-communism or pro-depopulation or think the United Nations/World Economic Forum/World Bank/World Health Organization is beneficial to mankind?

What about blindly obeying the government even if it means breaking the law or harming a loved one? Or perhaps lining up at the local doctors office to grab the latest sick-forever-pills or going nuts with the Climate Change agenda? Would you even know if you are mind-controlled? These interviews and books cover a wide range of topics related to mind control, covert operations, and the need for transparency and protection of individual freedoms.

Walter Bowart with Ned Potter – Operation Mind Control (Audio only)

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Dr Robert Young posted this on his Rumble channel a couple of days ago and I’m glad I clicked on it. I’ve never heard of this guy (Walter Bowart) and his books go into depth of the publicly-released CIA operations and more, and although this is dated (pre- the latest mind-control technology we are suffering now), it shows the level of mind-control we’ve already been under for decades, using basic NLP techniques and the media, let alone what they do to politicians, billionaires, and world leaders they have access to…

Summary of Interview

  1. Introduction: Walter Bowart discusses his book “Operation Mind Control,” first published in 1978.
  2. Exploring Mind Control: The book delves into the efforts of U.S. intelligence agencies to control individuals through various techniques, including drugs, hypnosis, NLP, aversion therapy, electronic memory dissolution, psychosurgery, bio-electronic implants, and microwave transmissions.
  3. Research: The book’s research involved over 45 professionals and private citizens.
  4. David’s Story: Walter recalls meeting David, a veteran he knew from childhood, that was now suffering from amnesia due to mind control, who was used to carry secret messages with post-amnestic blocks.
  5. Dissociative Identity Disorder: The rise and misunderstanding of dissociative identity disorder in the 1980s.
  6. Freedom of Thought Foundation: To provide help and training for psychiatrists and psychologists in restoring government mind control victims.
  7. Hypnosis Fundamentals: The basics of hypnosis, including embedded commands and transderivational searches.
  8. Electronic Techniques: Extremely low-frequency waves and other electronic techniques used in mind control.
  9. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Emphasizes the need to educate people about NLP for self-defense and personal growth.
  10. Power of Discovery: The significance of the “Eureka” moment as a motivator for human beings, even surpassing sex and survival.
  11. Obstacles: The National Security Act is the main obstacle to uncovering secrets and addressing societal slavery concerns and Nazism.
  12. Brain Bomb: Erasing memories.
  13. Population Control: Mind control to create a “psycho-civilized society.”
  14. Technological Advancements: Satellite mind control technology and terraforming the planet.
  15. Control Over Thoughts: Importance of freedom of speech and control over thoughts.
  16. Fake Alien Abductions as Mind Control cover-up: Martin Cannon’s theory “The Controllers,” suggesting government involvement in fake but realistic-seeming alien abductions.
  17. Ritual Abuse: Patterns in ritual abuse, random abuse, alien abductions, and mind control.
  18. False Memory Syndrome: Skepticism about the validity of false memory syndrome.
  19. Positive Uses of Mind Control Techniques: Such as rehabilitation and removal of phobias/fear.
  20. Electromagnetic Stimulation: CIA’s José Delgado’s work on electromagnetic fields and brain stimulation.
  21. Soviet Experiments: Pleasure and orgasm centers, where those stimulated fell in love with the trigger-holder.
  22. People’s Temple: The People’s Temple’s take-over of the Mendocino State Mental Hospital.
  23. CIA Experiments: Jonestown and Waco are discussed as potential CIA experiments to manipulate belief systems and behaviour. Other Projects also discussed (Monarch, Paperclip, MK-Ultra, Project 100,000, the Swine-Flu dress-rehearsal, etc.)
  24. Violence Desensitization: The impact of violence on television desensitization is explored, along with its link to gun control.
  25. Patsies vs. Assassins: Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan might have been patsies rather than actual assassins.

Transcript for first (audio-only) video:


This is a contemporary communications conference. My name is Ned Potter. Today, we welcome Walter Board, the author of the best-selling book, Operation Mind Control. Your book, Operation Mind Control, published in paperback by Dell Publishers in 1978, is presently out of print but is due for re-release soon. (01)

Operation Mind Control chronicles the research and development efforts by agencies in the U.S. intelligence community to control the perceptions and actions of individuals utilizing a wide variety of techniques, including drugs and drug-assisted interrogation, hypnosis, aversion therapy, electronic dissolution of memory, psychosurgery, bio-electronic implants, microwave transmissions, and numerous other methods of modifying or programming behavior.

Your book was the result of a long and costly process of research involving technical assistance from over 45 professional people and the cooperative efforts of many private citizens working without major funding or corporate support and spurred on by shock and outrage that citizens have been so victimized by their own government.

As Richard Condon, an author of The Manchurian Candidate, wrote in the forward to your book, “Please keep fearfully in mind that the astonishing information published in this seminal work of investigative reporting concerning avenues taken to decision and execution by our secret police to fracture or dissolve human minds was drawn directly from federal records and from official laboratory archives, as well as from the reviving memories of those who had already undergone the dehumanizing process.” (02) (03) (04)

Welcome to LA, Walter Bowart. Thank you for being here. First, I would like to say that your book, Operation Mind Control, is one of the most important books published in the last 25 years, and I’m honored to be able to interview you concerning this subject. You detailed in chapter one your meetings with veterans who suffered from amnesia. Before these meetings, how did you first become interested in mind control?


Well, I ran into that fellow I identified in the book as David, and I’ve known this guy since he was a little kid. He’s a little younger than I, and we played together. I knew him before he went off to Vietnam. He joined the Air Force, and he came back with amnesia and hyper amnesia, vastly improved short-term memory. He was sitting in the chair in the living room, and I didn’t recognize him. He looked like the repatriated POWs in Korea, stooped over and hunched shoulders. He looked like that, and of course, he had an almost shaved military-style head after four years, and he was gone. Then this hollow stare, and he’s like, I didn’t recognize the guy. When I found out what had happened to him with his mother and family, and I interviewed his psychiatrist over a period of time, I got to know the story really well.

I found that this guy had been programmed to carry secret messages, locked behind post-hypnotic blocks, a very sophisticated form of mind control. He’d been put in front of a computer somehow, and he’d give feedback with gibberish, and coded information. (05)

So, a guy would come up to him, one time he described the story of going to a hotel room in Australia, and he thought he was on vacation. Five days into the vacation, there was a knock on the door, a man showed up, said something that contained the phrase “rose nose,” triggered him, and off goes the gibberish, which is 9 as 40 and that kind of stuff, and out comes this coded information—he didn’t know what it meant—but he knew it verbatim. He was a trained human tape recorder. He would have a video camera, if you will, sound that audio.

Today I’ve talked to him, it’s been almost 20 years later, and I just recently called him, as I’m putting together the second edition. There’s so much information about it; it’s exciting. (06)

Multiple Personality Disorder

We now know that in 1980, there were around 20 cases, I believe, of multiple personality disorder diagnosed in America. We didn’t know what it was. I mean, there were “Three Faces of Eve,” which was a fluke, and there was “Sybil,” which was a fluke, but we didn’t know that it’s a dissociative disorder. (07) (08)

It’s like one of the essential ways of looking at a mental health problem. I mean, dissociation is what mental health issues are framed. It’s not schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a heightened awareness that’s very different from what multiple personality disorder is, and it’s now called dissociative identity disorder, thanks to the AMA (American Medical Association) or the APA (American Psychological Association). Not to obfuscate it—but maybe to obfuscate it—you can’t trust these doctors. You can’t trust the AMA. You can’t. You just can’t. You can’t trust them. There are men and women in there who are good people, but basically, they’re worried about being sued. They’re in it to make money, and frankly, the psychiatrists and psychologists, most of them, the ones I’m talking to, even the best of them, they don’t know how to treat this. They don’t know what to do. They take the long way around.

So one of the things we’re doing is we’re putting together, after so many years now of looking at this and finally figuring out what it is, we’re putting together a group of experts in a group called the Freedom of Thought Foundation. Among other things, we want to provide help for people, and we’re going to have to train psychiatrists and psychologists in how to deal with government mind control.


We went back to David after all these years, and I said to David, “How’s it going?” And he said, “Well, I’m still only sleeping two hours a night. I’m still having nightmares.” I said, “What’s your most frequent nightmare?” He said, “I see this man being mutilated, his fingers are cut off, piece by piece, in front of his family, as they’re trying to get one of his family members to talk.”

