What we need is a Truth Wiki & Way for Community to Connect & Unite

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I personally have hundreds of tabs open and thousands of urls bookmarked – never enough time to go through all the things I want to scour and get to the truth of – I can’t be the only one that has this problem – this octopus is so huge and is across every area of our life. There is barely any time to work on “creating the solution” when we’re so busy trying to survive and at the same time figure out how much “our controllers” have lied and deceived humanity and for how long, and at the same time, trying to awaken the rest of humanity who are still engulfed by the system.

We now have millions of researchers all over the world working independently from each other – all shadow-banned and censored so our information is not getting out to the people we want to help. We are not harnessing our collective-power in my opinion because every single one of us truth-seekers are spending 20 hour days doing individual unpaid work (which is redundant when we are all researching the same topics & files). Why are we not better organized yet at working together? How else are we going to be able to get to the “depth” needed across the many thousands of topics this involves?

My “wish list” for those with the power to make this happen(I’m thinking along the lines of Russell Brand, Jamie McIntyre, Stew Peters, JP Sears, or any person that might have the funding & desire to help humanity) – is that we collate the information in a central place with an Online Community / Wiki / Forum.

Something like WikiSpooks.com (but we need to ban the references to Reuters and other disinformation sites).

We need to harness the power of the millions of researchers who are now dedicating their entire life to finding & sharing the truth, if we have a Wiki that we could all update, we could reveal the many aspects of this Octopus so much faster.

Instead of paying individual researchers or having one permanent staff member trying to do all the research for you, you will clearly be able to see who in the community is finding the most usable and trustworthy content you can use for your videos, and you can “upgrade” and reward those when you use the material they have shared.

ie. you will easily be able to identify which of the researchers are adding the most valuable verifiable evidence and instead of having “one person on your staff” doing the research… why not get your whole community doing the research and reward those who are giving you the most usable evidence? And “one person on your staff” being the moderator instead – checking the evidence to ensure it’s accurate (and the truth-community does that by default anyway).

This will be a way to:

  1. Get to the truth much faster
  2. Get accurate verified evidence faster
  3. Other researchers will be able to correct misinformation faster
  4. Hold researchers accountable for misinformation – ie.. they are now scrutinized by the millions of other researchers so the information by default will have to be accurate and verifiable – a lot harder to infiltrate the cause with fake information
  5. Those dedicated to the truth will now be rewarded for their hard work
  6. Those with the skills to share the information can find vetted-in-depth-verifiable resources.
  7. Researchers no longer need to repeat work already done i.e. reading through thousands of Patents, Scientific Journals, Pfizer docs, Government legal files, etc.
  8. Now you can focus your $$ on getting the most accurate evidence out to the masses
  9. Those with an “audience” can locate accurate information and share to their communities much faster than having to constantly do their own research and vetting of evidence – we really need this.

You could have a forum for topic ideas and to discuss.

But just as importantly, you can help more people. Almost all researchers are currently unemployed and almost living under a bridge because of this new dystopian inverse-world we’re in. I’m personally struggling to live but have chosen the side of morals and ethics over selling my soul – and getting to the truth and helping as many as we can is more important to me, as is the case with everyone who has chosen the side of “good”. But we know it’s about to get a lot worse as the globalists are ramping things up and if we don’t unite soon, we’re all going to suffer, whereas some of you have the means to help all of us – by connecting all of us.

A map to connect with others in your local area wherever you are in the world, so that we can all connect with our local communities:

  1. for greater support
  2. to make a bigger impact
  3. to help each other with the coming food shortages… ie you grow the tomatoes, I grow the beans, etc.
  4. to share local produce, swapping heirloom seeds
  5. to help each other and help the most vulnerable etc.
  6. to provide support and knowledge with local legal challenges
  7. to help each other with localized issues (floods etc.)
  8. to create localized events to catch each other up on important information or education
  9. to unite enough people to make a difference on any issue we need to face

There are those who are more outgoing and are finding their local communities, and there are nerd-researchers who are at home gathering data – I think we need to connect all of us up – all people in this movement have their own unique roles in this.

The doctors, health professionals, and scientists have had an important role, the comedians & musicians have had an important role, the video makers have an important role, every interview is important, the research-gathering is important, the protestors are important, the people who are “creating a new world” are important, the police who have stood up are important, the lawyers/mayors/presidents/parliament members who have stood up are important. The people sharing your videos and blogs and meme’s are important. The victims sharing their stories are important. The letters going out to MPs, schools, and pharmacists are important. The people standing in line at the supermarket helping to wake up the next stranger in line is important. Every unique individual who is trying to help the masses in their own unique way is important. (We can have wiki’s dedicated to each of them as well!)

I notice that one of you is hiring several video editors as well. This wiki community can also solve that problem too. Sure, have one video editor to “make it yours”, but you also have millions of researchers out here who are creating videos or watching these long DAVOS & UN sessions and editing down the most important information.

Why not have a place to collate these as well? Again, just have one person who is making sure the information is accurate.

There is no need for a million of us to watch the same 40 hours of video and try and edit it down to the most important — and still not be able to “reach the masses” — when we can work together “John/Hayley, you watch x and mark timestamps and Tiff will create the edit, and Jane/Richard will watch x1 and mark timestamps and Joe will create the edit” etc. Or collectively we can have a thread in a forum where you have the DAVOS/WEF/UN event as the topic and people – anyone in your community – can upload the edits and you “choose” which ones go into the wiki or in your video content.

Anyway, I think it’s time to do things better, be more accurate and efficient. No single person can get to the full Octopus alone – we need each other and we need to harness our collective-power.

It’s been over 2 years now and there is no sign that things are ramping-down, how is it possible that the people haven’t yet united together, collating and directing our collective-power in a meaningful way when we know that’s always been the solution and our power?

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

Truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper, ever trying to 'figure it out'. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, & random points of interests.