Truth about Cancer – Episode 1 Notes

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Truth about Cancer - Episode 1 Notes

“Modern Medicine & The Cancer Pandemic”

Nutshell: How did modern medicine get this way (history of why), follow the money, censorship, sponsorship, universities, pharmaceutical interests, cancer as a “symptom”.

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Talk about medical school, how much training on nutrition did you get?

Pretty much none.




How can it be that doctors receive almost no education on nutrition and diet while in medical school?



In medical school we have about 30 minutes on nutrition, where they tell us don’t give sugar to the diabetic, don’t give salt to the hypertension patient, and don’t  give a lot of fibre to those who are constipated. That’s it, doctors don’t learn anything about nutrition.




The bottom line is, there is no real incentive to promote true health and there is an incentive to write lots of prescription medications by the way the system is designed.




Medical doctors, while brilliant people, are just not taught about nutrition, and overall health in medical school; they’re basically taught to prescribe a pill for every ill. Why is this so? Let’s go back in time about 100 years for a history lesson…


If we’re going to change where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been. And that’s why history is so important. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.





Part of my interest in this is that once that I realized that I was lied to about my health and my body and health and medicine in general, I began to question just about everything that I was taught. And as I uncovered these different areas of inquiry, I found out that indeed there was this official story about these things including the official story of modern medicine.


We were raised as if it’s always been here, it’s always been this way, and the only doctors you could consult are medical doctors that prescribe patented medicines approved by the FDA. Food and Drug Administration that I often call the Fear and Death Administration because of the promotion of products that are the leading cause of death.


How did we get here? And that opened up a huge can of worms. As a homeopath, I learned about many things in history that we were not taught. Including the fact that in the Civil War, in the medical field kits, they all had homeopathic medicine in there. Eventually I was introduced to Harris Coulter (*???? ) he wrote a series of books called Divided Legacy – These are books you can “workout” with. It’s just incredible the history that was hidden from us about the schism between what we call homeopathic and naturopathic thought-forms vs allopathic thought-forms where we poison the body using mercury and different things and that’s where Dr Samuel (Hahnemann??) who was a physician in his day in the early 19th century, determined that the medicine that he was giving his patients was more harmful than disease and he couldn’t stomach that and so that’s when he was motivated to develop a system that became, a broad-based worldwide system called Homeopathy; utilizing small quantities or amounts of naturally-occurring substances from the mineral, animal and plant kingdoms.


And in this way there was a growth around the world out of Germany, of this new form of medicine. Now, eventually there was an emerging field of what we call patent petrol chemical medicines, based upon the Rockafellow type oil monopoly that already established in the energy sector that was growing, they started finding out through organic chemistry that they could alter these oil-based molecules into all kinds of things. And they developed these patented drugs; drug molecules.





Today we have these very smart doctors – you just don’t get into med school unless you have a pretty good brain on top of your shoulders, so it’s the cream-of-the-crop, the best students go into these medical schools, but they’re not taught anything about natural cures. They are taught only about drugs primarily and drug reactions and the chemistry of this and the chemistry of that, and they have to become really … pharmacists in a way, they have to become chemists before they can even make it through pre-med. And so that’s not necessarily bad, but it ‘is’ a bias.


And I have come to know a lot of doctors in the last couple of decades, many who came from that layer of education, and who gradually and sometimes very painfully, had to break away from that, and go back and re-examine some of these fundamental issues, and many of them have made the transition and they speak quite openly about it now.


For instance they will say, when I went to medical school, we never learnt anything about vitamins, except we maybe had 2 hours of instruction on the structures of vitamins and minerals and so forth. Two hours compared to hundreds and hundreds of hours about pharmacies and chemical-reactions, and so forth. And I remember there was one doctor who said; you know my wife knows more about nutrition than I do, and I came out of school


That is not surprising. Now we start to go backward in time – how did that happen? The fact that these great medical universities and teaching centres are so great, is because they have had a lot of ‘money’ given to them. Where did the money come from?


Now we’re on the trail. Follow the money.