Oh, his memories are coming back?

Yeah, and so he’s remembering being this human tape recorder, witnessing this stuff, and it keeps him from sleeping, and all sorts of other things are a result of this.

Well, I started asking him questions, and he said, “Now your father…” He wasn’t raised with his father; he left when he was a small child. But his father was an alcoholic who used to beat the kids. Okay, well, this is the basis of dissociation. We find, here’s what David represents. David represents that part of the mind control spectrum. When he joined the Air Force, they studied his Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) forms. (09)

That MMPI shows multiple personality disorder very clearly, so they said, “Aha, we can use this guy, right?” So they made him a hypno-program courier. That’s not all he did; we don’t know what all he did because he’s very much recovered, but he’s still suffering, and now we have the technology and understanding to really help these people.

Could you go into that?

Yeah, well, it’s basically the kind of thing that Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) uncovered. Neuro-Linguistic Programming was a toolbox stolen from Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, and various Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), and a variety of other disciplines. (10) (11) (12) (13)

When you strip away all the technology from mind control, microwaves and magnetic waves, gravity waves, you end up with hypnosis. You end up with embedded commands, subliminal cues, and stuff.

So it’s really basic, and people think that hypnosis is something big and mysterious. “I’m going to go to sleep, and can you remember a time when you went to a Halloween party dressed in a costume?” Can you?

“No, not me.”

“You never went to a Halloween party?” “Can you remember one of your birthday parties?”


“All right.” And you just looked up to the left. You see, when you remember that, which means you’re right-handed, and it also means that you’re accessing your visual recall bank. All right.

“My grandmother was at my left, helping me to cut the cake.”

All right. So now, if you were going to direct a movie of this scene and recreate it, but have actors play your scene, what would you improve in that scene? Improve it.

Improve it?

Improve the scene. Transderivational search. Your eyes just went from right to left at the ear level, and then they went up, and went left to right, up. So that’s called a transderivational search. (14)

Okay. Now, if I wanted to, during the time you were processing that question, I could have given you an embedded command about a dream you might have tonight, and then I would ask you about the weather, “Did it rain here yesterday?” and then you’d start to respond, and you wouldn’t remember the embedded command, and then you probably would have the dream. That’s how I would start to influence you, without any integrity, you know?

Navy Commander Memory Erase

The same thing is true if you take ELF (extremely low frequency), different kinds of waves and rays that can be modulated, even microwaves, and of course, it’ll cook your brain. Some of these things will really destroy brain cells.

But the guys were coming back when I was doing Operation (???) Strange History. I did 98 radio and television interviews in 33 cities in 30 days on the tour, and I think that’s a world record. Yeah, I felt like I was in a rock and roll band without the band, you know. You don’t know where you are.

But that’s, so, but this guy called me on TV. I was on KPIX in San Francisco, and they were supposed to bus in a bunch of ladies for the ladies’ club for the book author of the day, the chef, you know, the standard ladies’ morning format, television format of 1978, and the bus broke down, so there was nobody in the audience, you know.

So they opened the phone lines in San Francisco, which was fortuitous because I got this call, and the director says, “Hey, I think we got a commander from the Navy here that says he was part of an assassination team and he can’t remember stuff. You want to talk to him on the air?” And I said, “Yeah, put him on.” So along comes this commander, and he says, “I was part of a Black Pajama team that was working behind the fixed border, he called it a fixed border in Southeast Asia, and we were creating accidents that would cause the death of any charismatic politician on the local level that was rising up in China.” You know, we found out later it was China. He didn’t say that on the air, but later he said, “Was that China?” He said, “Yes.” He said his team went, they all got back from their tour of duty. They did it for six years, I think he said, and they all got the Flu, and they all went to Walter Reed hospital and quote, they came out with cardboard memories. (15)

So what they were using was electronic dissolution of memory on those guys, it was just to erase the tape of your mind, just erase it. Now what are you going to do? You have psychological problems. It’s like having amnesia. It’s a serious, painful, you’re stumbling around in an alien world without any reference points, no memory. So then you have to put the memory back. So they show them slides. So they have a two-dimensional reality. (16)

Slides of what?

Grandpa. Their life growing up as a kid, you know, them and their dog at eight, but they don’t have any real tactile and kinaesthetic memory.

That’s criminal.

It’s criminal. Yes, it is.

False Memory Psychiatric Lies

Also, the reason we know, like there’s the, I call it the false memory spin drum foundation. The reason we know that the psychiatric psycho-science is in such trouble is because when they’re doing Elizabeth Loftus and others are talking about memory, they’re talking about who can remember what and then how abuse victims can’t rely on their memories, and they don’t know the first thing about how memory works. (17)

This guy on television that sells for $39.95 a series of tapes by which you can improve your memory knows more about memory than Elizabeth Loftus and some of these other people, you know, because they don’t know the fundamentals of the second signal system and how it works. At least, if they know it, they’re not talking about it and they’re not approaching it. I mean, I just don’t think that they have any solid basis. They go by studies and databases, and you know how statistics lie, you know, but they don’t have the nuts and bolts by which they can operate this mechanism of the mind.

And now there are people that do, and unfortunately not too many of them are in the psycho-sciences system, but we’re going to put together a group, we’ve got a workshop for psychiatrists and psychologists, and we’re putting together some of the handlers, the people that were the mind controllers of the past generation, some of the people that worked on the project, so-called Project Monarch, that created presidential models, people that worked in Project 100,000 that hypno-programmed 100,000 people. (18) (19)

We’re putting the handlers together with the psychiatrists and the doctors to teach them the codes, cues, and triggers for the different kinds of mind control. The Navy SEAL teams, also the ones that went to Waco, not ATF, I can’t remember, it’s in the book and I don’t want to look, the Black Pajamas (Delta Force). But these guys are programmed, and the programming is not that perfect.

I mean, it’s like getting a military education, it’s not a very great education because, you know, by the time it’s got so watered down to the lowest common denominator, you know, Julianne McKinney at the, what’s it called, the Electronic Harassment Project of the National Security Alumni Association. (20)

She said that she learned NLP in the Army as an Army spy, you know, Army Intelligence agent. She learned neuro-linguistic programming, but she can’t use it. I said, why not? She says, well, you know how the government education is, you know, it’s just not any good. It’s like the lowest common denominator. You know, it’s watered down. People that taught the people that taught the people that taught the people that taught the people that teach it out, you know, and it’s, she says, I can’t use it. She’s like, I never got it. I never understood it, but it would be a very, it’s an important tool for all of us. I think it’s got to become part of our educational system, and it’s a great way for self-defense. (21)

You know, the compartmentalization and need-to-know basis degrades the quality of the research.

Well, also the authoritarian pyramid linear chain of command kind of organization is not very creative.


Second signal system reinforcement is everything. Babies laying in the crib, and it’s got this orange Nerfball hanging over its head. Trademark Nerfball. You know, babies instantly reach up and touch this soft, warm, furry, orange ball, and when it touches it, at first it just sees as orange whatever it is. But when it touches it, it understands that it’s not cold. It’s not too hot. It’s not menacing. It’s orange, warm, furry, and it understands and remembers what the Nerfball is. So then you’ll see the babies slap it and laugh and start interacting with the Nerfball or whatever. But until that time it’s just a curiosity that makes it reach out and touch it.

So you’ll see a kid likewise when it’s just beginning to walk. Imagine you got a glowing potbelly stove across the room. The kid walks up, and if you don’t stop it, he’ll put his hand on that cherry-red stove. It’ll do it once. That’s an aversive reaction. I mean, aversive therapy, out, sh-burn, no more. Now you move away from the stove.

But life is an adjustment between the urge toward Eureka, and actually, that’s the pleasure center when you discover the wow, that’s pleasure center stimulus, and I think it’s the most powerful motivational force in human nature. Not sex, as Freud said, or not survival, as Darwin said.

I think the Eureka is what has made man come to this stage. I hope we continue. Unfortunately, we run against the National Security Act, the National Security Curtain, and that’s what’s keeping the Eureka’s secret. All of our problems of society today, look to me like, can be traced right straight to the National Security Act. But that’s another subject.

Are you aware of any attempts to suppress your book?

Are you aware of any attempts to suppress your book?

