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It’s been years since I’ve posted any IChing readings on my blog but I felt compelled to sit down tonight and see what it has to say about how my mind works.

So my question was:

So I’m pretty sure I have Asperger’s which explains why I’m so different. What is the purpose or something you can tell me about the way my mind works?

And I got #25 “Innocence” changing to #61″Inner Truth with the changing lines being 2 and 4.

Now there are a lot of ways to interpret the IChing, and I trust that whichever way I’m particularly reading it, is the way that I’m specifically ‘supposed’ to read it, and the answers I get are unique to my way of reading it. Here is the interpretation I got:

Focus on what you’re doing.

Do your own thing. Give it your all – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Innocence – Spontaneity. Act without guilt while relying on inner principles to achieve a creative or inspired thought.

You are being given an opportunity to play a vital part in the now as it unfolds. This experience of deep connectedness to the whole is awe-inspiring.

Don’t feel awkward or uncertain among people who seem to know what they are doing. Stay close to your own truth and follow the dictates of your own heart.

All you need to do is remain true to yourself.

Inner truth is not based on what others say, but what you know and who you are inside. Always follow your own path. Keep an open mind an open heart, free of preconceptions.

I think it pretty much answered that my truth is different and that’s ok. Which is pretty much what Asperger’s and Autism is – wired different – think different – different way of looking at the world, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

27th November Update:
Well, after spending a couple of days in the Bashar Facebook group looking at their unique views on Autism, it’s amazing to me to look at this post again, because it is pretty much in line with the section “… Ignoring Extraneous Data To Focus & Explore A Specific Theme“. Basically here to focus and explore our own truth, and not get caught-up in societal norms, to experience another level of consciousness.

Having just finished that post a few minutes ago, the words from the IChing really stood out to me.. the focus on what you’re doing, doing your own thing/following your own path, to act without guilt and rely on inner-principles, the opportunity to play a vital part in the now, to not concern yourself on what others are doing and to remain true to yourself.
I believe if you explored that post in it’s totality and then came back here you may get the same amazement-moment that I just got :)

It also seems to align with some of the channelled information I’ve read, such as:

Q’uo – see full transcript

  • Here to not only expand their own consciousness, but to offer to those about them the opportunity to see another way of being, another way of communicating, another way of accomplishing the life’s journey
  • Have a connection to the One Creator that is unlike the normal type of connection that most entities experience, there is an unconscious transmission of unity to the conscious mind
  • There is the challenge of accepting the self, difficulties moving beyond this planet’s peer pressure
  • Difficulties engaging in a close or heartfelt experience of trading emotions and intelligence with others, in order to develop a greater ability to do just that

Kryon – see full transcript

  • Humans are born with walls that keep you from conceptual thinking, which is now beginning to shift. The beginning of nonlinear thinking, humans will use lost DNA abilities.
  • Blessed is the autistic one who has come to this earth to show you what future Human evolvement looks like.
  • Autism = nonlinear mind. The barriers are dropped. Here he is in a world of black and white while he is in colour. You want him to go in a straight line when he is used to all directions at once.
  • This early forerunner has DNA activated in an uncontrolled way, and so learning is needed to know how to make sense of it all. Trying to linearize the nonlinear.
  • The linear walls are gone in their brain, and they have to learn to build the ones that they need. Humans then see them as a problem, and it’s not a problem. They are setting the stage for a new kind of Human.
  • Does not want to learn in a linear fashion will look at the whole concept of this linear approach and reject it.
  • They know they’re an old soul. They just don’t even know the words to express it.
  • Does not understand linearity and is always trying to grasp order and symmetry.

Bashar – see full transcript

  • Didn’t come here to be ‘generalists’ – came with high focus in a specific direction at the sake of everything else.
  • Turning inward into a specific world, and exploration of a highly concentrated focus.
  • Have created an existence that simply allows them to focus on what they desire to experience in this life.
  • Teaches society to expand all methodologies of communication (i.e. telepathy, heart-centered/unconditional love).
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