Well, look, if you follow the money you’ll find out that most of it came from the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry knows that if they give large grants to these universities, they have a double-benefit:


First of all, they have the appearance of being philanthropists; “they’re doing good things”, and that’s good for public relations. I’m not saying that they’re not doing good things – they probably think they are, but anyway, that’s one advantage to giving tax-exempt or tax-free donations to universities.


But the other advantage is far more important because once you have financed a research project, you now have sort of a ‘first right’ to whatever comes out of that research. And consequently, you can determine what areas the research will go.



I can assure you that if I’m a big pharmaceutical company and I give a big $20 million dollar grant, to a research group, I’m not going to be very happy if they start to research whether or not Dandelions can be used in the control of cancer. I’m going to make sure that they research a drug that “I” am working on in the laboratories right now – that’s where I want the research to go.


So they realize that they can take their own research budget and transfer it to a university or some research laboratory and get a tax deduction for it, knowing full well that’s what they’re researching, that’s what the data is going to be.  


When the money is coming from a source that has a vested interest in the outcome, that what’s going to happen is the outcome is going to be what the donor wants it to be, generally.


So this is the problem. And that goes back even further in time, to the turn of the last century, when the rockefeller group and the carnegie group actually came together and they decided, that they would reform medical education in America.




At the time of the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, medical schools taught a lot of different things. There were homeopathic medical schools, there were naturopathic schools, there were eclectic herbal-type medical schools, and so it was all there. There was not “one way”. And what happened was the rockefeller and carnegie foundations were interested in establishing a “one way”. How would they do that? Well, they would get a hold of the education system, and create a medical monopoly via basically eliminating all competition to patent petrochemical medical education. That’s the (1) report in 1910, as it became known. It was a pre ordained commissioned report, not surprisingly, the bases of the report was that it was far too easy to start a medical school and that most schools were not teaching (>>) medicine.


Let me translate.

These natural health colleges were not pushing enough chemical drugs, manufactured by who? Carnegie and Rockefeller. The AMA who were evaluating the various medical colleges, made it their job to target and shutdown the larger, respected homeopathic colleges. Carnegie and Rockefeller immediately began to shower hundreds of millions of dollars on this medical schools that were teaching drug-intensive medicine.





Oh btw, when they donated the money, the donors would say – ‘now we’ve given you a lot of money, and we know you’re going to do the ‘right thing’ with it, but would you object if we had someone from our staff appointed to your board of directors – just to see how our money is being spent?’ Now that was really a condition of ‘getting’ the money so you know the University said that would be fine. So they began to load up the boards of directors of these teaching centres with people who literally were on the payroll of the donors. So, once that was in place, the curriculum of the universities / teaching centres, swung completely in the direction of pharmaceutical drugs and it has remained that way ever since.




Predictably, those schools that had the financing churned-out the better doctors. Or wait a minute. Or should I say… the more “recognized” doctors. In return for the financing, the schools were required to continue teaching course material that was exclusively drug-oriented… with NO emphasis on natural medicine. By 1925 over 10,000 herbalists were out-of-business. By 1940 over 1,500 chiropractors would be prosecuted for practicing “quackery”. The 22 homeopathic medical schools that flourished in the 1900’s, dwindled down to just 2 by 1923. By 1950, all the schools teaching homeopathy were closed. In the end, if a physician did not graduate from a ‘flexner’ ?? approved medical school, and receive an MD degree, then he or she, could not find a job… anywhere. This is why today MD’s are so heavily biased towards synthetic drug therapy and know little about nutrition if anything.




Now this whole medical field has been skewed in the direction of pharmaceutical drugs which can be patented and produce great profits for the producers. And then the next step is that means that anything coming from nature is excluded and that’s where some of us think, most of the promise lies – in these very complex substances found in herbs, plants, trees, seeds and things like that, some of us feel that it was probably meant to be that way. And you come out of all this analysis and all of this history with the realization that the medical profession is really like a lapdog of the pharmaceutical industry, and most of the doctors have no idea that that’s the case. They don’t understand this history.