Well, I haven’t been able to prove any. I had a lawyer for a while, and we, it seems just common sense I can put together a pretty good argument, and in the beginning of the book, in the prologue I mentioned, I got a lot of death threats. The book was taken off the shelf by Dell. Another book that was very harmless, the difference was it was based on the CIA documents that were released through the Freedom of Information Act. (22)

But mine wasn’t. Mine was based on the research that I did, talking to people, and then I just used the documents to underline and prove the case. But this other book was mainly only the documents and handed out the way the CIA handed them out. That was taken by Dell and replaced mine, and it’s still on their list. Well, that was John Marks, The Manchurian Candidate, and it’s still in their list now, and I understand Marks has quit doing the research. I mean, he’s onto something else. I don’t know what he’s doing. But I think that was disinformation. I mean, it didn’t… it told the truth… but the main difference was, I said, this is operational, and he said, it’s just experiments. We didn’t come up with anything. We spent all this money. Oh, how silly, and I said, this is the most important thing since the atom bomb. This is the- I love Diane de Prima’s poem, “Rant.” The only war there is, is the war against the imagination, and all other wars are subsumed by it. (23)

Brain Bomb

What is the brain bomb that I’ve heard you write about?

A brain bomb. Yes. Well, it’s probably something like the neutron bomb, you know, except it doesn’t kill the people, it just erases the tape, you know. Just the way they leave you, stumbling around and then, how about that? And you imagine, I can see a science fiction film.

Like Ed Muskie.

Yeah, sure. Yeah. There’s a number of things that can do that. A number of different things. Ed Muskie, they were, remember George Romney said, “I was brainwashed.” (24) (25)

Jack Ruby said, “I was brainwashed.” (26)

You know, just listen to what people say. Yesterday, at this brain-mind symposium here in, what’s the name of this hotel? The Continental Hotel in the L.A.S. I took, there were a hundred people there, and I asked them, how many of you have been brainwashed? Every one of them raised their hand. I said, how many of you have been mind-controlled? About 10% raised their hand. I said, how many of you cannot, absolutely cannot, how many of you believe that you cannot be made to change your mind, change your belief against your knowledge and without your consent? Only one person raised their hand. So it gives you an idea of what people are experiencing.

And then I asked them questions about their government, how they felt about it, and I’m telling you, it’s a cynical time. Now, this might not be, these are people that got up out of bed and came down here to hear me talk. So it’s different, and thank you guys for mentioning it on the radio. Several of them came up to me and said, I heard about you on the radio, and I came down. So, appreciate it. But it was an interesting audience. It’s people that are concerned now, and I think there’s a groundswell rising.

33 Million documents released by Dept of Energy on Radiation Experiments

One part of this is the thing I talked about mostly was the abolition of the National Security Act. We’ve got to- God bless Hazel R. O’Leary, you know. Activision of Energy used to be called the Atomic Energy Commission. Now it’s the Department of Energy. (27)

She releases 33 million documents. Right? (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35)

And you know, God bless her. But that’s three miles high, a pile of documents.

Is that mostly what came out about the radiation on the-

Yeah, well, yeah, but they still do it. It’s three miles high pile of papers. It’s been on a month or so now. They haven’t finished Xeroxing yet. They’re on the first set, you know, but there are 33 million documents left that they haven’t released, and I don’t consider the Department of the Energy part of the cryptocracy really. I mean, it’s sort of, you know, she says, “I have looked into the faces and eyes of people doing battle with their government,” and she’s going to have to look into a lot more faces and eyes, and we’re going to have to look into not only the Secretary of the Department of Energy, the Secretary of Health Education Welfare, the Veterans Administration, and on and on and on, as well as the entire national security establishment, CIA, DIA, NSA, and on and on and on. We don’t need that. We don’t need that.

Abolish the National Security Act

I approached Tom Bearden yesterday, and I said, we’re going to abolish the National Security Act. He sort of lurched backward, and he said, well, we need some secrets we got to keep, and I said, well, the military can do that. You don’t need this national security. He says, well, you’re right, and I said, then you’re going to join us. He says, oh, yes, yes, I’ll join you.

We’ll abolish the National Security Act, and Fletcher Proudy has joined us on the Freedom of Thought Foundation. He said, Harry S. Truman says, said that the worst thing he ever did was to pass the National Security Act, and he said it created the CIA, and they say the CIA is nothing but a war-making body. You know, it’s manipulating our government. It’s manipulating our society. (36) (37) (38)

What’s wrong with journalism?

I saw a bunch of journalists talking, “What’s wrong with journalism? American people want us to do something about democracy. We can’t save democracy. We can barely save journalism.” They said, “The American public doesn’t believe in us as journalists anymore. They don’t believe in our- we’re as slimy as lawyers” in effect, and the reason is because they’re not talking about anything relevant. All the secrets are behind the National Security “curtain”.

Technology solving energy problem already exists

Let’s talk about fusion. Let’s talk about solving the energy problem. The technology already exists and has for years. We don’t need a fossil fuel economy. It’s over. The cat’s out of the bag. Those of us that are readers and researchers know this. (39)

I personally was told by one of the top people at the Mellon Bank years ago, Addison A. Vestel, who is the tax man from the Mellon family. He said, “We’re going to trim the fat from this economy” (1968). “We’re going to create the oil crisis. Our partners in Kuwait, we funded the Royal Family in Kuwait. They were just a bunch of naked Bedouins out there.” (40) (41)

And he tells me the whole story of what has happened in the last 20 years, and of course, at the time, I said, “This can’t be. You know, I don’t believe this.” But it happened. So now I know there’s a conspiracy against the future, and he told me, he said, “I was into (???folio?), reading a lot, and read about that world resources inventory and stuff.” And I said, “Well, this fossil fuel economy isn’t it kind of days numbered?” He says, “Well, yeah, but we’re going to pump every drop of oil out of the ground at top dollar before we make the capital commitment to alternatives.” And I said, “Well, what were the alternatives, solar?” He says, “Well, there’s solar, wind… but the main thing is going to be fusion.” And I said, “Wait, fusion? They can’t do that?”- again to maintain the plasma and all the other things. He says, “You’re right. The two problems on the planet here are cooling the reactor once you start it, and containing that ball of plasma, but we solved that.” And I said, “How?” He says, “We have a company called General Atomics, and it’s half-owned by Gulf and half-owned by Westinghouse, and we’re putting it in orbit. (42)

The plasma, so it’s gravity-less, and it will sit there, and then you just vent it down in space and cooling, and then you beam the electricity back to Nevada or wherever, microwave and distribute it.” And that was in 1968. Well, they had the windfall profits tax then. Remember when the oil crusts? Well, then they took General Atomics, which was nothing more than a paper shell with some patents, I suppose, and they belied it up, and they took a $5 billion write-off. So that’s the way the game is played by the International Corporation, and it’s the new world order, folks. That’s what it is.

Objectives of Mind Control is to create psycho-civilized society

Well, tell us, Walter, what are the objectives of mind control?

What’s the- to uncover the secrets of the slaves that buried the Pharaoh, so to speak.

The objectives of mind control are to create a psycho-civilized society, according to Delgado. Professor, CIA funded José Delgado. Office of Naval Research. (43) (44) (45)

Yeah, in other words, we can have a bunch of, well, we don’t need the robots anymore. They really don’t know what they’re doing. If you take the meta-view of this thing, you realize that when any new technology envelops the old technology, and the old technology becomes obsolete, and therefore it becomes an art form.

Satellite Spider Web of Technology

So as we’ve created the satellite technology, we’ve engulfed, we’ve surrounded the earth by this very fragile, delicate, it’s going to become like a spider web of technology, satellite technology surrounding the earth, and that’s the high ground. So you know, in military strategy, whoever’s got the high ground has the advantage.

So we look back down the earth, the earth is obsolete. So it’ll finally, it’s finally already occurred to the cryptocrats who, who we don’t have the need to know, we’re just so many rats in a maze to these guys in the present mindset of government, and that’s why more than half of the population of the United States has been experimented on in one form or another. So what they’re doing, they’re going to do, and this is the problem we’ve got to face, and this is the purpose of the mind control. This is where mind control fits in.

Is they’re going to engineer the planet Earth. They’re going to terraform—planetary engineering—and when you have bureaucrats doing it, all you can have is grandfathered clauses.

You know, that say, Okay, you’re a pygmy in Africa. That means you’re near-naked, and you know, you use blow guns or whatever, and you live in the bush. Now, if Jerry decides to sell TV sets to the pygmies, right, out of the sky, a laser beam will shoot and zap Jerry’s cerebellum or something, and so he’s, or else he goes to jail for selling a satellite dish to the pygmies because they cannot be allowed to exit their time-space. They’re quarantined, they’re in a time quarantine, right?

