[Comedy/Truth] “The Pandemic” – ‘Somebody Had to Say It’ (Jim Breuer)

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Jim Breuer “The Pandemic” Somebody Had To Say It

Stand-up comedy about the “pandemic” – really touches the taboo points. I’ve lost my sense of humour about these things because it’s a reality shit-show and too many people have died or are permanently injured and I’ve spent of hours warning people only to see them ignore everything, but I think some of you will still appreciate it, and I’m glad there is someone brave enough to stand up and present it in such a blatant way:

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The 12 minute clip covers:

  1. “Thank you for RISKING YOUR LIVES to be here”
  2. The never-ending fear.
  3. Locking up the elderly “you’re not coming out until it’s safe”.
  4. The cocky-vaccinators a few months ago, the social signalling, “I can’t get sick, I’m vaccinated”. “I don’t have to wear a mask”. “People vaccinated are getting sick”. “You need a new booster” “Who wants a shot, who wants to see a ball-game”
  5. What’s in the shot? “It’s safe, don’t worry”
  6. This is going to be a Broadway play in three years.
    • “5-foot danger, 6-foot safe”
    • “I’m the grandma killer”
    • “Listen to the rules”
    • “Here come the governors – we shall determine who is ESSENTIAL – we shall determine who you can have at your house – and remember if you see any children playing outside with their mums together, REPORT THEM AND THEIR PARENTS!”. This is FOR YOUR SAFETY!
  7. Then the News-Cockatoos come out.
    • Arh arh arh – “Watch the news, watch the news”
    • Arh arh arh – “Trust the experts, trust the experts”
    • Arh arh arh – “Trust the science, trust the science”
    • Arh arh arh – “CDC, CDC”
    • Arh arh arh – “Dr Fauci, Dr Fauci”
    • Arh arh arh – “Mask on, Mask off”
    • Arh arh arh – “Two Shots, One Shot”
    • Arh arh arh – “Mask on, Two Masks”
    • Arh arh arh – “Comply, comply”
    • “Do what you are told, it’s for your safety”
  8. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.
    • People want to fight you: “You don’t understand what’s going on”
    • Everyone knows a doctor: “I know a doctor.. and they told me that there’s a stockpile”
      • Arh arh arh – “Facts and Figures”
  9. Don’t ask questions.
  10. Been flying on planes for months
    • … but keep grandma in the basement.
    • Wait for the shot – wait.
    • But you can go fly wherever you like.
    • You enter the terminal and they tell you to wear your mask and stay “six-foot safe”
      • That doesn’t work the minute you board the plane.
    • Now I’m on a plane, I’m in a tube – an enclosed tube. Sitting next to someone inches away.
      • Arh arh arh – “Trust the science”
      • Arh arh arh – “I know a doctor, I know a doctor”
      • Arh arh arh – “Facts and Figures”
    • Walking up and down the aisles warning it’s a Federal Offence if they catch you with a mask below your nose.
      • (Even though we’re in a tube)
    • “But it’s snack time, you can take your masks off now”
      • Arh arh arh – “Thank you Science”
  11. We don’t know anything.
  12. Everyone is offended.
    • Life is offensive.
    • Food is poison. That’s offensive.
    • We can’t see the elderly even though they’ve got 6 days to live.
      • “Well see you one day Grandma! Stay behind the glass”
      • “I feel much better with no Human Contact! Thank you Dr Fauci and CDC and Fear”.
      • I bet she’d rather have that touch and hug and be dead tomorrow than wave behind glass.

Jul 1, 2022. Watch the full hour on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bItcoUb5xsw

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