Now we’re beginning to connect the dots about modern medicine. It’s a “Business”.





We have to admit that healthcare is a business in America. And while we would all hope that all hospitals and all clinicians are working feverishly to get the patient well, in fact there are vested interest in this business of healthcare. It’s a 2.7 trillion dollar a year medical industrial complex. That’s one out of seven health care dollars are spent. And a lot might argue that it might not have anything to do with health, care, or prevention. That much of it is symptom-management. Using drugs and surgery to manage symptoms. Patient comes in with a list of problems and symptoms and pain – the doctor has 7 minutes to review the symptoms and prescribe a drug and move onto the next patient.




Okay and here’s a pill for your blood pressure, and here’s a pill for your cholesterol, and here’s a pill for your back pain and I’ll see you in a month and we’ll see if you are maintaining your disease!! And that’s what doctors do – they maintain a person’s “illness”. They’re not making them better. That’s not ok – you’re supposed to create optimal health in people – that’s your job. Doctor means “to teach”, why aren’t you teaching your patients how to turn their life around?




Even with our Hippocratic oath – which most physicians have never read, first do no harm. And we have to go back and say – are we doing harm? number one.

Number two – is I will not give a poison – a deadly poison, and most of the drugs we give particularly in oncological care has a ‘black box warning’; which means that more people often end up in the ‘black box’. You can take this sort of treatment and you might get immediate results, but you can also have another cancer, or you can have a severe reaction or a life-threatening illness from that treatment, so just from that itself, almost everything we do in oncology…


I go back to my oath and … I look at everything – even if it’s a herb, I still go back and challenge… “is this going to cause harm or not?” And if it does – we have to look at other options available.




When we graduate from medical school, we take the Hippocratic oath which says “above all, do no harm”, and I can tell you – a lot of conventional therapies are harmful and toxic to the body, and they don’t prolong life, or improve the quality of life. I’m not quite sure how we’ve gotten stuck into this rathole, but I think we got here by the Cancer Industrial complex that’s setup to feed itself of more and more money than it needs.




What were cancer rates 100 years ago? Do you have any idea? When my dad was born in 1900, 1 in 33 Americans had cancer in any kind, shape or form. When I was born in 1926, cancer was the tenth cause of death in children. Today it’s the first cause of death… before Accidents. What’s going on? There’s a holocaust. It’s not a question of will I have cancer, it’s a question of when. And the oncologists are keeping their mouth shut. They use the chemo, they use a radiation, and radiation causes cancer.


Mammograms cause cancer. We know that. Medical research to medical journals prove it. And yet they still do it. Whereas thermography and ultrasound can be very beneficial without the violent side-effects of annual mammograms. And squeezing the breast – guess what happens if there’s a tumor there? You’re squeezing it through the body. It’s insanity.


So, the medical profession in my opinion is as corrupt as any 3rd world nation, and this country is allowing it. And the reason it’s allowing is because subsequent to the Roosevelt administration, the agencies that were designed to protect humanity, are protecting the industry they’re supposed to protect us from.




Impromptu interview with band playing in background – it was closed captioned and I didn’t have the video version so couldn’t transcribe


Min 25:00





Mike Adams, Food Scientist, The Health Ranger


There is a system of censorship of nutritional knowledge. There is a system that is trying to extinguish indigenous knowledge of anti-cancer herbs and medicines, foods and nutrition.

The predominant message that we are told in society today is that foods cannot be medicines.


The FDA say there is no such thing as a dietary supplement that has any effect on preventing or treating disease.


Their position is that you are not a complete human being unless you have intravenous chemical medicine or vaccines, you must be injected, you must be dosed with vaccines to be a complete human being.


That message is the antithesis of the natural world, natural-living, holistic healing. We are spontaneous self-healing beings. You’re programmed from the day we’re born to heal ourselves if we give our bodies the right nutrients and don’t poison ourselves with dangerous toxins.