So LA maybe will be the only creative space on Earth, where anything goes, and it’ll have a blackout over it, and anything goes, and you can think anything and do anything in LA. Of course it will be total chaos as it is already, but this is creativity. Creativity is chaos, you know, and it’s this wonderful interplay of chaos, not order.

But otherwise, we’re going to order the entire thing, and you know, when you, freedom, we, unfortunately for these guys, in their way of thinking, founding fathers, inalienable right of freedom of speech. So they can’t stop you from speaking, but if they can stop you from thinking or direct your thoughts, then control what you say, then that’s what it’s all about.

Alien-Abductions and UFOs as CIA-experiment cover stories

In his recent book, “The Controllers,” subtitled “Modern Myth Mass Manipulation and the New Hypothesis of Alien Abductions,” Martin Cannon says the image of an alien from a UFO provides an effective cover story to disguise the faces of the real abductors, namely, spy-chiatrists, cryptocrats, and other operatives of the National Security State in Halloween masks, so to speak. (46)

The experiment being done by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Naval Intelligence, CIA, universities, etc., in such areas as electronic stimulation of the brain, hypnotic resistance to torture, microwave induction of intracerebral voices, and electronic dissolution of memory, need victims, and how better to evade responsibility for these crimes than to blame them on aliens? Could you comment on that?

Well, I’d say well put, Martin Cannon. I mean, well done. I really want to see these higher and more advanced beings, that are millions of years more evolved than us, come here and help us out because I think we need help. I think the human race is in a big mess. But unfortunately, it looks like Martin Cannon is right. It took me a couple of years to come to terms with that, or at least he’s partially right. I don’t think he’s explaining the entire UFO thing by his thesis. I think the book is worth reading, “The Controllers.”

But I’ve since done my own research and found out that there is much more to Cannon’s thesis than even Cannon knew about, and because now we have a number of the Monarch victims and other survivors of mind control, the government mind control, who are telling us that as children 15 or 20 years ago, they were inside of a grey costume, so to speak, an articulated costume, very advanced for its day, and they played a role in pulling off a fake abduction scenario for somebody that was under influence of drugs. Well, the first story I heard was they’d given this guy sodium amatol and there he is sort of floating in the Twilight Zone and they’re making him believe that he’s been abducted. (47)

But recently, one of these handlers says it’s done with stun guns. It’s done with high voltage electricity, and he said, “If you’ll give me a volunteer at one of these workshops,” one of the things we want to put together, “the volunteer is going to have to pardon us from any liabilities.” So he’s going to induce an alien abduction experience with this electricity zap, and amnesia as well, and a post-embedded command, and he’s going to do it just like the aliens’ scenario. So the cattle mutilations and all of that, they’re called screens and scrambles.

Ritual Abuse Phenomena

I’m working with a psychologist now who does not wish to be named because it’s such a controversial area of research, and the psychiatric and psychological community is so highly political and so involved with so much big money and so corrupt that she says, “I don’t want people to know who I am right now.” But she’s doing a lot of research, and she’s made a graph and cross-correlated the different ritual abuse phenomena, the random abuse phenomenon, alien abduction phenomena, and mind control phenomena, and it’s really all the same, you know, it follows a pattern, it’s all the same, and so that’s what makes us believe that the- we know also from the testimony of people that are recovering from this mind control stuff. That it’s not so in 30 years, in 30 to 35 years, they’re just now beginning to remember what they did, and some of the things, they were made, they were from multiple generational incest families, a lot of them women, 70-80%, and of course, because of the anatomy and physiology of females, sex can be a very traumatic experience, and especially the abuse, sexual abuse in an early age in the child.

Yes, I’d like to ask you about that subject, especially in regard to the Franklin cover-up. (48)

Yes, some of these people are the ones that I’m talking about, even Paul Bonacci was one of the informants, and he describes, it’s not widely known, but he describes an alien situation, called he calls it alien programming. (49)

Well, do you think that the efforts to discredit the returning memories of these victims is an attempt by the spy-chiatrists to protect this method of mind control?

Yeah, well, I think they’re trying to, yeah, I think they’re trying to protect it.

False Memory Syndrome is Hot Air

I mean, they call it false memory…

Yeah, the spin drum is what I call it. Well, it’s not a syndrome. It’s not scientifically a syndrome. They’re very rigid. There’s a definition to the word syndrome, and the thing that’s being described as the false memory syndrome doesn’t fit the definition. It’s not a syndrome. So I call it a spin drum. I think the false memory phenomenon is a lot of hot air. I mean, it’s not, it’s not only a lot of hot air. I think it’s a deliberate, Martin T. Orn, and a couple of other MK-Ultra psychiatrists are on that board of the false memory syndrome foundation. (50)

Armies of CIA-Zombies

Well, Peter Breggin says that these psychiatrists get around in groups and they make up these phrases, you know, “attention deficit disorder”. (51) (52)

Yeah. That’s right. I talked to Colin Ross, who’s probably the leading man on multiple personality disorder, you know, president of that, and all that stuff. He’s a Canadian, and he’s trying to live down Cameron’s work, and I said to him, Colin, you know, the psychiatrists are the ones that created this whole mind control mess. He made the statement that military or government mind control is going to keep psychiatry alive for the next 10 years because people are, you know, this is obsolete now the way they did it now. They’re turning these people loose. (53)

They’re not killing them. They used to kill them, and these kind of spies, you know. Now they’re just turning them loose and you got armies of zombies walking around; people with no memories and scrambled memories and all kinds of psychological problems, traumatized, dissociated. Multiple personality disorder, but there’s a difference between a random person that’s just been abused by some drunk father, say, and a military—somebody that’s been taken as a child, as an MPD child—and then developed and disciplined, and then there’s also a difference in the alien; the alien abductee is very passive. It’s like their soul has been pacified. And the regular abuse victim is angry, has got a tremendous amount of anger. So it’s very interesting to see the difference, but they all describe the same thing. You know, they said, you go down the chart, you can’t believe the similarities in sat and satan (???) and, animate and inanimate objects that they’ve described.

Spy-ciatrists, look, the technology that we have now discovered, the electronics, you know, the stun gun techniques, the thing we call it, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which was partly a result of CIA effort, all this information. It’s now leaking out into the public. Conceivably, Delta Force was the name I was looking for before, the guys in the Black Pajamas, their hypno-programme.

Reversing the Memory Wipes

Conceivably, you could take the Delta Force guys and find out their codes and triggers and turn them around against their commanding officers. You see what I mean? So what can be done can be undone. Anything that can mind control anybody that knows the codes, cues, and triggers can take over from the handler, and I turned the thing around.

Bringing back people’s memories seems to be a more difficult problem.

Well, it’s not just the memories, it’s like the trauma that’s with comes with the memories. But there are ways now to treat that. You know, psychiatry has got to learn, like psychiatry cannot cure a phobia, but I can cure a phobia in 10 minutes, you know.

Could you be more specific on that?

Well, Neuro-linguistic programming can cure a phobia in 10 minutes.

And about the memories?

Well, you dissociate from the memories and you look at the memory like a movie screen and there’s a technique involved and you look at it over and over again until you’re bored with it, and then you go on and you’re free of it. So your phobia is gone.

Well, a lot of the fears, what’s being used here, fear motivates people. Fear is trauma, you know, and trauma creates phobias.

I saw my teacher get five people who couldn’t wash their face because they’d almost drowned. You know, had a phobia of water. They used Noxzema, they were great. They consumed great quantities of face creams and stuff, and he got them to swim in 15 minutes, and one lady, this is the kind of person, I know another person says, their bones are so heavy that they sink. They don’t float. She dove in and sank to the bottom of the pool and was swimming, doing the frog kicks and swung up to the shallow end and stood up and said, “Wow, I can swim.” And she’s cured forever, you know, of her phobia. Now she can wash her face and take a shower. But all phobias can be cured, but I don’t think psychiatry knows this. I mean, the general run-of-the-mill psychiatrist doesn’t know how to do this, and it’s very simple, and they’re into giving, they’re into suppressing, giving drugs and suppressing the symptoms.

Dr. Bob Beck has utilized psycho-electronic techniques employing a device called the brain tuner to help people off heroin and other addictions. What can you tell us about some of the positive uses of these techniques? (54)

Well, all of it, every one of these mind control techniques, they’ve been used to enslave people. I mean, some of the electronic realm of it is new, but all of it is as old as mankind. The use of sound and color and lights, mantra and mudra and all that, you know, the Sufi meditation and things, those are very positive things, and they use the same technology that is being used to enslave people. So yeah, any of this can be turned around and Bob is doing some great work. He has worked for the government and he’s probably feeling a little guilty about some of the things that he’s done, the way they’ve been put to use.

