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Celeste Solum’s Presentation on Synthetic Biology

(Presentation starts at 25min mark)

Celeste Solum with Maria Zeee – End Game -Synthetic Biology

4 May 2023 Rumble | Odysee | ZeeeMedia (1hr 40 min)


Okay, so facing us is an existential threat of annihilation of all biological life, as we know it, and it’s called synthetic biology, and I want to bring some clarity to this matter so that you can make some wise decisions. This decision for this synthetic biology was actually made at a Asilomar in California in 1975 to genetically modify all life on earth, and so they would use synthetic biology.

The only media to cover that event was Rolling Stone magazine, and as you can see from their cover, “You idiots! Meet the planet’s worst enemies.” (01) (02)

The Pandora’s Box Congress, this is back in 1975, they were going to rewrite the genetic code. (03)

So this whole thing with finding the genome was not about the mysteries. It was about the exploitation of our genetic code.

So we live in a day and age where the world has arrogantly purged from its original design, and with great hubris, which is excessive pride or self-confidence, mankind is engineering a counterfeit. It’s an alien world where a plant looks like a plant, but it is synthetic. An animal has the appearance of a particular animal, but it is a manufactured monstrosity.

In this foreign landscape, humans are being reconstructed into hybrids and synthetic life forms. So unlocking the genome was not about peering into the mysteries of creation, but seizing the blueprint of life and modifying it in its entirety.

So my job is to assist each one of you in wrapping your head around what I mean when I say synthetic biology. So most of us began to discover that we were on this slippery slope in the 1990s when we heard about genetically modified or GMO foods. This was when genetic material from one species was put into another species, and then these GMO foods were laced with various chemicals and sent to your grocery store.


Hydrogel. Think of an empty water balloon inside of you, and you get injected and then it assembles and swarms. One of the signatures of a DARPA program is the swarming, and so it starts to grow inside your body, and what does it do? How does it how is it powered? It’s harvesting your nutrition and your life force, and your energy, and if let’s say it’s a nanoparticle and it’s out in the environment someplace, it’s it’s harvesting from the environment that it’s in, whether it’s the air or the water or whatever.

So it is actually growing, and as it grows, it will eventually take over your brain, every nook and crevice of your brain, all over your whole body until it consumes you and you die, and so slowly your biological self withers and dies. So that’s kind of how it works.

  • This sort of ties in with what Dr. Ana Mihalcea has shown, which is that the nanotechnology or even Karen Kingston said the same thing. It hijacks the brain so much so that it forms new neurons and overcomes your existing brain neurons.

Well, it actually makes synthetic neurons. They’re they’re no longer human. It kills off the human ones and replaces it with synthetic or hybrid.

So back in the early days, we heard about smart dust and nanoparticles and I’m showing you some pictures. So smart dust is a system of many tiny micro electro mechanical systems, such as sensors, robots and other devices for detection, surveillance and a guidance system. The dust is about the size of dust to an atom.

In 2020, I counted 33 different classifications of robots. There’s pinchers and cleavers and callipers and what they their job and their function is to get this stealth material, this foreign material to become one or to cleave to your cells and in your body and organs. It is stealth: they put a protein around it so that your body does not recognize it as a foreign invader, and so then in approximately 72 hours, it becomes one with the tissue wherever it is being applied, and then furthermore, what it does is your body then becomes a bio reactor, and we first saw this with GMO foods, the pesticide – when it got into our microbiome, it would our gut would continually make the pesticide, and that’s what was making many, many people sick in the 1990s.

Now they took it to the next level, our whole bodies are being turned into spike protein bioreactors. It doesn’t have to be the spike protein. It can be any pathogen, but right now it’s in to generate the spike protein.

  • The technology that’s inside the food is enabling the body to produce any pathogen. So this is why people still have symptoms of COVID/long COVID? This is enabling that those symptoms to continue?

Yes, and that’s also why there is transmission because the body’s constantly making new, and until those spike proteins cleave to the body, they’re being transmitted out. Your body tries to purge these things out, and then that’s when you know, if I put my hand down on the counter at the grocery store and you touch that, then you’re going to pick it up and it’s transmitting.

  • Why do you think some people aren’t experiencing this?

