Food containing: Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium & Chromium

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Foods with highest content of Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium & Chromium

BranCloves and SaffronBrazil NutsBeefGjetost CheeseCorn on the cob
RiceRice BranOystersOystersAlmondsSweet potato
WheatOat BranMusselsToasted Wheat GermSesame SeedsApple
OatHazelnutsLamb liverVeal LiverDried savoryEggs
Dried CorianderPine NutsCanned TunaLow Fat Roast Beefcelery seedTomato
ChivesPecansCanned AnchoviesRoasted Pumpkin Seedsdried thymeBroccoli
SpearmintMusselsCanned SwordfishSquash Seedsdried dillbrewer’s yeast
DillOystersPickled HerringDried Watermelon Seedsdried marjorambeef
SageClamsSunflower SeedsLambdried rosemaryliver
BasilCocoa PowderRiceAlmondsCheesechicken
Squash SeedsDark ChocolateWheatSesame SeedsSesame Seedsdairy
Pumpkin SeedsSquash SeedsOat BranDark ChocolateTofupotatoes
Watermelon SeedsRoasted Pumpkin SeedsCaviarCocoa PowderFlax Seedswhole grain products
Cocoa PowderFlax SeedBaconLambDairy Productsfish and seafood
Flax SeedSesame SeedsPork ChopsPeanutsGreen Leafy Vegetablesgreen peppers
Sesame SeedsSesame Butter (Tahini)LobsterCrabTurnipbeer
Sesame Butter (Tahini)Chili PowderCrab Mustard Greensbananas
Brazil NutsRoasted SoybeansShrimp Dandelion Greensdrinking water
Sunflower SeedsSunflower SeedsPrawns Collards 
Almonds Camarones Kale 
Cashews   Brazil Nuts 
Pine Nuts   Herring 
Dry Roasted Soybeans     

brazil nuts

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