I would think that the psychiatric community, Colin Ross said to me, he said, “I said virtually every doctor in the psychiatric community, of a certain generation worked for Project Mind Control.” He said, “You’re absolutely right.” And I said, “Then that means you guys got a lot of work to do to clean it up. You made the mess. Now you got to clean it up.” And he said, “Absolutely right.”

Dr José Delgado

The two-time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert Becker writes in his 1990 book Cross Currents, (55) “Since the mid-1970s, Dr. José Delgado, Spanish neurophysiologist, shifted his interest from direct electrical stimulation of the brain to the use of electromagnetic fields to produce fear, anxiety, and rage in humans by exciting specific areas of the brain. This work was not published in any scientific journals, but it was covered in Omni Magazine’s February 85 issue. (56)

In the Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol 118 of February 24, 1972, Delgado states (umm.. quote mentioned in interview is not in the original congressional record, and although the things that were said (lots) in the Congressional Record are shocking, it doesn’t contain the following quote, and it’s also not Delgado himself but rather someone who has either read his book or his research and is talking about Delgado’s research – see pages 5573-5576), We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind, which was the title of his book, incidentally. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. One day, armies and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain.’ Since you covered Delgado in your book, have you updated your research on it? (57)

Well, Delgado retired as you know. He did that, and that’s what he did, and he retired. Others took over from where he left off, and I think some of the work, the side tributaries of his work are very, very interesting. Delgado, I think of him as the epitome of the mad scientist, and anybody that could buy that is going to be nuts. I mean, they’re not an American. This guy is not an American. He’s back in Spain, and I think he functions very well under a monarchy because he thinks like a dictator. (58) (59)

Mind Control Benefits

Anybody that suggests a psychoscivilized society is… We have the technology today with mind control, the beneficial use, the humane results, the application, influencing with integrity is what it’s all about. This got to be. We have the ability to rehabilitate prisoners, criminals of all kinds, and turn them into productive people. We’re into punishment, instead. We have a political problem in this country. This society is sick from the top down, and this is what’s coming out in the testimony of these victims, survivors of mind control. Some of the sides of Delgado are the Russians picked up. I mean, we messed around with monkeys, sticking needles in the monkey’s brains.

Soviet Experiments - orgasms and pleasure centres

The Soviets stuck the needles in the human’s brains. They were trying to cure this woman of Parkinson’s disease, and they found her orgasm center, and of course, every time they stimulated it, she got an orgasm. So she’d have thousands of orgasms a day, and she fell in love with the guy that held the button and followed him around. Then they stuck another needle in another part of the brain, and they hit her pleasure center, and it turned out that she lost interest in the guy with the first button, and started following around the guy with the second button, and you can’t do this with a monkey. You can’t ask a monkey what it’s feel like, but you can ask a human being, and they ask this lady, what’s the pleasure center? What’s that mean? What’s it feel like the pleasure center? She said, it’s like learning, it’s discovery, it’s like, wow!

Well, they use the needles through the skull here, too, right? And John Lily did the needles through the skull. (60)

But monkeys, we didn’t do humans. It was only animals.

Have they since done any on humans?

I think they’ve done some Parkinson’s stuff on humans, like we’ll have to assume. But it’s not predictable, and they haven’t got it down to a fine science. I had people calling me saying, “This one particular gentleman, a writer called and said his wife had Parkinson’s, and he really wanted to find out what that research was all about.” And he checked into it, and it wasn’t, it was pretty rough and crude stuff, with unpredictable results. The results weren’t as controllable and predictable, and they weren’t sure of the side effects and the damage that would go, because it’s sort of like, again, the magnetic tape metaphor, – but the magnetic fields, you don’t have to influence. It’s almost like, Huna ~ Kahuna healing. (61) You don’t have to stick a needle into the brain. You can just manipulate the field outside and affect the patterns of thought. So it’s like, an EMR or something, electromagnetic magnetic resonance…


Well, that’s electronic stimulation of the brain. It’s direct needles into the brain, but if you just manipulate the magnetic field outside, if you put a big magnetic field, you’ll have behavioral effects, and this is part of the mental telepathy system that people are suffering from.

People's Temple - Jonestown and Waco CIA Experiments

When Jim Jones moved his People’s Temple to Yucay, California in 1965, the group immediately infiltrated the Mendocino State Mental Hospital, which would provide not only test persons or TPs, as the Nazis call them, for his preliminary experiments, but also a training ground for the many medical technicians he needed for the final experiment. Soon, every employee of the hospital was a member of the People’s Temple. California virtually gave the hospital to Jim Jones, and when the patients were released from it, they were released into the charge of the People’s Temple. That’s the publication of the book Was Jonestown A CIA Medical Experiment? by Michael Meiers (1988). Has any new information come to your attention that would enlighten us as to the real purposes of the Jonestown operation? (62)

Well, I haven’t read Meiers’ book as I told you. I look forward to doing that. I think it’s a good premise. There’s enough, but what I have read about Jonestown and some of the people that I’ve read have referred to Meiers’ book, there’s an indication that it was a CIA experiment. For what purpose, it’s a multipurpose…

I know more about Waco through the Paul Wilshire letter to Janet Reno; the CIA is very interested in cults and using cults. (63) (64)

Manipulating Beliefs

You can manipulate people’s belief systems. If you can find out what a man believes and then his syntax. In other words, anything that you do, any expertise that you’ve got, how you do that? Say you’re a great golfer. What do you believe about golfing? If you believe, “Well, if the grass is growing the wrong way, we are going to have a hard time“. Well, that’s a belief you want to change. If you can find out what a person believes that’s successful and duplicate the belief, adapt the belief to your own, and then when you see here a field in which order in the process of doing the task, you can duplicate the results.

When you get a group of people, especially with this, Anthony Robbins is a great teacher. He’s a marvellous man and he uses all the stuff that fundamentalist, revivalist meetings use. Music, lights, sound, you know, Steve Martin film with the, what’s the name of that? Wonderful film. (Leap of Faith) (65) (66) It shows the technology behind a revival meeting. Singing, dancing, clapping, say something, get a group of people saying something, chanting it. Go over and over again and then get them to anchor it in their physiology by dancing or clapping their hands together or something. It’s very powerful. It’s using the memory and your body to reinforce the information. So you can really change behaviours this way. So that’s part of the research that would go on with the cults and groups.

Waco CIA Experiment

Now in Waco, according to Wilshire’s letter and according to the Delta Force guys that went in there and murdered some of these people, right? They had a problem with conscience because these were sitting ducks. These people were captive sitting ducks. They used neural coding according to Wilshire’s letter and now we know that Wilshire’s dead. He was hit by some electronic weapon it looks like—exploded his inner organs. He was found on the toilet, internal haemorrhage and they took his organs to Walter Reed Hospital which is where they take the microwave and other non-lethal weapons research victims. (67)

Waco and Jonestown are two examples of CIA interference and this is why we got to abolish the National Security Act. This kid’s got to stop or we’ve got the Nazis on our hands.

Mass-Shootings for Gun Control

Are the mass shootings at McDonald’s in San Diego, the Stockton in California, the San Francisco business tower and Long Island Railroad just to mention a few, the work of mind control terrorists? (68) (69) (70) (71)

You’ve got to talk to a guy named Mike Knight up in Sacramento, I believe. He’s a former cop and he’s been investigating for a number of years this very question. He has a lot of information that suggests that the tower guy, Gian Luigi Ferri, there’s a lot of military intelligence and cryptocracy connection, mind control connection to a lot of these things. He got into the Son of Sam and the Zodiac murders too and he says, the pattern is unbelievable. He’s worth an interview for you. (72) (73) (74)

Would you relate this to gun control in some way?

Yeah, well, this is how it’s being used. The whole society is being engineered this way. The programming, programming, the word program on television, it means programming. The violence in England, you don’t have violence on television. They don’t show it. Of course, they don’t allow guns there, either. But you have sexual murder, it’s like Jack the Ripper. These weird, perverted, repressed guys going crazy, often in the dark alleys of London, and you have these weird, strange sex crimes. But of course, we’re having those. Now we’re having those to the bizarre manifestations recently, but we didn’t used to.