Most of the so-called success that they would claim in radiotherapy treatments or chemotherapy treatments, is based on ‘shrinking a tumor’. Well – but most of these tumors have cancerous stem cells, so you shrink the other cells in the tumor, you physically reduce the size of the tumor – this is a symptomatic difference but It doesn’t KILL the stem cells that are going to grow back and spread the cancer throughout the body.  And what you’ve even done is you’ve weakened the immune systems ability to deal with other cancers.


Chemotherapy also damages the brain, and causes chemobrain. It’s a common term. Every oncologist knows this is the case. It damages the kidneys, it damages the liver. So what you’re doing is with chemotherapy, you are creating systemic damage to the body’s ability to heal itself and to remove toxins. This is why cancer treatments cause cancer which feeds into the profit-cycle of the cancer industry which is a for-profit industry. The cancer industry is exploding.


Follow the money. With any kind of investigative journalism, they would say the first thing is to follow the money. And what is the biggest industry right now – it’s the cancer-care industry.

So when the average 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the US now will have cancer – it’s an epidemic. So you can watch television tonight and you can see a commercial that says go to the caribbean and go on a nice cruise, or go to some resort with your child, and the next following commercial will be a cancer hospital for your treatment, and that – 20 years ago – would be absurd – would be almost shocking or taboo to talk about cancer on television, and now “oh, if you get something you can go to this place”. So there’s something that has gone askew and that is because cancer is so prevalent, it becomes a common aspect of what people think, “when I get it, I can just go to this place and check-in for a while”, but unfortunately most people don’t “check-out”.


So we have to look at why is this occuring so commonly?  And why, in the rest of the world, it’s occurring a lot less frequently.




Big Pharma, the Flexon?? report, FDA raids, censorship of knowledge. We’re starting to get the picture that not everything is as it appears today.




What is Cancer?


Cancer are basically rogue cells, that are mutant, have DNA damage, and they’ve escaped the guard so-to-speak of the immune system. Cancer cells are very smart; once they start developing, they stop communicating with other cells around them, they create their own blood flows, so they can have lots of nutrition given to them,  they even secrete specific enzymes to put the immune system to sleep, and they create a protein called “survivin” – its kind of a funny name, its survivin, not surviving. But survivin prevents the cancer cell from going through it’s natural cycle of death or apoptosis, so cancer cells resist dying; they continue to multiply – they don’t die like normal cells, which is why traditional treatment is so counter-productive and counter-intuitive because cancer cells resist dying. So they’re trying to use poisons and radiation to force that cell to die, but they’re not getting it.




What is Cancer?


Cancer is a condition where some cells in the body are no longer responding to the signas that tell them when to quit, in other words that have a purpose for developing, they develop to a certain point and then they stop, cancer cells keep reproducing. So they keep growing, and they can spread to other places, that’s what’s called a metastasis, so cancer cells, have escaped the normal controls for regulation.





What is Cancer?


The present view is that cancer is a lump or a bump, that’s the assumption. Now, if that is true than to get rid of cancer, all you have to do is get rid of the lump or the bump. And hence, we have surgery. Well, that gets rid of the lump of the bump. Or we have chemotherapy, which poisons the lump or the bump. Or we have radiation which burns it. And you undergo these 3 therapies, and to get rid of the lump or the bump, the doctor will say – it looks like we got it all. That famous line “we got it all!”. But did they? No. Statistics show that in most cases it comes back. They didn’t get it all because that was never the cancer in the first place.


If you are a farmer, and you see all these black spots on your corn, those are black spots, that’s the “disease” and you get the scissors out and you cut out all the black spots? We got it all right? No you didn’t because that wasn’t the disease. What “caused” those black spots is still present.




We need to look at the cause and not the symptom.


Cancer is not the problem. Cancer is a symptom. If you want to look at it from a car analogy. Cancer is a flashing light on the dashboard. And the reason chemoradiation and surgery don’t work is because everybody is taking a hammer to the flashing light on the dashboard – the check-engine light on the dashboard – so everyone’s saying “I can fix that” and they’re hitting that light – but that’s not going to fix the engine. So, my question to patients is very simple.

