Mark My Words…THIS is Coming in 2022

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It’s Time to Sound the Alarm, and Prepare

  • The good news is you’re getting a heads-up, and have time to prepare.
  • The bad news is that this is actually happening…

Mark My Words…THIS is Coming in 2022

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This is one you can send to friends who aren’t conspiratorial to warn them to prepare, without confusing them with all the things you know they aren’t ready for.

Download it or share to your loved ones from the links above.

Here is a followup video he did where he discusses the evidence:

PROOF That it’s Coming – (You Must Prepare NOW)

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THIS is how you know it’s happening. Mark my words – this is imminent, no matter how much we don’t want it to be. And this is how you should immediately prepare, because you absolutely want to get ahead of this before the masses do.

This is his update video where he discusses the evidence. Another good video that you can send to those who are not ready to hear the whole thing but you want to help them realize they need to prepare.

Jimmy Corsetti:

Learn more about the Great Reset

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