I think a lot of it’s on television. There’s a phenomenon called audio-visual desensitization going on. When you have all this violence, murder, mayhem, all the blood and guts and explosions, action adventure on television, or what have you, you end up with people that are desensitized to it. You know, little kids are taking a gun and saying, “Oh, let me shoot them like on TV,” and blowing people away. Of course, there’s plenty of guns around.

Well, that’s a question I have about the Ludovico’s Technique in A Clockwork Orange. They were desensitized. I mean, they were showing films of violence, but they weren’t… were they desensitizing him? (75) (76)

Yes. Well, they were… it was like the same thing a phobia cure would be… without propping your eyes open and forcing you to watch the film. It wasn’t quite right what they showed, but they gave a general impression, okay, but it wasn’t quite right. It was, you know, but they were trying to desensitize him too.

Lone-Nut Assassins or Hypno-Programmed Patsies

The way you characterize the Luis Castillo, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, suggests a unifying theory behind the idea of the “lone-nut assassin.” Could you elaborate on that? (77) (78)

Well, I didn’t say they were assassins. I said they’re patsies, most of them, and this is the cover story. Usually there’s a shooter on lone nut assassinations theory, they’re highly trained professional military marksmen and… or more… or several of them in some cases, and then the rest of them were just throwaways. Now we don’t know if that’s true of (???) Castillo or not because there was no assassination, no crime.

But with Sirhan Sirhan, it’s pretty obvious now that times gone by, that somebody else shot him from behind and that Sirhan was just randomly shooting like hypno-programmed.

With blanks.

It could have been blanks. It could have been actual bullets. But he was hypno-programmed. And, you know, he said mind control, mind control, mind control in his diary. He could write, which also, by the way, now, you know, indicates, he had three personalities there. Each one was answering. So he kept saying things in threes, you know, he’d write them down in three times, and nobody probed that. Nobody really resolved Sirhan. He’s still in prison up there with a scrambled brain, you know. (79)

So the only one we know actually killed somebody was Mark David Chapman? (80) (81)


Yeah. So Bresler’s book ‘Who killed John Lennon?‘ came out in 1989. (82)

Yes. Good book.

Has any new information come out on Chapman?

I don’t know. I haven’t studied the Chapman case.

Because they keep bringing him back on TV

Is that right?

About six months ago or so, she even asked him directly, you know, were you controlled? And he said, no, which of course can mean nothing, I suppose.

Yeah. Well, yes. Can you be made into something against your will and without your knowledge? Most people will tell you no.

But the answer is yes.

Rapport is entry-way to Hypnosis

Of course it is. And the easiest person to hypnotize is the person that says, I can’t be hypnotized. So the hypnotist never tells you, yes, you can. They say, of course you can’t be hypnotized, and they establish rapport, and that’s the entry into hypnosis.

Pentagon Papers and Controlled Opposition

Well, this question may not be exactly on mind control, but I’m very interested because in the beginning of your book, you talk about Daniel Ellsberg. You say that he broke free from the chains of command when he leaked the Pentagon Papers. Do you still believe that? (83) (84)

Well, I don’t know. It maybe so, maybe not. Maybe he leaked them on purpose.

Well, did you read ‘Silent Coup‘ by Colodny and Gettlin? (85) (86) (87) (88)


The theory is that this was a military operation to destabilize Nixon.

Yes, could have been. It sure is possible. You bet. But Ellsberg was a good example. I always try and encourage whistleblowers. I think this happened now very much more.

Maybe he was told to.

Well, yeah, but also he might have done it for his own motives and didn’t realize how it served others. Sometimes myself, I think, you know, I’m saying, who gave me this information? How did this information come to me? Is this a leak? I mean, I’m always struggling with it. Yeah, but you can get off in a paranoid dimension that way where you never do anything. If you don’t just play it by your guts. So a guy like Ellsberg was probably doing it for the right motives on the surface of it. I don’t necessarily think that he was a witting dupe. Well, it’s like Timothy Leary was a witting accomplice with cryptocracy in his career.

Well, you’re witting, you’re not a dupe, right? I mean,-

Yeah, yeah, if you’re witting. So if you’re unwitting, I mean, you have a motive to do the right thing, but you’re being used by the other guys that are feeding you. That’s another question. I don’t know the answer to that one about Ellsberg, and I haven’t read the book. So maybe you’ll send it to me, because I’d like to see it.

Reliable telepathic results induced in average man, 65% of the time

In the June 1980 issue of Covert Action Information Bulletin, there’s an article entitled “Mind Control: The Story of Mankind Research…” In which Weberman states that Christopher Bird worked for the CIA and specialized in psychological warfare, and Peter Tomkins is an OSS exo-SS agent. Are the books authored by Bird and Tomkins, “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain” and “The Secret Life of Plants,” kind of CIA disinformation? (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95)

Well, that’s an interesting question because it’s almost like when you look at it, again, the metaview of this kind of thing, including the alien abduction phenomena, you find out that for every yes, there’s a no. For every guy… JB Rhine’s research at Duke University in the ’50s was CIA-funded, and it got positive results. (96)

I would bet it’s 50-65% positive telepathic results. The average man, 65% of the time. Reliable telepathic results can be induced in an average man, 65% of the time. Well, do you know that information? Have you seen that information? It’s covered up. They debunked, they said, “Oh, it’s a waste of all this money on Duke University.” The CIA funded the research, and there are a whole lot of people that are victims of mind control that were hypnoprogrammed presidential models that were recruited from the Duke University parapsychology experiments. They were volunteers for parapsychology, and then they ended up being sex slaves and couriers and drug mules over here in Ontario. Now 30 years later, they’re remembering. So for every yes, there’s a no.

I was taken by a man in England named David Berglas. (97)

I was on the BBC, and he says, “Gosh, Dr. Sargent is talking. I mean, you’ve got to come to the Royal Academy with us to hear this.” And I thought it was William Sargant, the guy that wrote ‘Battle For The Mind‘, (98) (99) but it was another guy, the younger guy (Carl Sargent), at Cambridge, (100) who had, who was doing a telepathy experiment in which white sound was put into the ears of the receiver, and ping pong balls, that was stimuli like, you know, you see like a blind person, just white light, and it’s the same thing as a paleo ceremony. The drum and the fire keeps your senses occupied, and in the other building are a round of 50 envelopes with torn out photos from Life Magazine or something, and you open one of them, you’re the sender, and you’ve all been tested, you’re with the cards, you show no measurable ability at ESP, neither the sender or the receiver, and you go into this room, and you’re the sender, and you open the thing, and you get a picture of a ship or something, all right, and then you concentrate on the picture of the ship. 65% of the time, the guy that’s the receiver with the ping pong balls on his eyes and the white sound on his ears will draw a picture of a ship or whatever it is you’re sending. There’s a match, 65% of the time. (101)

I saw this paper presented, and I was taken there by this man named David Berglas, who is a mentalist. He’s an expert in micro-muscle movement reading, and it’s an uncanny ability that I guess we all can learn. It’s like heightened sensory acuity. And NLP teaches you some of these things, but this guy had it developed to Nth degree. He was like an amazing Randy, you know, who’s the CIA version of David Berglas. So Berglas kept us out till four in the morning, and we had a great time at dinner, OMNI magazines was the host of this affair, and I got to talk a lot with Le Sergeant, and I was really impressed with what he was doing, and on the way home, this guy Berglas kept getting up to make a phone call, and I said, “Where are you going, David?” He says, “My 40th wedding anniversary, I have to call my wife.” And finally we go home, and he’s taken me back to the hotel in his big Pontiac American car in these narrow British streets, and suddenly, this is something weird. So we got to the hotel, and I said, “David, how long you been working for MI6?” He said, “Oh, about 20 years, you know.” So for every…- and he was the debunker of Sergeant, and I went with this guy and heard this great presentation about telepathy. Then this Berglas guy and two other guys get up, and they just rake this guy over the coals. They were nasty and venomous, and called him a fraud…and then everybody’s polite afterwards, and it’s very strange. So for every yes, there’s a no.

UFO phenomenon

And it’s almost like the UFO phenomenon. Can you handle it? What if we are in contact with an alien culture? All right, that’s millions of years more advanced, goodbye religion, we’re not going to believe in science anymore, not the science we’ve got. We’re not going to believe in our government anymore because they don’t know anything. All right, there goes civilization. We’re going to all end up like a bunch of aborigines or a bunch of the same phenomena that happened to any other culture that encounters an advanced civilization. We’re going to lose all that.

