The Beautiful Truth (2008) Full Documentary (Gerson Cancer Therapy)

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The Beautiful Truth is a movie that documents (one-sided however) about The Gerson Therapy and how it can put a stop to even the most terminal of cancer through intensive nutritional treatment and detoxifying the liver & colon. 

Although it’s a good introduction to The Gerson Therapy, it does, however have some things that make you go “hmm” which you wish they didn’t have in there because it stirs up more doubt and controversy that make them look less believable and less accepted by any medical professional or sceptic, such as the ‘funeral for an almond’, the ‘photographs of the life force of vegetables’, and other little things throughout that, while amusing, do not give a credible portrayal of the facts being represented.

The Gerson Therapy contains a lot of organic fruit/vegetable juices (13 per day, administered every hour), 3 x ‘soft bulk’ meals a day (baked potato, soup, salads, fruit, etc.),  no patients can drink water, there are lots of forbidden foods (berries, nuts, dairy, refined foods, pineapple, most spices, etc.) and it includes up to 5 coffee enema’s a day, as well as a lot of supplements.

This therapy usually treats (and is designed for) mostly the terminally ill, those who medical practitioners have ‘given up on’, and therefore, the fact that they are able to give life back to the patients that the medical profession has lost hope in, should be more of the highlight of the movie (in my personal opinion). Showing them coming into the practice deathly ill – including all medical records so far – then showing them leave the practice ‘full of life’ – including all the medical records, should’ve been the focus, as that would hold a lot more credibility than the way the movie was presented. Especially if the medical records were examined by known sceptics in a credible medical position (if that is even possible).

However, that being said, it is a good introduction to the therapy as seen through a curious teen boy’s eyes, and maybe a good introduction to those who have lost all hope themselves, to regain hope for themselves. (Being that I whole-heartedly believe that healing at a cellular level can begin with the “expectation” that you will heal; thereby the “placebo” effect or rather the “expectation effect” has already been proven in scientific research as credible, so even if someone has a ‘belief’ in a cure for themselves, that can initiate spontaneous healing at a cell level).

Coupled with the fact that a healthy diet free of contaminants and the removal of toxins from your organs is logically good for any immune system and for healing at a cellular level, that the Gerson Therapy is not something that I dismiss as easily as the sceptics do, purely because we can all benefit from looking after our bodies better, feeding it the nutrients it needs, and removing the pollutants that our cells need to fight. I just wish the movie was more credible and scientific than it actually was, so that more people could benefit from it, rather than giving people, especially sceptics, more fuel to ‘debunk’ that it helps at all.

Further reading:

Also, here is a 3 hour ‘workshop’ recording of Gerson’s 80yo daughter on the Gerson Therapy


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