Informed consent should include this warning prominently & individually explained (ADE)

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Research valid as at 26 September 2021

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Informed Consent Should Include This Warning Prominently & Carefully and Individually Explained

Vaccine could cause more severe disease than unvaccinated

Published studies from many scientists and virologists, warning that these particular types of vaccines have never been approved in the past because the actual mechanism may worsen COVID-19 disease due to something known as “Antibody-Dependant Enhancement”. And this is what we are now seeing in countries such as UK, Israel and the USA.

The study stresses the urgency that those taking these new COVID-19 vaccines contain a significant risk of ADE and that informed consent should include this warning prominently and individually explained to each patient prior to signing the consent forms. Below are further studies about the risk of ADE – particularly with coronavirus vaccines.

An urgent warning for disclosure to vaccine recipients, many studies, and virologists – including the chief inventor of mRNA technology (used in Pfizer & Moderna vaccines), are saying they believe that’s what we’re seeing with the Delta variant.

Two new studies from Israel and UK disclose that the majority of hospitalizations are by those who have been vaccinated.

The CDC state that someone is only considered ‘fully vaccinated’ 14 days after the 2nd dose, so we may even be seeing those who have been vaccinated who haven’t reached that “2 weeks from 2nd shot milestone” being those in hospital here in Australia, who may be considered “unvaccinated” in our reporting statistics.

CDC – When You Are Fully Vaccinated

Our consent forms in Australia do not carry this warning, in fact there’s no mention of it at all – despite the same vaccines and manufacturers being involved in the previous trials that caused and so everyone in Australia who has taken this vaccine has not been given adequate informed consent.

Australia – COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form

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