Would they be that advanced and still have malevolent purposes?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that. What do you think? I think it’s a 50-50 chance. Under any circumstance. Yes, why couldn’t they be? I mean, what’s malevolent? The extinction and annihilation of the genetic mutation that forced intervention in genetic manipulation in the human race and the extinction of the human race as we know it could be a very beneficent thing for you know, depends on your point of view. You know, if you want to be the one, no, but are you going to give your genes for your country or what? For your planet, for your race, for your species?

It would help maybe.

Maybe, but it’s hard to think of in terms of, you know, you’ve got to wife and kids and loved ones and maybe you’re going to let them go to the gas chambers to save Germany or whatever you know, I mean, of course not. The ends don’t justify the means. It’s got to be that way. I mean, I’m sort of, I just kind of believe in something inside me says that the human spirit is good and that we are, the stuff of the universe, the atoms created by whatever, you know, God or otherwise— the nameless, whatever.

Anonymous names released

Can you now reveal any of the names of the anonymous intelligence and military sources mentioned in your author’s note and in chapter 17 of Operation Mind Control?

I don’t know. What was in chapter 17? I don’t remember exactly. Was that the assassin? The assassin is dead. I could reveal his name and have to go back and look it up. He died of cancer. I’ll tell you some of the interviews that didn’t want to be identified that were living at the time was David Bruce and Abel Harriman. There were a lot of others. One of them is probably still alive, he was a high government military man, and he was about to retire and he was in intelligence and he helped me a lot.

Is one of them John Grace, the man, probably known as Valdamar Valerian? (102) (103) (104)

No. I never talked to him.

CIA Media Control and Propaganda

Can you tell us something about the stuff you’ve learned since the writing of your books?

Yeah, it’s Operation Mind Control, as it was published in by Dell in 1978, was just the tip of the iceberg. It was sort of a probe of what was going on. We covered the whole spectrum, and I’m quite amazed. I’m just a reporter. I’m just a writer, and I’m quite, in my sense, I’ve got immense education. I’ve been certified in NLP and other things and then became a lie detector operator, psychological stress evaluator, and it’s become this whole study for me. But I’m just, especially then I was just reporting what I heard, and of course, I, it was all right 17 years later with all, everybody’s tried to tear it down, and I was on all these radio shows, talent shows and, they sandbag you, where they try to nit-pick ya, trap ya and trick ya, and one guy was one of the sociologists that did one of the studies for the CIA. He was the host of Radio Free America show in Chicago. Rosenberg, Rosenbaum whatshisname, and after the end, he says, well, I was the guy that did the experiment on this submarine, and I’m sorry I had to sandbag you that way, and he felt guilty about it because it was a low cheap shot, you know.

Did you ask him why he was doing that?

Oh, it’s quite obvious. He’s been told to do that. He said, you understand why I had to do that? And I said, yeah, it’s you’re job. You know, that’s his job. But Radio Free America is a propaganda organ of the CIA, and the news.

Of course, all of our news in this country is by admission of our, of what’s his name was the CIA director? The one who just testified before the Senate when they said they wanted them to liberalize… the more freedom, you know? Gates. He was in the interim director. (105) (106)

He released the memo. First, the Congress asked him to see ways in which they could loosen up and get rid of some of these secrets. So he came back with a 100-page report that was classified for Congress, so they couldn’t show it to them, but the Congress insisted, they really made a stink. So then he released the report, and the report says that every radio, television, and newspaper in the country has a CIA asset on it. (107) (108) (109) (110) (111) (112) (113) (114) (115) (116) (117) (118) (119)

So our news is manipulated and controlled.

We know that from the dispatch document that was about How to Counter Criticism of The Warren Commission report. (120)

Oh, really? That’s wonderful.

There's hope - every disaster is a blessing in disguise

Well, it’s definitely controlled, but there’s hope… every disaster is a blessing in disguise. When information travels at the speed of light, there’s no sequency. You can’t control this stuff. So the cryptocracies days are numbered. The Clipper chip didn’t work. (121)

They’re going to try something else. They’ll keep trying. They’ll get something where they’ll have a back door so they can read your mail and eavesdrop on your computer communication, listen to your telephones, but it won’t matter because some other hacker will invent… a guy named Carl, what was his name? He had a company called Cryptex. He was Carl Nikolai, up in Oregon, Washington, Cryptex. This was back in ’80 maybe. A little $100 box. You put it on your computer, and it encodes everything. I mean, man, you’re the only ones with the keys. God forbid you lose the key. You know, you never get it back. A hundred bucks. There’s a little dinky thing. It’s kind of genius. He start making it, selling for a hundred bucks. The National Security Agency shut him down, put him into court for eight years. Violation, restraint of trade, un-American activities. You’ve got, this has got to stop, and then they figured out, well, they were afraid this guy would sell it to the Arab countries or some African nation, yeah, but here for billions of dollars, they’ve had these big systems and some guy like Nikolai, innvents this little $100 thing that totally upsets the apple cart. That is free enterprise. That’s the spirit of America. That’s what it’s all about.

That’s why this country used to be great because guys like Nikolai could do that, and the Security Act comes in, and it’s an antitrust thing. It’s a violation of our principles of business and the whole freedom, everything this country is all about. To have a cryptocracy. The National Security Act must be repealed. Must be repealed, and these cryptocrats must be sent packing, and the criminals, when you’re going to find out the criminal behavior. As soon as you’re repealing National Security Act, all the secrets are going to come.

Just like what happened in Soviet Union with its collapse. We found out all the secrets of the KGB. We’re going to find out all the secrets of these guys, of course, they’ll be destroying and burning files, and the paper shredders going, and it’s happening right now. Proudy says the lights are burning overtime in Langley. They are planting false files right now just for freedom of information requests. So you can’t depend on the freedom of information system because they plant false information in the files. All right, so you can’t believe those documents. The MJ-12 document is a perfect example. (122) (123)

Well the Pentagon papers are a good example of that. (124)

Is that a false document? I don’t know.

Trying to convince us that we could win in Vietnam.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yes, right. Yeah. But see, that’s not like a technical manual.

What is the Freedom of Thought Foundation?

Well, what is the Freedom of Thought Foundation?

The purpose of it is to abolish the National Security Act, to perhaps explore the possibility, at least with lawyers and interested parties, to bring to the public forum and discuss the possibility of amending the Constitution so that freedom of thought is an inalienable right. Our founding fathers couldn’t conceive of a time when voices could be implanted in your brain. Nor could they conceive of subliminal commands in the elevators and department stores, and I think we ought to be free of that stuff. I think we should be free from microwave radiation, electromagnetic frequencies of all kinds that affect human thought processes, and that we should be able to have a system by which we can prosecute perpetrators of mind control, be they public or private.

We have the military now recruiting multiple personality disorders from satanic cults and creating cults and supporting satanic cults to create multiple personality disorder people. So it’s a vicious circle, and it’s got to stop. We’ve got to repeal, just like we repealed the Volstead Act and when we had prohibition, you know, prohibition created the mafia and organized crime and was the first corruption of America. (125)

But the government denies free enterprise supplies. It’s inevitable as part of human nature. This is a country of mavericks and it always will be unless you want to put all of us on the streets as hollow zombies with no souls, and of course, if a handful of some secret elite is going to do that to the population, there’s no way that they’re going to escape it either. Like I said, with the Delta Force guys, you could find their codes, cues, and triggers and turn them around on their commanders. So what goes around comes around, as they say.

And the Freedom of Thought Foundation is a young, fledgling organization that’s going to raise $155 million and go to Washington to repeal the National Security Act. Also, we’re going to get aids, we’re going to do all the things I’ve been talking about on this today, we’re going to try to educate the psychiatric community about what’s wrong and what needs to be done and give them the real tools to clean up this mess that the psychiatric community, in cahoots with the cryptocracy created, a psycho-civilized society.

About the 2nd edition of the book

When will Operation Mind Control be re-released? And what will the new information be?

The first edition of 500 copies only will be released, it’s called the Flatland edition, on August 15th. It contains a lot of information. It sort of explains what the first book was about. It contains all of that information updated that was in the first book. But it also has a second volume to it. It’s more than twice the size of the first edition, and it’s got more testimony from witnesses, more interviews, and more fresh new material. And, of course, then it shines the light of the present on the past. I’m quite amazed at what I didn’t know what I know now. But it was all the seeds of it were in the first volume. So it’s quite amazing to look back 17 years and find out that the first person in the book was a multiple personality disorder. When I thought it probably would be diagnosed as schizophrenia and so forth. But it goes to show you how much we’ve grown in our understanding of the human mind in 17 years. It’s pretty amazing.

