Adrenal and Endocrine Health ~ Dr. Alan Christianson [Notes]

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Adrenal and Endocrine Health ~ Dr. Alan Christianson

My notes from Adrenal and Endocrine Health ~ Dr. Alan Christianson

Timing your foods (not crazy restrictive) to bring it back to the circadian rhythm

Famine or Storage:

Collective stress load: sleep disturbances, emotional/mental issues, erratic schedules, environmental toxins, etc. = disrupt adrenal cycle/rhythm = changes cortisol timing : how we make it and how our body uses it

You can measurably change the cortisol rhythm in 30 days with diet.

Eating good foods (get off processed foods)
Avoiding foods high in fructose / processed sugars
Get good regular rhythm of proteins & fats each meal
Timing carbohydrates = reserve them until later in the day – to use as rebuild a healthy cortisol rhythm.

Glands are strongly affected by environmental toxins.

Hormones are thrown off with 3 specific reasons:
1.) Disease
2.) Dysfunction
3.) Age

Psychology is the biggest variable.
I’ve seen many people do all the things, from a huge place of fear, lack or inadequacy, or uncertainty and do poorly.
And then I see others to where they are not doing the best strategies, but they’re really ‘lit-up’, they’re engaged, confident, and their outcomes are different.

Your stress-resilience
It’s not perfect, it’s not everything, but the more someone is less-adaptable, the more some is less-compensating to life’s stressors, the more that measurable rhythm gets thrown-off in some way.

4000 people in this study and literally – you could be a heavy smoker with a bad heart and you would have better survival odds than a poorly-stress-adapted totally healthy person.

Your mental state is one of the biggest differentiators.

Think about your individual day.
How can you build that day into where it really serves you and feeds you?
And have those types of days be your “norm”.
Where you’ve got a certain amount of self-care, a certain amount of time with nature, connection with loved-ones, visioning and creativity, etc.


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