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Here are the notes I took from a video about the Gerson diet from Dr Gerson’s daughter. I may not of taken down all the notes required for the full diet as it may not of been covered in the video, but here’s a guideline for those interested in finding out what the Gerson diet is all about.

I’ll post the video as soon as I find it again (these notes are from my notebook written on scraps of paper.. so may be a bit all over the place)

12-13 Juices per day

(Nutrients every hour. Immune system needs nutrition. Re-build reserve tanks – at least 2 years)

Organic only (nutrients are not in our food today)

The 12-13 Juices are:

  • 1 Orange Juice (freshly squeezed)
  • 1 Orange Juice with Liver capsules (liver caps with pure carrot juice produces acid which was found to be very important to activate the immune system)
  • 1 Carrot Juice (freshly squeezed)
  • 1 Carrot + Granny Smith Apple Juice (freshly squeezed. Sour apple can be used as substitute)
  • 4 x “Green” juices (Romaine (Cos Lettuce), Green Oak, Red Oak, Beet Tops, Green-headed lettuce, Apple*, watercress, red cabbage, endive, green pepper, Swiss Chard, Escarole).
    * Add one medium apple for each juice (provides pectin = makes juice digestible)

Patients are severely depleted, terminal. Juices are replenishing & rebuilding. Terminal Patients are not hungry; difficult to get them to eat but they can drink juice every hour, not a problem. Juice = Fresh, drink immediately, every hour for a seriously ill patient (immediately or you’ll lose the ‘active enzymes’)

  • Don’t juice spinach or kale = gives you kidney stones
  • No basil, oregano, strawberries, pineapple = aromatic acid = liver harm
  • Celery = high sodium.

Cooked foods:

Fresh, organic + 3 meals, snacks, and fruit between meals. Day = almost 20 pounts of fresh food


  • Oatmeal with stewed, dried fruits with 2 TBSP Raw honey or maple syrup
  • or, Oatmeal with raw, mashed fruit (apple sauce, grapes, raisins, honey) + fresh glass of juice


  • Starts with a Big Raw Salad
  • Then Special Soup
  • Then Baked Potato (or potato salad, or potato soup, or mashed potato (Potatoes = protein, carbs, nutrients)
  • Then Cooked vegetables (protein), “soft-bulk”
  • Then cooked or raw fruit


  • Similar to lunch

Because of the juices, more than 75% of the food in Gerson is raw.
Vegetables, cooked, easier to digest, fibre is broken down.

Gerson Therapy:

  • First understand the problem.
  • Then, deal with that problem (heal)
  • Then Restore

  • Every drug is liver toxic. Drug treatment is not for healthy.
  • More than 90% who came to Gerson clinic were in terminal condition.
  • Not Raw Vegan.
  • Toxins in air, water, food.

Movies that feature the Gerson Therapy:

Medical = Remission = cancer hasn’t grown for 1 month
Gerson = Remove tumor tissue, Restore all organs and immune system = total healing
Gerson = takes time, work intensive = from now on, body can maintain health

Basic underlying problem of ALL chronic diseases:

  1. Toxicity (soil, water, air, pesticides, food chemicals, additives, fungicides)
    = lots of ways to put toxicity in your liver
  2. Deficiency (soil is depleted/deficient, artificial fertilizer, we need 52 nutrients; calcium iodine, iron = missing from our plants, plants are deficient, plants die, chemical – pesticides growth hormones, etc. deficient soil + toxic chemicals added.

You need Living food, organic, free of poison. Absolutely essential and basic.
You can’t heal a body with deficient, toxic food.
Animals = must be fed organic feed.
Toxic chemicals, cosmetics, water, occupations


  • Water = 8 glasses if you consume meat, protein, salt
  • Gerson = don’t drink water; 13 glasses of juice, not water, water dilutes acid which causes more problems.

