Dr. Alphonzo Monzo – Detox Nanotech

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Food, minerals, and practices to disable nanotech.

Dr. Alphonzo Monzo – Detox Nanotech/weaponized pathogens

Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip | Full Video (Nov 2022): Rumble | RedVoiceMedia

“Some more information if people want to know what are some things you can really do to protect yourself right now” ~ Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, naturopath

Food & Minerals that really help against nanotech: (Save Image Below)

  1. Copper
    • “Sulfate or gluconate, start slow 2mg”
    • Cod Liver Oil
    • Grass-fed Beef Liver/Organs
      • “Copper is a really key thing to understand the copper metabolism. So a way to get natural copper into body is grass fed beef organs, cod liver oil, because you need the Retinol.”
    • You can get trace minerals added back to your water.
  2. Magnesium is a huge thing today.
  3. IP 6 gold
    • “That’s really huge because you need to get the synthetic iron and the excess iron that they’ve been putting in the food supplies since the 40s out of your body, that’s one way to do it.”
  4. Wholefood C
    • (Food-based Vitamin C, not supplements)
  5. Ionic boron (3-6mg)
    • “Most herbs and most drugs will not touch the stuff. They were designed to evade them.”
  6. EMF & RF Protection
  7. CVA & ATB Coherent Restores
    • (I’ll keep watching the videos to see what he means by this)
  8. Strong Magnetic Fields (NOT Electromagnetic Fields)
    • Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) cause nanotech to self-replicate
    • Strong magnetic fields disables the software
      • “So what you have to do is you hit them with strong magnetic fields, not electromagnetic, magnetic fields, and that erases their software.
      • Once their software is erased, you can detox these things out because there are nothing more than just particles at that point, but when they have an operating system and it’s active and online, it’s almost impossible to get the stuff out.
      • So that’s the missing piece a lot of people are looking at. You want to hit them with strong magnetic fields, then get the stuff out.”

“You have a window because eventually what they’re going to do is they’re going to communicate again to 5G or something and download a new software, but so you hit them with the strong magnets and then you detox the stuff out – that’s how we’re getting them.”

  • Full Video Interview: Sean Morgan interviews Dr. Alphonzo Monzo about the nanotech in the “vaccines” and how we can get rid of it. November 12, 2022

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