ING closed Maria Zeee’s Bank Account

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Unbelievable! Well it begins in Australia… Maria Zee has been “De-Banked”. She received an email from them stating her accounts were going to be closed. When she called to inquire if it was legitimate, they confirmed it was but gave no reason. Does ING shut down accounts due to political views? Everyone should be concerned about the potential consequences if central bank digital currencies and social credit score systems are implemented. This is a warning shot of things to come, especially with the current banking crisis.

ING closed Maria Zeee’s Bank Account (snippet)

March 22, 2023 Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip | Full Video


On the 9th of March 2023, I received this email after banking with ING for several years now, advising me that my accounts were going to be closed. I was advised that within one week, stops would be placed on my accounts, meaning I would not be able to access my money after that date and furthermore, that the following week the accounts would be permanently closed, and I was furthermore informed that I would not be able to open any new accounts with ING in the future.

In their email, they said that if my issue had not been resolved to my satisfaction, I could contact their complaints team. I’m not sure how your issue can be resolved to your satisfaction following this type of communication but nonetheless, my first response was to call the bank and ensure that this wasn’t a scam. I couldn’t think of any reason as to why this would occur. Everything relating to Zeee Media’s Business is above board, declared to the ATO, I pay my taxes, etc.

ING advised me that it was them that sent the email and transferred me through to their “specialist” team who were apparently able to answer my questions. No questions were answered, it was just a repeat of the email that they sent me which by the way, they claim to not have access to view. So they asked me to read the email to them and then repeated what was in their own email that they didn’t have access to. It was bizarre.

It wasn’t suspicious activity, it wasn’t me doing anything wrong, and the ING representative advised that she couldn’t see anything on her end that indicated why this had occurred.

So I asked her whether the reason was the only thing left that I could think of as a general and genuine question. “Do you shut down people’s accounts due to their political views by any chance?” I was met with a long silence followed by being placed on hold. The representative came back to me repeating the same generic information, and that was that, so I asked the question again more than once.

“Do you shut down people’s accounts due to their political views?” The answer? The policy closure information is in that email.

Now we did recall some time ago a similar issue which we believe to be ING Bank and after a quick Google search, lo and behold, ING has done this before, and the articles that we found were people saying that their accounts were closed not because of what they had done but because of who they were.

We wanted to do the right thing in the interest of fair and balanced reporting so we contacted their PR manager Megan Landauro on the 10th of March 2023 both via phone and email. In our communication we asked a few simple questions as a media organization reporting on ING still doing this to people. (01)

  1. What is the reason ING is still doing this?
  2. What are some likely reasons ING would close an account?
  3. Why are the complaints resolutions team touted as specialists unable to provide a reason as to why this is occurring when customers call them for an explanation?
  4. Does ING close people’s accounts for their political views?
  5. We also asked as a further opportunity for comment would you like to provide any further information or comment on ING’s recent anti-money laundering case with AUSTRAC. (02)

The response we received?

We’re unable to discuss any account closures due to customer confidentiality. Our public statement regarding ING entering into an enforceable undertaking with AUSTRAC can be found here.

And they so graciously provided us with a link to that public statement. Perhaps Megan would answer me if I told her that I am the customer and the questions pertain to my de-banking in particular so I sent a new email specifying this and received no response. We’d like to invite ING Bank at this moment to comment further at any time.

A quick search on the World Economic Forum’s website shows ING Bank as one of their partners. Now we can’t say for sure that our extensive reporting covering the WEF’s plan for the enslavement of humanity and ING’s links to them are the reason for my de-banking but it certainly is a possibility. (03)

We’re also not saying that the timing of this Channel Nine hit piece (timestamp 06:01 – 09:23 from full video below) coincides with my de-banking but it does beg the question are the mainstream media and the banks colluding to silence anyone that dares to tell the truth? Is this a conditioning tool? (04) (05) (06)

Right now we still have some sort of freedom of speech but as you can clearly see over the past three years this has been under attack. If you dare to say anything that disagrees with the government or the globalists the first step was to censor your speech by cancelling you online, banning your accounts, shadow banning you, effectively shutting you out from the public square. (07)

This happened to doctors and Stanford University professors too by the way. (08)

Then this was followed by the next step which was labelling you a potential domestic terrorist as we can see with the slander pieces in the media and now shutting you out of the economy. We saw this even during the trucker protests in Canada with people’s accounts being frozen. (09) (10)

For now these are warning shots but what will this look like in future if CBDCs are brought in along with the social credit score system that they are desperately trying to import from China? It’s been very successful there in controlling people’s behaviour. (11)

Well in light of the current banking crisis with more than 200 smaller US banks reportedly currently at risk and an unknown number of smaller banks in Australia at risk, the likely outcome is that eventually the bigger banks will take over the smaller banks forcing people into a monopoly of sorts. Those bigger banks will eventually implement CBDCs voluntarily at first of course and then eventually give people no option but to trade in CBDCs exclusively.

This plan for central bank digital currencies is to eventually eliminate cash and be able to track every single purchase you make in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals including zero meat and zero private car ownership as their ambitious goals for 2030 to name a few. (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17)

And should you step outside of these parameters that are set by those that seek to control every aspect of your life and limit aspects of your life by that point there will be no option. The CBDCs will enable them to shut you off from society completely possibly even permanently. No ability to pay your bills, feed your children, keep a roof over your head or survive if you dare disagree with those in power.

That’s how dangerous this is and the example that we’ve just described to you, my personal case, is just the beginning.

In similar news recently we’ve seen the fall of some banking institutions like SVB, Signature Bank, what they call rural banks, feeling the pinch with a loss of confidence from people and investors worldwide. Even financial institutions and small to medium sized banks in Australia are starting to feel the effects of the flow on from these international financial incidents.

So what is the current state of the banking crisis and what can people do about it? Peter Hobson from Gold Bullion Australia group joins us now to discuss. (Continues at timestamp: 22:43 on the Full video below)


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