  • Water = polluted, added chemicals, water isn’t clean. At least get a filter system, preferably distilled. Fluoride can’t be removed with filters, needs to be distilled.
  • Coffee Enema’s. Water needs to be clean. Tea. Soup
  • If your water is fluoridated – you can’t even bathe in it – body will absorb fluoride.
  • Shower = 1 x week, distilled water
  • Cancer = liver = toxic, = detoxify, no new poisons go in body (no swimming pool, no bathe, no ocean)


  • Fluoride =  can displace chlorine = increase cancer = damage thyroid
  • Chlorine = displaces iodine
  • Thyroid = needs iodine. Controls immune system & metabolism.
  • Plants can filter out fluoride.

Thirsty? Herbal tea: peppermint, chamomile, etc. Not black tea. Just juices and herbal tea.


Potassium = activates enzymes
Sodium = inhibits enzymes

Oxygen = lung tissue = carry through bloodstream = with the help of enzymes
Liver filters out toxins = needs enzymes
Enzyme inhibitors are toxic and that’s the danger.

Salt = table salt or sea salt = never eat anything with salt added. Salt penetrates the tissues after the body is incapable of getting rid of it. In order to grow cancer, you need sodium, excess fat, and animal proteins.


  • Every type of oil regrew cancer/tumours. NO FATS. NO OILS.
  • Fish oil = absolutely worse than plant oils. No oil on any cancer patients.
  • Food MUST be organic.

  • Flax-seed oil = did not cause tumor growth, improved circulation, cleared cholesterol. 2 TBSP x 2 x daily.
  • Never heated, raw only.  Salad dressing. Not on hot food. Dark bottle. Fridge. Omega.
  • Can freeze up to 6 months. Fridge unopened 3 months. Once opened  = use within 3 WEEKS.
  • 2 TBSP = 1st month. 1 TBSP after 1st month.


  • 2-3 TBSP Yogurt = no fat, not low fat.
  • Where does a cow get her protein from? Grass.
  • Carrot juices instead of milk = beta carotene = needs fat for transport
  • Normal healthy soil, fresh organic food.
  • #1 killer of children under 17 = Cancer!

Skin Products

  • Everything that you put on your skin goes into the bloodstream!
  • No massage oil, cosmetics, fluoride, creams, ointments, sea water
  • Rule = If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin

Forbidden Foods

  • Bottled/Canned/Preserved/Smoked/Refined Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Avocado (too much oil)
  • Berries = High in aromatics / disturb the healing (temporary)
  • Toothpaste (fluoride) especially not kids (they swallow
    = increases cancer deaths & allergies
    = use bicarb soda instead, with distilled water
  • Candy, Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Cream (= fat)
  • Cucumber (does not agree with juices, causes gas, not digestible with juices)
  • White flour (even wholewheat; wheat so depleted these-days, hard to digest for cancer patient)
    = use Rye flour instead
  • Hair dyes (scalp is highly vasculized, circulation picks up chemicals very easily, anything you put on your hair goes very quickly into bloodstream)
  • Shampoo etc, don’t wash hair more than once per week
  • Icecream
  • Mushrooms (high in wrong kind of protein, too much L-Arginine, complex protein, hard to digst, no good for cancer or sick patients, too low in L-Lysine)
  • Nuts (oils)
  • Seeds (most seeds too high in oils)
    = eat fresh “LIVING” things, seeds are dormant, unwise
  • Nicotine
  • Pulses & Dried legumes (lentils, dried peas, dried beans, etc) DO NOT USE These dried foods = too high in L-Arginine, too low in L-Lysine & nature endows them with an enzyme inhibitor so they don’t wildly sprout, they’re heavy, trouble digesting, tough on intestinal tract.
  • Pineapple (high in aromatics, burn tongue, mouth, lips, enzyme is powerful but damage is worse.
  • Salt & Salt substitutes (no salt or substitutes, sodium)
  • Spices = aromatics, hot is particularly bad
  • White Sugar = a little bit of sweetness is ok. Liver of cancer patient is severely damaged; toxic. In order to sleep the liver needs to store 1/2 pound of Lecithin (sugar) gets converted into glucose so that while you’re sleeping, your body is still working; the body needs sugar. Sick patients, able to save enough sugar to sleep through the night (2 teaspoons max; raw brown sugar or sucarnat (sugar can natural); pure sugarcane), juice that is simply spray-dried (minerals are still in it) = ok, organic honey, organic maple syrup (unless patient has candida), lightest honey, least processed.
  • Sugar in fresh juice = ok = enzymes do not allow the tumors to grow. Tumors don’t like ‘active-enzyme’ activity.
  • Black tea
  • Water, drinking water
  • The ONLY thing that matters, is the RESULT at the SICK BED.
  • Soy = poison, forbidden
  • Tamari = poison
  • Henna = raging headaches
  • Green Tea = Caffeeine (no caffeine) Can be valuable but be cautious
  • Banana = not very digestible, banana a day = ok, apples are vastly superior
  • Spices: basil, pepper, oregano = too aromatic.
  • Spices that are permitted in small doses = sparingly as may counteract the healing. allspice, anise, bay leaves, coriander, dill, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, sage, saffron, thyme “NO OTHERS” BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SPICES
  • Onion, garlic is very valuable = OK
  • Parsley, Chives, Celery to wook with, Tomatoes = OK