Because it’s programmable and we’re going to see this in a few minutes. So it is programmed. So is for plausible deniability. If we all keeled over at the same time, there either would be an uprising or something (if we were alive and able to do it), but in this way, if it’s just slowly people just die out, and then, sometimes they blame it on this or they blame it on that, and people don’t really know, and the further we get from the event, the less people are going to think that it was a result of vaccination or the platforms being in the food.


Nanoparticles. So nanoparticles are made up of different materials that have special and I would say magical properties because that’s where the graphene comes in. Nanoparticles carry out their tasks using their many shapes and those can include, I mean there’s hundreds of them at this point, but nanospheres, nanofibers, nanostars, nanoflowers, nanopyramids and nanoboxes, and hydrogel is now a nanoparticle and they have aerosolized it. They did that in 2021 and that’s called aerogel, and if you’re interested in a great article on that, I did Aerogel: Smoke from hell. It’s called liquid smoke and here’s an example of how it is when it’s in a film form like a biofilm. (04) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09) (10) (11) (12)

Okay, now we’re getting to, we’ve done smart dust, we’ve done nanoparticles and these are different, a little bit different than synthetic biology, and even I got sidetracked. Have you ever been on a highway and you’re supposed to stay in the center lane, but you exit and you didn’t mean to go there? That’s not where you wanted to go. I was immersed in synthetic biology and I found myself down this road, this path and I’m going, but this isn’t synthetic biology. This is the nanoparticles.


Synthetic biology repurposes living systems and organisms. Basically, it changes their function from the way that God originally designed it to a new function, and it’s usually green. So engineers have accomplished designing, controlling, programming, cellular and even molecular behaviour. I know it sounds incredible, but they have. They have made biological robotic machines for very useful purposes, and one of those is the Green Initiative.

What each one of you need to know, is that SynBio makes you, it hollows you out. SynBio is a receptacle for the dead. Basically, they’re gutting you like a fish and making you a receptacle for dead spirits, demons, other parallel dimension entities.

But, and if you’re a Bible believer, you realize that Bible often talks about our body being like a garment. So that’s not unheard of in biblical, and probably if you have a different faith, you probably have a similar tradition. We have similar threads. We may believe a few different things, but we have some common threads there.

So they’re hollowing you out or gutting you to fill you with lots of synthetic stuff, and you would not be human at that point. That’s why I say you start out human, then you go to a hybrid, and then you go to a synth or a synthetic life form where there is nothing human in you at all.

  • Because it’s a staged process, people aren’t realizing that they’re, for lack of a better word, slowly becoming zombified, but we do see it, and I have to say there is an acceleration in those who’ve had the COVID injections.
  • A lot of them, particularly multiple injections, you see there’s just like a film over their eyes or something. Just unable to connect with reality.
  • I’ve even witnessed people, going to cross the street and stopping for a while, like a man in his 30s maybe, and kind of looking around and going, what am I doing? Like just really out of it. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

So this was designed as a neural weapon. It was designed to take out our brain. So it’s very sad, but there’s evil people doing these neural weapon policies.

So how did we get here? It’s kind of like the Etch-A-Sketch that you played with as a kid. Synthetic biology rewrites your DNA, and DNA is the blueprint or the code of life, and in every organism, there are stretches of DNA that can be read to produce proteins. So there’s this exotic flamingo dance occurring in your body between the proteins and enzymes and the amino acids. The flamingo dance has a structure and a form, and so does this chemical interchange between these living parts. It’s really quite beautiful.

The perversion. There’s a new player that comes into the dance, and this dance of the circle with this new dancer, revolves around designing or redesigning all biological systems and organisms to give them new properties, combines biology and engineering, merges biological life with machine, uses synthetic DNA, and brings forth new organisms and life forms.

So, the classification of life used to be the linnaeus classification of life. It has been since ancient times. (13)

Well, about 2009, they knew that there was this new, well, the elite had their plans and there are different cycles on the face of the earth. These two were going to converge between 2020 and 2050, and so they knew that new organisms… we have entered the sixth extinction level event. We did that on December 21st, 2020. We went into this new 25,000 year cycle. The last extinction level event, 90% of all life on earth went extinct. Well, the elite knew this, and so they were just going to make money and get power ahead of all these, and they knew these new organisms… So you and I and all the microbes and the fish in the sea and the elephants and our favorite dog and cat all come from that 10% that survive. So they knew, but there were some new organisms and life forms that came forth. So they got rid of the linnaeus classification of life and they did something called the PhyloCode. (14) (15) (16) (17) (18)

Two major things happened about that. In 2019, it was completed and it went into effect. What was the first new life form under this new classification that went around the world? Take a guess, Maria.

