Spiritual Awakening vs Psychosis (6 months in)

IN Dark Night of the Soul

Spiritual Awakening vs Psychosis (6 months in) – (Hard to hear with driving noise)

My soul needs to love this sick, distorted society (Parked on the side of the road)

What would my higher-self do? Every moment brings opportunities to grow. Ramble trying to investigate different insights I have received.

Negative vs Positive Polarities, Demonic & Evil Entities & Energies, Evolving on Multi-layered octaves, Spiritual Emergencies.

Are we 100% responsible for what we experience or just how we interpret the experiences? Have we agreed to experience this prior to coming in?

Talking about how I’ve been negative polarized & ignorant for 6 months. Living in fear. Needing and reaching for logical explanations of the experiences. Needing “Mainstream” comfort despite my soul. When going whacko, I reached for mainstream because I didn’t want to be “more whacko”.

Forgiveness. Personality responsibility. Mainstream wants to get out the pitch-forks, but my soul needs to have unconditional acceptance for everybody. I know that’s not going to resonate.

What would my higher-self do? What is in alignment to my soul?
Looking at it from a soul’s journey, a higher-self and beyond perspective.

The answer is always love.
Not living in fear.
Loving what you fear.

It’s a difficult – the most difficult choice to make in this sick, distorted society. It’s the hardest thing to do – to be above the “wrong’s” and choose what your soul would do.

My energy is blocked up, my feelings are off, I don’t “feel”. I’m apathetic and don’t give a shit, and full of self-doubt, and not communicating in a loving way.

The easy path is to be angry.
The hard path is to forgive, but will be lighter for my soul.

Original (Longer) Version: What would my higher-self do? Ramble..

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