If you took your car to a mechanic, and there was a flashing check-engine light on your car, and your mechanic says “yeah – I can fix that” and takes the fuse out. “Ok, now your problem’s solved”

Or “I’ve got a knocking in my engine”… “oh here – turn up the radio, can you hear it now?”

“Yeah I can kinda still hear it… “  “oh here – put some ear muffs on, can you hear it now?”

“now I don’t hear it”..  

“Ok, perfect!”

You haven’t done ANYTHING to the engine. The logical answer to this question is that you would fire the mechanic, so why aren’t they firing the doctors because that’s exactly what the doctors are doing!


They’ve got a problem, they’re covering up with a drug to cover up the SYMPTOMS so that a person doesn’t feel or experience the negative, which is the body’s own mechanism to say “Hey: Caution: There’s a Problem!” And that’s what cancer is.




Cancer is really the symptom.




Cancer is the symptom of a sick body. And you cannot cut a tumor off, or shrink a tumor, or poison a tumor and expect to stay well and stay healthy. Because you are not addressing the real problem – you’re only addressing the symptom. And it’s like cutting off your nose to get rid of a cold. It doesn’t solve the real, underlying problem.




Every symptom, is the body doing the right thing at the right time. It I came now and handcuffed you and locked you up and came at you with a knife what would happen to

your blood pressure? It rises. What happens to your cortisol during stress? Your cortisol rises.

What happens to your gut? You start taking away all the nutrition you can’t even absorb nutrition when you’re in a fight or flight syndrome. So all of a sudden you are nutrition deficient, your immune system’s shot, your blood pressure is rising, now your cholesterols being affected. Is that a Symptom? Is that your Genetics? Or is your body ADAPTING? That symptom is your body reacting to the stress it’s put under. It’s Adapting.




Cancer is a symptom of something that’s gone wrong in the body, but it’s just a symptom. The tumor is not the problem. But so often now in modern oncology, we smash the check-engine light of our body, we cut out the tumor. But there’s an underlying problem that’s still going on.

Every symptom is the body doing the right thing, at the right time.




Homeopathy creator’s fave quotes is “The Symptom is a Healing Gesture”


The ‘body’ is no dummy. If the body is doing something; it’s probably a ‘wise’ thing. It’s maybe not a permanent solution, maybe a stop-gap solution, but like a fever:

Fortunately, if the child has a fever, guess what – the human being can live at a high temperature or a low temperature. But certain bacteria can’t. So the fever is a naturally, tremendously beneficial ‘symptom’ which can help the child get healthy, which is why after a fever, our language says “I feel better”. Nobody says “I’m feeling better and I felt like before I had the fever”. It’s been a cleansing, detoxifying process.


Now of course too much of a symptom can be lethal, certainly terrible, I’m not advocating for “excessive symptoms”, what I’m saying is when the symptom happens, the body should pay attention, and often it’s the autopilot, telling ‘us dummies’ – “Hey, you’re not doing something right”


So cancer can be seen as a symptom, as a healing gesture.


If you have a cancer in a breast, I’m saying that’s metaphorical, an analogist to a cancer being like a rubbish dump.  The body is saying ‘something’s wrong here, so I’m going to put everything in the left breast’ and there’s the cancer. It’s never the problem, it’s always a symptom of other dis-eases or imbalances. So if you just lop off the breast and say “Mrs Jones, you’re cancer free” – you’re ignoring the fact that unless you change your behaviour, the cancer will manifest somewhere else.




We hear “ok, you have this disease, here’s this drug and this drug and this drug”.. but let me ask you a question, when you take all these drugs together, have they ever been tested for safety?


Jeffrey Bland gave a talk and he’s the founder of functional medicine, the guy’s brilliant, and he was saying how he’s always been blasted about “oh you’re stuff’s not double-blind placebo-controlled, I only practice scientific medicine”… and he finally got to the point and he says: Dr, let me ask you this question, and you’ll be honest with me right? We’ll agree that I’m a little bit on the outskirts of what you’re talking about as scientific medicine. But let me ask you this question, “Have you ever prescribed a patient a drug, who’s already on 4 other drugs?”