  • I don’t know.

COVID. It was the new life form. It came from seven different animals, seven different pathogens, seven surprises built with a payload that could do explosives, toxins. It has multiple different things, depending on the frequency that hits it. Everybody talks about Event 201, and it’s like, you guys, I designed exercises and I pull my hair out because Event 201 was just a regular pandemic exercise, Clade X was done at the time that they instituted the PhyloCode. Humans are humans. Dogs are dogs. Cats are cats. But in this new system, humans are put with tetragrades, dinosaurs, birds – that’s our new family. So, it’s kind of strange, and that’s what Clade X was about. That was an exercise about bringing a new life form pandemic into the world. So, anyway, you can check it out. (19) (20) (21)

  • I mean, Todd Callender and Lisa McGee. I’ve often referred back to this interview that I did with them where they show that, radioactive materials and all this other stuff in the shots to essentially remotely be able to be programmed to produce anything within the human body. (22)

The most basic document that you can look at, if you want to look at a document is the NASA strategic warfare 2025 document, and it talks about the explosive capability of the smart dust. It’s 113 slides, and it has some that remain stationary, but there are slides that are inserted before something comes operational, and once it becomes operational, then that set of slides disappears. It’s a living document, so to speak. (23) (24)

Okay, so just using modern alchemy these molecules can turn one thing into another, just like magic. That’s the magic of graphene for you. They can even form larger structures to give rise to materials such as hair. Since the 1970s we’ve learned how to cut and paste DNA sequences from one organism to another. Around the year 2000 when scientists and engineers decided that it was time to bring some “proper engineering” into the discipline giving birth to synthetic biology. The goal for synthetic biology was to create a framework in which engineers could break down matter into standardized parts, and they’re breaking matter all the way down to atoms and molecules, and if you can’t think that small, think about Legos. They could then reuse and combine them in different ways to fulfill the global agenda.


Hairbots. Did you know that each one of us are a literal artillery of the global agenda? Our bodies are actually being turned into bio weapons. One way this is being done is through the hairbot. Let’s just say that shampoo isn’t the way that it used to be. Our hair is being weaponized to help strip the planet of its atmosphere, and as a convenient drug delivery system. I’m not kidding. They began putting these hairbots in commercial shampoos in 2008. This is a robot that goes into your hair, and it’s sucking out the oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen out of the atmosphere, when we use the commercial shampoo.

(evidence? link? name? proof? reference? anything?) ~ Penny


Now, for you guys out there, we’ve got nano dragsters racing the highways of your body. So the nano dragster, I’m not kidding. This is a molecular machine. It really truly is. It’s dubbed the world’s smallest hot rod, and it’s similar to the nano car. (25) (26)

These nano dragsters are built with the carbon buckyball. Many of you may be taking C60. As soon as the synthetic biology about 2020 and I was seeing manipulation of the metals, I started staying away from things that were traditionally like your colloidal silver, your colloidal gold, and carbon C60, you’ll see why in a minute, because it is being manipulated via magnetism and other types of technology. So they’re actually using the buckyballs, which are the round things on the wheels. (27) (28)

Temperature gets it moving. The name comes from the nano cars resemblance to the dragster as it has the staggered wheel fitment and having a shorter, a shorter axle, with smaller wheels in the front and the larger wheels in the back. So the nano car utilizes the P-carbrane wheels and moves as it slides on ice rather than rolling. So it doesn’t roll like a car wheels would, but it’s it slides. The rear wheels are the spherical fullerene or the carbon C60 molecules or the buckyballs attracted to a drag strip that is made of a very fine layer of gold. So some of us have been laced with a fine layer of gold, and these nano cars and dragsters use that as a runway, or a highway in your body. (29)

  • So what’s the purpose of this nano car?

They have different pathological missions and they also start turning you from a human more into a machine.

  • All of these different technologies that are inside of people, are they being monitored by someone real in real time? Or is this already AI monitoring it?

It’s AI. Yeah. A person couldn’t do it, but that said, we have seen the day where if you go to your doctor and he says, you shouldn’t eat that bagel and you go ahead and eat that bagel, you have so many sensors in your body that’s ratting on you to your doctor, to your health insurance, to your life insurance, to your employer. So this is the world that we live in right now.

