The Double-Jabbed are Starting to See through the Lies …

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Sooner or later everyone will see the truth, hopefully sooner rather than later before too much in our societies are damaged. Here are some double-jabbed people that have come across to the right side of history.

Everyone on their own journey through this great awakening. Some could see this coming for decades, others have been awakening en-masse throughout the pandemic.

Maybe when they first realized the media were not reporting the truth (01), maybe when they realized that the vaccines aren’t vaccines (02), maybe when someone they love was hurt by the injections or mandates (03), maybe when they were censored for sharing a journal publication, maybe when they found effective treatments and saw our governments ban and censor them (04) (05), maybe they looked at our committees (06), maybe they saw all the law changes (07), maybe they saw healthy jabbed athletes dropping like flies (08), maybe they lost their child or unborn baby (09), maybe they couldn’t get their head around the “died with or died of” case-reporting fiasco, maybe they sensed it wasn’t to do with health when the only health advice given was close your business and imprison yourselves, maybe they lost a parent to these mandates, maybe they lost their family or friends to the media lies, maybe they woke when they came for the kids (10), maybe they investigated the PCR test (11), maybe they wondered why covid-ward nurses were not lining up to get the jab (12), maybe they saw the funeral directors begging people not to get the boosters, maybe they got brave enough to research what vaccines really do, maybe they actually listened to some of the almost 800,000 doctors and scientists speaking out, maybe when they realized that fully-vaccinated doesn’t give you freedom, for everyone it’s a different trigger.

This post is dedicated to some recent awakenings in my collection to give everyone hope. The great awakening is happening with every maddening nonsensical thing these evil globalists do.

Double-Jabbed Victorian Woman Is Done with Dan Andrews

Woman gives a message to Dan Andrews after he mandates a 3rd shot when she’s already had 2 to keep her job and still got Omicron. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, January 2022. (13)

Man Wakes Up After 15 Months & Begins Helping Others See The Truth

He gets it.. (finally woke-up after 15 months) .. that the media is using ridicule so that the person you are speaking to comes to the conversation with a delusion of a moral high-ground. December 13th, 2021, London. (14)

A casual conversation on the side of Parliament Square in London with a man who had been fooled by much of the narrative until he recently woke up. Having realised that the people resisting tyranny in Britain were being unfairly censored and demonised, he now helps others wake up to the reality of the situation by leafletting information, and prompting people to think and come to the understanding that terms such as ‘anti-vaxxer’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ are being used by the establishment to ridicule and therefore silence dissenting voices and those spreading factual information.


How I went from Pandemic to Plan-Demic (Why I know I’m on the right side of history)




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