Operation Monarch

The monarch program…

The Monarch program is a very interesting thing. It had to do with a butterfly, and the early monarch victims were tattooed. There were two or three different levels of programming, and each kind of programming had its own set of codes, cues, and triggers. The people that were tattooed with a monarch butterfly were a certain type of, usually presidential models, very attractive young women. Some of them were sold into prostitution, coerced by mind control into prostitution, some sort of perverted form of prostitution to high government officials, and then the tastes, bizarre sexual taste would be cultivated for these high government officials, and then-

That fits in with the Franklin…

That’s how you would control the high government officials. The Franklin… part of the Franklin… part of it was involved in monarch. Bonassi was a monarch victim. He was one of them, and that case is still ongoing. That’s a very much alive case. That book is certainly… It was called “The Franklin Conspiracy,” wasn’t it?

No, “The Franklin Cover-up.” by John DeCamp. That was the senior senator of Nebraska. (126) (127)

That’s right, and that book is worth reading. Absolutely.

Operation MK-Ultra

If you had been a victim of MK Ultra, what plan of action would you have devised to protect yourself, if any?

Well, you wouldn’t know you would have been a victim if you were a victim of MK Ultra. I mean, the ones… You would know 30 years later probably, like is happening. The Project Monarch people started when they were infants. Some of them came from 100-year families who have been doing this for 100 years, and the CIA just accessed these people, these children. They would take babies, infants, and dip them in cold water, the bottom half of them in cold water, ice water, and then the top half of them scalding hot water, and they would dissociate. As infants. And they began to program these children this way and develop these different dissociated personalities that could then be used, and at a certain age, they would then sell them. This is still ongoing in this country. They would then sell them on a white slave market to the cryptocracy who would use them as couriers to carry messages. Improved and enhanced memory, hyper-amnesia, incredible memory abilities. Great gifts come out of people… who are tortured. Like human tape recorder type people. Sex slaves, drug mules, spies. It’s quite amazing and very useful to intelligence people.

And they developed, they took these women, these attractive women, and they used them with all the presidents, and even in the 60s, they were reporting that in the 60s, they were even given injections of different kinds to protect them from diseases that sound like AIDS back in the 60s.

50% of the US has been experimented on

Do you think the (???) are engineered?

I do, I do. Yes, and half the people of the United States have been experimented on in one form or another. 100,000 American soldiers were marched through the fallout at Trinity site. For example, 35,000 they admitted to MK-Ultra, which was the tip of the iceberg. One project, another, the radiation people, I don’t know how many that was, but that was an industry of 156,000, on and on. But the largest number was the Swine flu dress rehearsal. (128)

Swine flu dress-rehearsal

In Cuba?

No, here in the United States, we had a Swine flu. When Ford was president, we had the swine flu inoculation. There was no swine flu coming.

Swine flu was an engineered thing (psyop), and swine flu wasn’t coming, but 50% of the population got up and got the shots.

Now, we were the only country that had the chicken eggs, incubator racks, injection guns and needles, doctors, nurses, and communications system to do a quick emergency of civil defense. Drill and germ warfare was what that was.

Using you against your knowledge and without your consent as a guinea pig to see if they could get 50% of you, to go take the swine flu shots, which 50% of you did.

Now they can analyze your blood and see which of you are, to find out who are the suggestible ones in our population. (129)

We've been living under martial law since 1947

So I feel this may relate to martial law even?

Well, the National Security Act is martial law. We’ve been living under martial law since 1947. All your civil rights can be suspended by the National Security Act. In the interest of national security, you don’t get a fair trial. What’s national security? There’s no case law. Nobody knows. It’s anything they say it is. The National Security Act must be repealed in order for us to regain our Bill of Rights. (130)

Non-Lethal (Slow-Kill) Weaponry

In Christopher Simpson’s recent book “Science of Coercion,” he quotes from US Army and National Security Council documents that define US psychological warfare strategy as the clandestine targeting of the US population as well as foreign countries for psychological operations. Is there anything we can do about this except to repeal the National Security Act? (131)

Well, that’s very true. What you just read. There are elements… on one hand, there’s John B. Alexander promoting non-lethal weaponry, and he’s selling it to local police forces, and a lot of the non-lethal weapons will kill you, and the other, depending on what setting you have it on, stun or kill, so to speak. But it’ll also fry your brain and produce permanent mental debilitation, some of it. (132)

The social engineers are probably 2nd-generation Nazis from Germany

Definitely, we’ve got to get this authoritarian trend under control in this country, and there’s no reason to have a prison industry in this country. When you have the technology to rehabilitate criminals. We have social engineers in this country. These guys are criminals. They’re probably Nazis from Germany, probably second generation.

Well, we know the Paperclip Operation brought over a lot. How many would you suspect still operating? (133)

A doctor that works in a hospital, clinical psychologist said, when we tell the FBI about the satanic ritual abuse, they don’t pay attention, but when we say that there are Nazis, that it’s the skinhead Nazi doing a ritual abuse, they show up right away because they know it’s the fastest-growing thing in America.

On behalf of the Contemporary Communications Conference, we’d like to thank you, Walter.

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Walter Bowart (1939-2007) was a journalist and a prominent figure in the New York City counter-culture of the 1960s. He was influential in promoting intellectual freedom through his work as editor of The East Village Other and through his Freedom of Thought Foundation.

Bowart died of colon cancer at his sister’s home in Inchelium, Washington on December 18, 2007. At the time of his death, Bowart was working on several screenplays and novels, including The Other Crusades, which was about New York City in the early 1960s.

Wikipedia: Walter Bowart | East Village Other

First Book: Operation Mind Control (1978) by Walter Bowart

The original version of Operation Mind Control was the first book printed in the United States to explore the murky world of CIA mind control. This theme is common in Hollywood movies today but, at the time (1978), the topic was highly charged, top-secret, and extremely dangerous to research.

  • The first book ever written about the CIA’s mind control programs.
  • In these pages, author Walter Bowart uncovered a huge government “cryptocracy” dedicated to controlling and manipulating human minds.
  • Through hypnosis and drugs, ordinary citizens became CIA “zombies”: human computers, spies, trained assassins, and couriers with no control over, or memory of, their actions. Only unexplained memory gaps, multiple personality disorders, or other “mistakes” in programming revealed that something was amiss.
  • Could you be one of the thousands of people ready to be “triggered” into action by some seemingly random cue? Bowart’s devastating account includes top secret documents outlining the cryptocracy’s cold-blooded programs, as well as startling new evidence linking “assassins” Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, and Sirhan Sirhan to Operation Mind Control.

Follow-up Book: Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psychocivilize You (Expanded Researcher’s Edition) by Walter Bowart

This Researcher’s Edition is the second expanded edition of Walter Bowart’s seminal book on covert mental warfare. Published in 1994 in a limited print run of 500 copies.

  • Bowart’s Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psychocivilize You is a classic in the annals of conspiracy research. It is a disturbing account of the secret use of mind control technology, by a secret government (or “cryptocracy”), with an aim to pacifying whole populations and furthering private global-investment strategies. Meticulously researched and well-written, it remains – even today – one of the best books on the topic.

Interview on Second Book: https://youtu.be/SDpyMyu1r1s

MindNet Journal Collection

MindNet Journal & Vericomm BBS – Complete Archives by Walter Bowart, Mike Coyle, Freedom of Thought Foundation, International Committee for the Convention Against Offensive Microwave Weapons

This 1.1MB ZIP file of texts represents the most complete collection available of the MindNet mailing list & Vericomm BBS, curated and distributed by Walter Bowart and others.

  • MindNet published articles on “mind control, directed-energy weapons, non-lethal weapons, ritual abuse, UFOs, electromagnetics, hypnosis, and other related topics.”
  • There is material both questionable & verifiable here, in the years after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ceased (in the 1980s) all research into the health effects of non-ionizing radiation; a decision made by the politically-appointed leadership against the will of working scientists and which resulted in the project being turned over at an executive level to the Department of Commerce, with much of the relevant research regarding human health turned over to the military.
  • The journal also examines the Esalen Institute’s “Space Bridges” and “Track Two Diplomacy”, and their links to individuals around Gorbachev and Yeltsin who were instrumental in the collapse of the USSR.

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