  • I think right now we haven’t seen the results of the fact that these sensors are within the body because if this was exposed right now to all the doctors, which by the way, are going to be replaced by AI. (30)
  • If this was exposed to them, it would alert too many people to the fact that, hang on, why do so many people have nanotechnology inside them that’s able to transmit their biometric data to a system? How did that happen?

Yes, and when they started seeing things like Dr. Ana and some of the other doctors are seeing different things. (31) So this nano dragster and other nano machines are designed for use in transporting items so they can transport drugs or whatever. This technology can be used in manufacturing computer circuits. They also are building these metallic scaffolds in our body and electronic with electronic components. They are used in conjunction with the pharmaceuticals inside of the human body. So oftentimes they’re transporting drugs, maybe across your blood brain barrier or other places.


Magnetic Phenomenon is Real

Now, you’re not even going to believe this. They actually have international nano car dragster races. So the nano car race is an international scientific competition with the aim of testing the performance of these molecular machines and the scientific instruments used to control them. The race of the molecules takes place on 100 nanometer track and was held for the first time in Toulouse, France on the 28th and the 29th of April 2017, but has been continuing on to this day. (32) (33)

  • The scientists that are participating in these races, Celeste, do they know what they’re doing?

I was just listening to one this afternoon and they think it’s very cool.

  • I suppose from their mind, they would, you know, potentially believe that the world’s a great place and people are inherently good. This could be revolutionary for healing sickness. This is probably what they would be thinking rather than there are very evil, dangerous people out there that are going to weaponize this against humanity.

Well, this person that I was listening to was part of the evil part and he thought it was very cool. He thought this was all very good. You know, yeah, I, there’s a couple people that I watch and I just like shake my head. Are you familiar with Dr James Giordano? So I’ve been following him and exposing his work. By the way, he used to be very prevalent on YouTube. They’ve been taking them down because they don’t want people to really know what’s going on. (34)

Scientists have determined for all of us, biology should be engineered, revolving around:

  • designing,
  • building,
  • manipulating,
  • and replicating the building blocks of life (your basic atoms in your body)

The difference is that these are BioBricks. That’s the real name. (35) (36) (37)

So remember the flamenco dance, the enzyme engineering or protein engineering can be defined as the exotic dance between the enzymes, the DNA mutations, and these designer proteins. DNA synthesis is the creation of artificial DNA molecules, which is equivalent to artificial DNA. So they’re basically ousting you as a human and inserting artificial or synthetic into you.

  • Can I ask you Celeste, the push for the COVID injections, obviously they’re putting, they’re transforming all biology into synthetic biology through every which way, through water, through food, through the air, every way that they possibly can, but there was such a push for the COVID injections. Why the push to get injected if this stuff is everywhere?

Because it was a concentrated amount and there were other things that they put in the vaccine other than just the platforms.

Well, I’m here to tell you. So it started with in 2015 with the blueprint for biosecurity, and then it went to the Apollo program for Biodefense, and then a year ago, in 2022, in April, they came out with the Athena agenda, and the Athena agenda showed you different ways that they were going to get the vaccines into you without you going to the doctor. Like everything from eye drops to the creams, lotions, you name it, it was going to get into your body, but the startling thing is, they wanted to give each individual 20,000 vaccines, 20,000, and that is only 1% of their goal. They want to give you more than that. (40) (41) (42) (43) (44)

Apollo Report Notes:


  • It’s hard to do vaccination for novel pathogens ahead of time. However, there’s a relatively limited number of known virus families and lessons learned from developing one vaccine can transfer well to others…
  • “Therefore, by investing in vaccines for at least one prototype pathogen in each of the 25 viral families known to infect humans, we could reduce the global burden of infectious disease while simultaneously preparing for the next unknown biological threat. These efforts would also help develop a strong and diverse research community, better prepare us to address new threats rapidly as they emerge, and prevent the need for difficult and blunt interventions”
  • We should continue research to validate generalizability. When we need to use the same vaccine approach in the future, rapid entry into Phase 1 clinical trials will be possible by leveraging data from previous clinical trials.


