Covid Songs (Australia & New Zealand)

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This post is dedicated to the many Covid songs written and performed by Australians and New Zealanders. More CovidSongs

Joel Rafidi

Just Asking

23 Jun 2020 YouTube

Joel Rafidi x Chow Boò

23 Dec 2021 YouTube


Freedom Over Fear (Dear Jacinda)


to the prime minister
since it’s clear you don’t answer to the people
it’s time we address you directly:

dear jacinda when i sit and think all the shit you got us into
seems there’s been no flu this past two winters
plus there’s been a clear drawn winner

want us double jabbed and booster shots just to go and buy dinner?

Dear jacinda, do you think that segregation is fair
to save our elders who were locked in homes all last year?

how dare you desecrate the sanctity of a funeral
try to insinuate that 10 people is business as usual

if we can’t celebrate life
are we really alive
while you mandate and dictate we should stay inside
stay home and be kind as a phrase hardly aligned
with encouraging facts to turn on unvaxxed all of the time

you say don’t talk to neighbors”
“we’re your one source of truth
dangle the carrot of travel just to coerce the youth
you guilt-trip, bribe, blackmail and threat
while silencing reactions and censoring regrets

you say trust the science
allow one sided discussion
anyone who doesn’t stay quiet
has been cut from production

you paid off our media
one by one until only the song you allow is sung

quite the conundrum
a legacy that you cannot run from
while the lie is unravelling
and fabrication’s undone

dear jacinda
you can threaten me all you like
you won’t break my will
i won’t join your right

i won’t do as you say won’t forsake my rights
won’t betray my heritage
my ancestors fight
the freedom that they bled for
i won’t let that die
make me take that jab you’d have to take my life

you’re mistaken if you think that you can push us ’round
the cause is not lost while we’re above ground

dear jacinda
look at the corner you back’s us into
got me dodging needles like i was a fuckin’ ninja

invalidate my feelings with this talk of virtue
watch the fall from that high horse
it just might hurt you

how dare you say people have informed consent
keep pushing and be the cause of the people’s descent

i would have minded my own
if you just left me alone
it’s on the street signs letters and texts on my phone

I know this is ridiculous
i bet you get a kick from this
while you make sure the covert propaganda is ubiquitous

dear jacinda how the fuck you sleep at night?
when you know that these laws you passed are just not right
you give us no choice but to stand and fight
these proposals that take away our right to life

ironic right
because you passed the reform to abortion bill that let full term babies be murdered still
yeah i support the right to choose
but that’s horrid and abhorrent

while you empower cops the person homes without a warrant
then you don’t even stop to take a mother-fucking breath

got Agenda 2030 now in full effect

so dear jacinda
i’ll say this while i can
before you deem it a “hate speech crime”
with your hate speech law:

i hope you reap what you sow
hope you get what you deserve
a place in history as twisted and disturbed
as immoral and merciless as the socialist before you
and i pray if God exists that when you die then he ignores you
so you can go where you belong
i see it in your eyes
the devil’s in you strong
parceltongue and in disguise

we the people fear no evil
look the devil in the eye
screaming freedom over fear
we’ve had enough of all the lies

yes i know my rights and i will stand up for mine
force the hand with all you planned
built this backbone behind
the hearts of women and of men those different and alike

the fury of a nation
a match ready to strike

stand for something or fall for anything right
well i’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees
one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws
it is said that a person who pays no attention to their freedom and liberty will soon have neither
well in the words of george orwell
the moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one [Laughter]
Don’t Let it Happen!

Rob Wolfe

Can you hear the sound of a Revolution?


Let’s Get Out of Lockdown


Step Away from Tyranny, Australia

(YouTube deleted and I can’t find it on another platform – muso’s please back up your songs to the uncensored platforms)


“Step Away from Tyranny”

verse1: Step away from Tyranny
Australia Unite
We all do this together
and we always win the fight!
Get your friends and rellies
And tell ’em the time is right
Step away from Tyranny
Australia Unite.

verse2: We come from here and far and wide
And all atrocity
To find ourselves in a land
That can never not be free
And if that far and wide should come
And try and take our shores
We’ll show ’em just one thing and that’s
The Great Australian Door!

verse3: Step away from Tyranny
Australia Unite
We all do this together
And we always win the fight!
Get your friends and rellies
And tell ’em the time is right
Step away from Tyranny
Australia.. it is Right.

Kane Obz & ilaina


“DROP THE PLATES (Expose the 28)”

They try but our vibe can’t kill it
we got the spirit they can’t touch but feel it
Keep plannin’ and movin’
not a single chance we’re losin’
yo yo yoo the system step outta
we the people the power, check check it
now don’t you forget it
evil only wins if you let it

Verse 1:
yo, it’s time for settin’ it straight
up the anti, remember the date
second of the 8th, we drop the plates
so they drop the names and expose the 28
if they don’t tell us who they are
why should we then tell ’em who we are
we don’t need a leader, right now we need a releaser
these pedos and protector’s of ’em we don’t want either
high profile P.M’s to judges
can’t trust none of ’em until we see charges
everyday at the G.G’s we’ve asked ’em
we must get tough I’m passed all the marches
yo, start makin’ ’em listen
I’m done holdin’ signs done signin’ petitions
let’s get efficient drop plate the mission
imagine it’s the lips that are your kid’s they’re kissin’


Been waitin’ patiently
we’ve been askin’ for a change
but they wouldn’t do a thing
so now it’s up to us
we can do it peacefully
take back the control
it’s not a walk in the park
it’s time to step it up

Verse 2:
Is it change that you want? rip ’em off
let the plates drop turn it up a notch
fear of cops is not what I got coz I stop
and think lots like what’s the loss and greater cost
yo, I’m callin’ all the freedom fighters
all the first nations, come and drive beside us
leave the past and tyrants behind us
let this be the start and let this all unite us
yo, it’s been corrupt from the get go
big brother’s hand gotta let go
don’t gotta do what he say just ’cause he said so
expose the pedo don’t pay ya rego
yo, this is our key to freedom
expose the 28, expose the demon
and these plates we don’t even need ’em
when sovereignty was never ceded


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