Temporary Forbidden means 1.5 – 2 years (fish, dairy, nuts, oils, etc.)
= Stimulate cancer growth

Healing Reactions

When patient can’t stand the green juice

  1. If they only object to the smell, put a plastic lid on it and straw
    (in general they shouldn’t drink with a straw because juice is pre-digestible in the mouth/saliva)
  2. If they really cannot drink the juice (toxins/vomiting, etc). Put cup of juice in warm bowl of water, warm the cup to body temperature, put it in an enema bucket and put it in their rectum. Patient should drink it but this is just another way (NOT WITH CITRUS!)
  3. If they have stomach ulcers, etc. Add 2oz of strained, oatmeal gruel to the juice (= soothing on stomach)

As they drink juices, the patients tissues release the toxins into the bloodstream.


  • Drugs stop the healing.
  • Patient takes a drug? Have to start over

All or nothing

  • You can’t do “half” a therapy. You must do everything.
  • If the patient refuses the enemas, don’t start the therapy.
  • Gerson lost patients before he realized the importance of the detoxifying enemas to liver coma/liver damage.

Juicing Machines

  • Norwalk ($2,000) = 2 process machine (Grinds first, then Press)
  • Champion Juicer (Grinds first)
  • Green power (then press)
  • Best juice = not frothy
  • When you grind carrots and apples, when they mix, the apples help the carrots = more minerals, it’s been tested.
  • If patient is seriously ill, you want to get the best.
  • Cheapest = Champion
  • Tumor = if no change on normal blender, get a champion. If you can afford it, get the best (Norwalk)


Carefully managed system, cycle, important. When the body is so busy absorbing his toxic matter, all the tumors, it kills them off, its like dead tissue.

Warning about eating meat when you are still going through the Gerson diet: 

A piece of rotten meat, this is in your stomach. In your bloodstream. It’s dangerous. It goes in through the liver, filtered out, etc. The little bit of protein, meat, blocks the liver function and stops the elimination, just enough, that the toxins remain in the bloodstream, and hit the brain. Brain = 2/5 of your oxygen, the rest is for the rest of the body. Lady = coma = piece of turkey at thanksgiving = poisoned her brain. Dangerous – a little piece of turkey blocks the cycle of healing & absorption. Her brain was getting toxins from the absorbing tumor tissue. Coffee enema every 2 hours / 24 hours a day. Next day = fine.

Took Coffee enemas every 2 hours instead of 4 hours to save her.

  • Start with 5 Enemas a day
  • Increase when tumor breaks up
  • When the body breaks it down = need coffee enemas.
  • We’re dealing with doctors who don’t know that cancer can be cured.
  • Detox (toxins) + Flood body with nutrients (deficient)

Enemas after Chemo

  • After chemo = leaves poisons in the system = difficult to overcome.
  • Gerson = didn’t study chemo – wasn’t around in his day.
  • Chemo = damages liver, kidney, immune system
  • Chemo patients @ 6 months suddenly release their chemo accumulation and get very sick. Pus bubbles.
  • Hydrogen peroxide cleared & healed.
  • Assumption is = body broke open skin and cleared it.

Gerson Therapy = DO NO HARM.





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