  • To ensure that we have a multitude of drugs ready at the beginning of the next pandemic, we need to make investments in the development of multi-pathogen therapeutics—those that can be effective against multiple phylogenies of viruses.”
  • Previous efforts to develop multi-pathogen therapeutics have largely targeted direct-acting small molecule antivirals. However, new modalities are emerging that may result in increased breadth and potency and which warrant extra investment, including host-directed antivirals and monoclonal antibodies targeting regions conserved across multiple viral species.”


  • Healthcare workers may be in short supply in a global pandemic, and many people are afraid of needles.
  • “The U.S. government should invest in the advancement of the aforementioned technologies which enable transdermal (microarray patches), intranasal, inhalable, and oral delivery of drugs and vaccines. We can deliver pharmaceuticals that use these methods by developing them for infectious diseases for which needle-based delivery is currently predominant


  • Currently infection detection requires the host to be sick before we’re on the alert. The world doesn’t need to be that way.
  • “We are on the verge of the ability to detect whether the body is currently infected with any pathogen, known or unknown, through the interrogation of host biomarkers. Increasingly, we can also detect infection indicators non-invasively through advances in wearables and volatolomics.” (45) (46) (47)
  • “Minimally invasive technologies (i.e., those that permit sample acquisition without pain, discomfort, inconvenience, or risk) would also facilitate molecular diagnostics for the identification of pathogens. ”


  • “By leveraging advances in machine learning, and in particular natural language processing, we can continuously track vast amounts of data and filter the noise to provide relevant information to public health experts. This information is useful to prompt further investigation, allocate resources, and inform clinicians and public health authorities about potential pathogens to consider in their routine work”


  • “An integrated real-time national pathogen surveillance and forecasting center with advanced capabilities to detect and model naturally occurring, accidentally released, and intentionally introduced biological threats does not currently exist.”
  • “Aggregating diverse data sources in real-time and forecasting infectious disease outbreaks are necessary to prevent or rein in the spread of biological threats.”

  • So when they’re saying vaccines, are they talking about literal shots in arms? I mean, I know they’ve got the little microneedle patches and things like that now. Or are they talking about through food, through the air, through the water?

Through food, air, nasal spray, eye drops, you name it, even your lotion is going to be against you. It’s going to have components that you don’t want in your body.


Molecular breeding. So there’s this whole new language that we have to learn with synthetic biology. We just learned the COVID language. Now we have to learn about synthetic biology. I will be going into all of the words and what you can do and how we can stand against it, but this is just a little overview. So molecular breeding, or MAS, refers to the technique of using DNA markers that are tightly linked to evolutionary traits, known as phenotypes which are genetic expression and are really involved with that phylocode I was talking about, and to assist in a selection scheme for a particular breeding objective.

Now you might think the Holocaust there, a selection system and a breeding objective, and it can be either directed evolution or experimental evolution.

Synbio Technologies using proprietary algorithms to facilitate and expedite the antibody discovery process. Their antibody discovery services include:

  • Hybridoma Sequencing (what pops out to me is the prefix “hybrid” in hybridoma. I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where they’re going with this)
  • Hybridoma Technology is a method for producing a large number of identical antibodies called monoclonal antibodies (and I know we’re all familiar with those. Monoclonal antibodies from COVID with from the humanized mice, and once those get into your body, that is what turned your body into the bioreactor to make all of the spike protein).

Conquering the world using:

  • Synthetic Enzymes
  • Protein
  • Novel Antibodies
  • Vaccine Making
  • Novel Enzymes
  • The novelty that could be in its source, physio-chemical, kinetics, structure, or functionality

It can be in your food, animal feed, fuel, pharmaceuticals, even detergents. These are just a few.

Write the code for designer life?

Evolutionary techno agrarians are redesigning the food supply for:

  • Promulgation of Earth Religious Worship.
  • Metamorphosis from the natural world to an evil kingdom (which is the satanic digital twin that actually came from a military document in December 2019.)
  • Changing the original intended function for all biological life for efficiency and convenience.
  • Can I pause you there? First of all, the promulgation of earth religious worship. This is sort of that universalism, you know, worshipping the earth, saving the world from climate change, all that sort of stuff and destroying the human to save the earth, basically. So what we’re talking about this, this is how they’re going to do it. This is the guise that it’s going to come under, but it’s not even really about fooling people because are they going to be rewired for earth worship?

