Food containing: Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium & Chromium

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Food containing: Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium & Chromium

Foods with highest content of Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium & Chromium

Bran Cloves and Saffron Brazil Nuts Beef Gjetost Cheese Corn on the cob
Rice Rice Bran Oysters Oysters Almonds Sweet potato
Wheat Oat Bran Mussels Toasted Wheat Germ Sesame Seeds Apple
Oat Hazelnuts Lamb liver Veal Liver Dried savory Eggs
Dried Coriander Pine Nuts Canned Tuna Low Fat Roast Beef celery seed Tomato
Chives Pecans Canned Anchovies Roasted Pumpkin Seeds dried thyme Broccoli
Spearmint Mussels Canned Swordfish Squash Seeds dried dill brewer’s yeast
Dill Oysters Pickled Herring Dried Watermelon Seeds dried marjoram beef
Sage Clams Sunflower Seeds Lamb dried rosemary liver
Basil Cocoa Powder Rice Almonds Cheese chicken
Squash Seeds Dark Chocolate Wheat Sesame Seeds Sesame Seeds dairy
Pumpkin Seeds Squash Seeds Oat Bran Dark Chocolate Tofu potatoes
Watermelon Seeds Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Caviar Cocoa Powder Flax Seeds whole grain products
Cocoa Powder Flax Seed Bacon Lamb Dairy Products fish and seafood
Flax Seed Sesame Seeds Pork Chops Peanuts Green Leafy Vegetables green peppers
Sesame Seeds Sesame Butter (Tahini) Lobster Crab Turnip beer
Sesame Butter (Tahini) Chili Powder Crab   Mustard Greens bananas
Brazil Nuts Roasted Soybeans Shrimp   Dandelion Greens drinking water
Sunflower Seeds Sunflower Seeds Prawns   Collards  
Almonds   Camarones   Kale  
Cashews       Brazil Nuts  
Pine Nuts       Herring  
Dry Roasted Soybeans          

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