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All types of books from survival to gardening to history/law and more.

There are a lot of sites, but one that is very easy to navigate and has a massive list of free downloadable books is PDFDrive. They don’t host the books, they point to other places on the web that have the book available to download it. It enables authors to remove their books from the search if they don’t want them available, but there’s so many thousands of useful books – knowledge in every area, that are downloadable in PDF and other formats.

You can search the site directly, or get more inspiration from Telegram groups which are dedicated to various subjects (just search pdfdrive within telegram to see all the groups).

Here’s some inspiration for your searches:

Gardening & Foraging, Natural Antibiotics & Herbal Remedies, Medicine, Infections, Handyman, Maintenance, Dentist, Doctor, Plumber, Electrician, Survival, Self-Sustainability, and more.

Year-Round Gardening

Year-Round Gardening. (01)

Foraging. (02)

Permaculture. (03)

Off-Grid Living. (04)

Herbal Remedies & Natural Antibiotics

Herbal Antibiotics. (05)

Medicinal Herbs. (06)

Home Remedies. (07)

When there is No Doctor

When there is No Doctor. (08)

When there is No Dentist

When there is no Dentist. (09)

When there is No…
Electrician, Plumber or Handyman

DIY Plumbing. (10)

DIY Solar. (11)

Electric Wiring. (12)

Appliance Repair. (13)

Home Repair. (14)

I apologize for the next few hours that you will lose due to the amount of knowledge that you are about to download for free :)

Have a great weekend, filling your mind with life-saving education!


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