Yes, they are being rewired for earth worship, but they are also the UN mandate is to take nothing from nature. So there is a YouTube and it’s from the Onion and it’s called Taco Bell CEO. Everybody should watch that, and it talks about the CEO. It’s this like, it’s supposedly a satire of the early morning talk shows and the talk show host and the hostess and they’re interviewing the Taco Bell CEO about how their tacos are going to take the CO2 out of the air and how they’re going to melt down the plastic forks and the spoons and the lids and the things, and they’re going to put them in their new chalupas to save the earth, and my husband and I looked at each other and we go, this is this is going to happen. This was not a satire. This was going to happen, and it did. (48)

Not even a month after that, we saw a Burger King billboard in Missoula, Montana, and it said, Our burgers are so good. It grows hair in your mouth.” Well, that was back in the 90s where those rats when they were fed GMO food, they grew hair in their mouth. (49)

So about maybe 10 years ago, DARPA had this program and it sat on the shelf. It’s called Cornucopia. Cornucopia is a way to 3D print food. What does it print food from? It’s air, water, electricity and a few weaponized microbes for flavouring. It is to be sold at one one thousandth of a calorie or by the molecule, and that is why you are seeing the dismantling of agriculture around the world so that there will be no options. You will have to go to this supply unless you grow your own (and growing your own will probably be illegal). (50) (51) (52)

So that is a military document that I based my dark winter presentation on, and I got that in December of 2019 when I was actually doing a presentation with a lot of the doctors that you’re familiar with. I had to redo my presentation because it was talking about this digital virtual twin. So what’s happening is through luring and the sirens of technology are trying to get people into this metaverse, a different world, a digital twin of this world, but it will be devoid of God and anything that he represents.

  • So it changes the original intended functions of all biological life for efficiency and convenience.
  • Uses genetic programming. That’s what we were talking about. Why isn’t everybody dropping dead at one time? That’s why.
  • By using gene editing techniques, scientists are deleting unfavorable genes and improving their target characteristics in accordance with UN sustainable goals.
  • Yeah, so those unfavorable genes are not actually, you know, things that are going to improve our health. It’s in line with what the UN wants.

Yes, which is they want his dead. Yes, that’s that’s basically.

This was a white paper on synthetic guidance and, you have to ask, “Who is guiding it?” A.I. different entities from different dimensions? Like, I’m not going to trust these idiots, but anyway, they use CRISPR-Cas9 and I think they’re up to like 13 now. Cas13 technology and as advanced DNA design and synthesis to change the original intended function. So once again, I’m saying it over and over again. Put it in your head. Synthetic biology changes the function, the function of you, the function of the plant, the function of your animals. It changes everything, if it’s biological life, it’s changing its function. (53) (54) (55)

  • So does it change the whole process inside the body as well, the way that your biology would normally?

Yeah, there’s it. They actually even have checkpoints. So, like, if you’re only allowed one thousandth of a calorie and you find a piece of bread, like in the Hunger Games, the checkpoints in your body will not let you absorb it. They have literal checkpoints in our bodies. Yeah, it’s evil, evil, evil, evil.

So these are ready to use and they you can know that it is synthetic guided. (sgRNA synthesis) “S” stands for synthetic guided RNA. No, I don’t want it. Thank you very much.

They also engage in:

  • Synthetic guided RNA vector construction (sgRNA vector construction)
  • CRISPR sgRNA library synthesis (they have this library of mutations and they said, “okay, Maria gets these a set of mutations, and Celeste is going to get these set of mutations”)
  • Genome editing services. These technologies act like scissors, cutting the DNA at specific spots and replacing it with the segments that drive the new desired function.
  • Vectors are never good. Synthetically biologically engineered vectors can shape future gene therapeutic approaches as well as the structure and the function of your body.
  • The scientific magicians design these vectors to turn genes on and off at critical places for desired function.

Now some of you may wonder, why am I aging. Why am I gaining weight? Why is my body not operating the way that it used to? My mother and grandmother, grandpa, grandfather didn’t have this. It’s because they can turn genes on and off at will and they can do it by frequency. So they know your vulnerabilities, they can exploit those vulnerabilities. They can you can turn off fat genes and turn them on, and it used to be you could turn on the skinny genes through probiotics but now they want a synthetic bio microbiome. So you can’t even trust the probiotics that are out there.