“Oh, of course”

“And could you point me to a study that showed that a patient population on those 5 drugs?”

“Well, there’s a study on this one and this one”

“That’s not what I said, can you show me a patient population, that has been studied, on those 5 drugs?”

And the answer is “Of course not”

In fact, if you are on 5 or more medications, it is impossible to predict the clinical response of the 5 drugs. It’s all a guessing game. We’ll give a drug for this and a drug for that, and then you end up giving drugs for the symptoms “caused” by drugs – and its an awful spiral.


There’s a place for some drugs, sometimes. But I generally think of them as a ‘bandaid’ to get people over a hump so that they can figure out how to get their body responding like it’s supposed to.





Disease management model vs Disease resolution model.

We can manage the disease and put a bandaid on it. We treat the symptoms very well, and in western medicine, acute care is phenomenal. America is #1 at trauma. So if you get a gunshot wound, a car accident, you break a bone, I’m going to go to the local hospital here absolutely. But outside of that emergency room, which most people live, we have this disease management, so we treat the symptoms, and never going at its underlying cause of the symptom, the imbalance, the dysfunction.


We have a licence to kill. We have a prescription that we can give someone that can save a life or it could kill them. We forget that sometimes; that we give things that have actually a detrimental effect.




The problem is still there – you’ve only covered it up!




The system is designed to create disease. There’s no money in being healthy, there’s no money in being dead, all the money is in being chronically ill. And so, the way the remuneration works for physicians – even with medicare, is that it encourages more drugs to be written. By design I feel like the system is flawed.


Who do you think is paying the congress people? Money for their next election campaign. Some small town doctor who’s trying to education people how to lose weight? Or Pfizer (??), or Merc (??) & I’m not picking on a certain company here, but it’s just simple true. That’s where the money comes from. And that’s how these jobs are created and billions of dollars are paid out to different individuals and that’s why the system’s flawed. That’s my opinion – that’s one aspect of it that’s very easy to sync your teeth into and noone can tell me that I’m wrong, because it’s true. It’s just a fact.





Typical treatment for cancer is either chemotherapy or radiation or surgery or a combination thereof.


My problem with conventional treatment of cancer is when cancer has moved from one place to another. (from the prostate into the bone, or from the breast into the brain, etc). Conventional therapy doesn’t work so well.


It depends on what type of cancer there is.

There are lots of rarer types of cancers, that work well with conventional therapy.

But for most part, the bread n butter cancers, so we’re looking at Ovarian cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Colon cancer, Uterine cancer, – once the barn door gets opened, with any of those, then the conventional therapeutic model doesn’t work.




First 20 years of my practice I was doing everything Cookbook style. Doing the protocols just like the book said. Then I began to notice that my long term survivor list was pretty short. I read in the literature that everyone was – that after 5 years of chemo, in their own literature they record a 2.1% survival rate. So any adult undergoing chemo with stage 4 disease, only 2 out of 100 of them would be alive at 5 years.


You wouldn’t hire a baseball player with a 2% batting average.


I finally realized I couldn’t participate in this act for very long so I decided to get my homeopathic degree.





All of the drugs that you see, if you pick up the label, all of the chemo drugs says “Causes Cancer”. Think about it. We use a drug to treat cancer, that Causes cancer; a known carcinogen? How crazy is that? But that’s what we do, everyday, in every institution across America.


We use radiation.. what do Xrays cause? Hello, cancer. And we’re using that supposedly to treat it?


So, stage 4 cancer survival rate in America is about 2%. You know? That. Is. HORRIFIC.



So 2% success rate for stage 4 cancer is beyond comprehension. The patients would live much longer and healthier if they did nothing. If they didn’t take the drugs. Because the drugs are hastening their death.


Primary tumors almost never kill anyone unless they are in the brain. If you give it long enough metastasize can eventually get you, but almost no one in America today dies of their cancer they die of the side-effects of the chemo. And, I shouldn’t call those “Side-Effects”. The DIRECT effects of chemo. Because we call them side-effects because they are unwanted, but they are direct effects of the chemo agent.




