Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing [Notes]

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This post has been in drafts since 2016 (it’s Sept 2023), and I have no idea where I was taking notes from (a video perhaps?) so annoying. Anyway, it’s either delete or publish, so I’ll publish..

Matrix Energetics Notes:

  • Adapt. Become adaptable to the things that are adaptable.
  • Absorb what is useful.
  • What are they “not” teaching. Your boundaries are only set to the limitations you constrain yourself to.
  • Success = plan / idea + action. Is it working?
    Yes ~ Keep doing
    No ~ Try something else
  • If you blindly learn something and it’s serving you, do not question it, stay with it and never deviate from it, it will always work.
  • You will bring the people to you that have the vibrational frequency that you are putting out.
  • You’re going to attract exactly what you can help.
  • If you start to question that reality, things are going to show up that are going to teach you something new.
  • Stay flexible. What is it – that I don’t know – that I need and that can help me right now?
  • Don’t limit the possibilities.
  • Things are only facts because we’ve all agreed it’s a fact.
  • Zero point reference for gravity / time (sand as grounding?)
  • Brain = designed to play the status quo. Disrupt the status quo.
  • Chi prana reiki
  • Not running energy
  • You have to know / have a reference / see / feel that it’s working.
  • You create what helps and hurts you.
  • So create a structure, be surprised, create magic.
  • If you feel alone, create loving beings that love you for who you are and guides you though life.
  • If you need a miracle, create a miracle or believe in miracles and that you are about to have it. Play with the field.
  • It’s about the ideas, imagination
  • Call it up at will. Reproduce without trying.

Re-connective Healing notes

  • The intelligence of the universe determines the healing.
  • Focus on this, to the exclusion of that.
  • Let go of the techniques. Don’t worry about right or wrong. Trust the open, empty space.
  • Reconnect to your soul, continue to open and expand with it.
  • Hands out – moving – freely move them. 
  • Vibrations.
  • Feeling, allowing, awareness.

Image apparently from Heart Math Institute
(found all over the internet elsewhere—could not find it on the heart math website at all)

There is nothing physical – Instant change is possible

  • Matrix Energetics teaches from the premise that we are spirit living in a physical body; that we can access a reality that is no longer limiting and instantaneous change at the speed of light is possible.
  • These techniques enable us to access the lattice of information in new ways to affect change.
  • Seeing change as something which entails a mechanical process slows down the observer’s reality.
  • Something that potentially can be instantaneous slows to a process that conforms to your previous therapeutic expectations.
  • Matrix Energetics creates a state by which transformation can materialize.
  • The more you trust, the greater your wave, the greater your experience of transformation — just remember though that the description of energy and matter as composed of waves describes and allows you through the power of focused intent to enter into a non-consensus reality in which the product of your imagined outcome can encode and imprint on consciousness in such a way that physical observable changes become the product.
  • You’re creating an altered state, a different reality, which you energize and give life to with your active imagination. And it can all happen now.
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