  • So again, this is powered by AI and you said they know your vulnerabilities. So say for example, someone is really trying to lose weight and because your biometric data is being sent to the AI super Satan as I call it. That you’re saying that AI computer if you will is sifting through seeing what that human beings vulnerabilities are and making sure that it keeps programming the human to suffer.

The suffer and also to make bring them into UN compliance.


Embedded IP Addresses Exposed

So we’ve been talking about a lot about the new functions within the discipline of synthetic biology, but it is just one example of many that can be provided in order for you to identify this process.

So many of you have discovered that everything from humans to animals to food to corpses even have IP addresses. So why would humans animals and food need an IP address?

DNA is a biological macromolecule that stores genetic information.

With its density, ease of replication, and long term stability, DNA has the potential to serve as the ideal storage medium to answer a uniquely 21st century problem: the information explosion.

A thumb-sized DNA can theoretically store all of the information on the entire internet. In your DNA. So you’re going to use you as an external thumb drive for data storage.

  • Okay. So I guess this is really just giving people a visual of how easy it is for them to store all of your individual data. My question is, would there be certain people that are more of a target than others, or is this so advanced that they don’t even need a human to be looking at that person of interest’s data?

Well, it’s AI, but this is that they’re going to use humans. You’ve seen pictures of the servers, all lined up in the buildings. Well, now they figured that it’s cheaper and more efficient to use you – Maria – as a DNA storage unit, until you expire, and then of course, it gets transferred to somebody else, but they’re going to use you in the meantime, as data storage.

  • There are so many articles out there about using human beings as signal receptors, things of this nature, essentially like a walking mobile phone that’s receiving all these signals and can store data and can do all of this. So the human being becomes that.

Yeah, it’s pretty soon you won’t need then the new humans being born are really part of the quantum computer system. So they will not need a cell phone or a laptop. They will be able to communicate real time. Be really careful those of you who wear contacts, their hydrogel, the drops are dangerous, and this technology is coming that it would literally become your IP, your, well, your computer, your cell phone and everything. So you won’t have to stick those funny things in your ears anymore. You’ll just be wearing it.


Humanized Antibodies

So, of course, we learned about humanized mice in the beginning of COVID. So now we have to be aware of humanized antibodies from foreign creatures. So it’s not mice anymore. We got the whole wild kingdom that they’re humanizing. So humanized antibodies are antibodies from non human species. From a gorilla to a snake, whose protein sequences have been modified to increase their similarity to the antibody variants produced naturally in humans. That means your body is not going to reject it in simple terms. Scientists claim these antibodies used primarily in monoclonal antibodies are not chimeric, but they are chimeric by their definition because they’re using non human species.

I go through 150 journals, each with 50 studies, at least once or twice a week to keep up on this.

1:21:39 (S. 4488 document again)


mRNA is in ALL Food

There are different platforms besides the mRNA. mRNA is just one of the ones that is known. This is biology by design and this is this images from the Ginkgo BioWorks program, which program cells to make everything from food to materials to therapeutics. (56)

Remember, everything is broken down to the molecular level, and then it is reassembled, and I can give you from that 2018 military transhumanist unveiling that I went to, they were able to take a cadre of soldiers that were in one room, and they were able to break them down just like on Star Trek, and transport them to your living room and re-assemble them.

They had that technology in 2018.

  • Like a teleporter? I know that they’ve spoken about in the Metaverse, particularly during lockdowns, you could have a virtual gathering in your lounge room and it would seem so real. But this is predominantly through VR headsets and things like that and avatars, but they’re not talking about teleportation in the Metaverse. This is different.

No, this is real. Actually taking troops from one location, breaking them down to the molecular form and reassembling them in a location that they want them.

  • Wow. So this is really science that many people wouldn’t understand. Am I wrong to think that this is science that’s borrowed from the spiritual realm? Because if you look at the Bible, there are stories of teleportation, if you will. That’s God making it possible for that person to safely have that occur. So these guys are borrowing from things that defy the laws of physics. But it’s it is demonic knowledge.

Yes, fallen angel.


DARPA’s Cornucopia New Food Deal

Cornucopia became operational on February 3rd, 2023.

It breaks food down to its molecular level and substitutes nutrition for function.

So you’re worshiping mother earth and you’re making your reparation to earth by starving to death.

Humanity is left to pay the value added prices for any vitamins, mineral fibre, or other health benefits that real food has.

  • Are we saying they will be real food available but at a very high price?