It doesn’t make sense to poison, and to radiate and to cut a body that is already sick in the first place. People don’t get sick because they have cancer, they are already sick and then they get cancer. So if you start trying to poison and put these horrific things into a person’s body, that’s already weak and sick in the first place, you’re not going to get very good results.


And statistics shows that.


A study done in Australia at the University of Sydney, where they looked at 22 different cancers over a 5 year period, and they found only a 2.2% on average success rate with chemotherapy. Those aren’t very good odds.


If you cut out an organ, if it’s diseased, what are you telling that patient to prevent that happening again? And so, the traditional methods of treatment is just not working.





Cancer patients, when they’re diagnosed, almost all of them don’t want to do it. Instinctively.

They don’t want to do it, they don’t want to be poisoned, they don’t want to suffer, they don’t want to get sicker, but everyone tells them they “Have to”. And so they reluctantly agree to do it. And for most of them it doesn’t end well. They get a treatment or a series of treatments, and there will be a very short window of time where the doctors can’t find any tumors. And so they’ll say “You’re in remission – you’re cancer free!”


But the truth is, you’re not cancer-free. You still have cancer cells in your body, you still have a sick body, you still have a depleted immune system. And it’s just a matter of time before new tumors form.


The chemotherapy causes it to spread, it’s making it more aggressive, and it’s causing secondary cancers in the body. Radiation as well.


We know this from the studies that have come from the cancer industry tell us, that chemotherapy is carcinogenic and causes secondary cancers. There are many chemotherapy drugs that are ‘known’ carcinogens and listed by the US national toxicology board. As carcinogens. They cause cancer.




86% of oncologists polled said they wouldn’t give themselves what they give their patients. They would not take chemoradiation.




There was a study that was done that showed that around 90% of physicians, particularly in oncology, would not prescribe the drug they give to their patients, to their wife or their child.


So what does that tell us? “Oh it’s just my job”. There’s a disconnect between the patient and the physician now.




Our bodies are made of 50-60-70 trillion cells. Those cells grow and die every single day. They grow and die. Every one of our cells has a cell death. They have a life, they die. They grow, they die. They grow, they die. They grow, they die. Right now as you are sitting here, your cells, you’ll lose over a million cells in a second, and what happens a second later? They regrow.


There is an intelligence inside of you that is more incredible than anything else, that your body heals, it regulates, those cells die and those cells regrow again.


And so, Cancer is when those cells no longer die (apoptosis). Those cells no longer die. And they begin to replicate themselves, and they grow.


So why would those cancer cells show up? Why are they there? And why haven’t they gone away? We all get cancer everyday, 5-10,000 cancer cells, some people have 20,000 cancer cells showing up everyday, but we have an immune system that takes control of it.




Cancer is not some alien thing that was dumped in your body from a spaceship. It’s You. It’s your body kind of a bit wrong, if you fix things, your body will restore itself. It’s not a runaway train that can’t be stopped. I mean, yes it’s a runaway, but you can put the brakes on and reverse it.  You see that a lot of course. Natural cures now are so vast you would have to be blind or dumb not to see what’s going on, and not to realize that orthodox medicine isn’t hitting the bar at all.




I couldn’t stay in the same bed. It wasn’t working. I was just using more and more drugs to treat the symptoms from the other drugs, and more importantly, people weren’t getting better. And it just wasn’t working for me, and either I was going to give up medicine or I had to find a different model to use. And looking at things from a biochemical model and a natural model, the (??? terrain?? )) supplies the body with what it needs so that it can take care of itself, there is really a better way to go.




How it makes me feel is very upset. And the reason why I’m angry is because I feel that at least it’s negligence, what’s happening in the conventional medical care, particularly with oncological patients and cancer treatments. And, if you go further, it can almost be thought of as criminal. Because we are letting people die, unnecessarily. We are giving people a lower quality of life, and lower outcomes, and we’re pushing profits everyday. This isn’t justice and I can’t be silent on it anymore.


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