No, if you grow it, there will be value-added things that you can buy a vitamin A or vitamin C, or fibre that used to be an orange or lettuce or whatever, but you’re not going to have that anymore. So you’re going to have to buy any nutrition and pay the exponentially high prices for it.

  • So if you’re on a minimum wage, Universal Basic Income (UBI), you won’t be able to afford it.

No. So you won’t be able to be healthy. It’s basically like you’re in a concentration camp.


Talks about her Synthetic Biology Webinar. Goes public to humanity on May 17th.

  • Let me just say, and I’m sure that many of the viewers are feeling the same way. This is incredibly heavy and dark information, if you will. Not that your intention is that, but their intention is that, and it’s it may be overwhelming to a lot of people or it may even feel to a lot of people that this is just way out there, Celeste. It’s not possible to achieve all this. This is really pipe dreams. What do you say to that?

So when I provide documentation like I did for Senate bill 4488. So I am the document queen. So I don’t say anything unless I have documentation. So I can take you to the URLs or direct you, especially those of you that get it in the book or ebook so that you can go do your own deep dive. You don’t have to take my word for it. Whether it’s out there or not, it’s happening. There are things we can do. I just gave you an overview of the problem this evening, but in the webinar, I’m going to balance each concept that we talked about many of the concepts tonight. But I’m going to show you how you can stand and overcome it as a human and be a pure human and take authority over it in the webinar. So I mean, I’m not going to do it like a whole section. I’m going to give you the like a definition, the concept, and then how do you stand against that? So you’ll have the tools right along this you go.

  • Yes, I’ve heard a conversation between you and Steve Quail. I think it was a recent conversation or at least it was uploaded recently about the importance of faith and how faith is really the only weapon against this agenda, and I am in complete agreeance with you. I think we need to be wise as human beings. We need to prepare. We need to know this stuff so that we know, what to pray about.
  • When you’re talking about, you know, growing your own food, they’re already making steps here in Australia to stop people from doing that. I know that they’re doing that already in China, which is, you know, the model, the whole world wants to follow. Let’s lock our people up in burning buildings and have them burn to death. You know, beat the animals on the street. Yes, China did such a great job.
  • So, they’re already stopping people from growing their own food. Authorities are coming. I watched a video yesterday and trying to destroy people’s own food supply. It’s unbelievable. So, there will be a time.
  • How is it that you maintain that joy with having all of this knowledge inside of you of what they want to do to humans?

Because I was born with a calling. I was equipped. I have the Lord, and he who is in me is greater than he who is in the world, and they have plans, but they’re not all going to go smoothly, and the outcome that they’re hoping for is not going to happen. God is in control, and I am in firm belief, but I’m also a realist and I may down my life, and that’s okay.

You have to balance. So I have my things of joy. I love my dog. I love my garden. I just got news that I’m going to my dream home in Montana, and so I love to hear the hummingbirds, and I love the wind kissing my cheeks. I love to smell flowers. I love to grow my own food and then make my own, I preserve it, and then I make my own creations.

So there’s a lot that I do to offset this darkness, and each person, you might not be into that, maybe you’re into baking, bake something and give it away to somebody. If you’re a musician, stand on a corner and just make joyful music that people can enjoy, and just be a delight. I mean, each of us has gifts that we can share with humanity, and when you give, you’re not really taking anything from yourself. It’s just one light like when we light a candle. The candles lit. We light the other candle. It doesn’t diminish what I have inside, but then you’re lighting the candle for somebody else.

I’ll close with the story. So I met this lady in the 80s. She was like 85 or something, she was a short, little woman like four foot nine or something, and she was trying to decide what two loaves a bread to get, and she couldn’t read the labels, and I said, would you mind me to bring these down? And she goes, oh, yes, I would be so thankful if you would take these down, and so I grabbed them, she made her choice, and she looked at me. She goes, “My name is Esther. Did you know that that name is in the Bible?” I looked for her all my days when I visited that grocery store and I never saw Esther again. Was she an angel? I know that she touched my life just in that brief few moments that we had together, and each one of us can do that in our particular gifting.

I have people that have given me artwork. One lady made me this beautiful quilt so that I could have it on my legs when I do broadcasting in the wintertime. We all have things that we can do, and so I really encourage everybody. That’s how you’re going to stay a pure human… and stay away from pharmaceuticals!


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