C19 Jabs: More Harm than Good (500+ Doctors & Scientists)

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C-19 Inoculations: More Harm than Good (Over 500 Independent Doctors, Scientists, and Health Care Practitioners)

Following on from the release of the Pfizer 6 month data release, over 500 independent Canadian doctors, scientists, and health care practitioners have put together scientific reviews and documents to share their findings and provide information to the public that the agenda-driven pharma-funded media is not sharing.

A 51-page document titled “The Pfizer Inoculations for Covid-19 MORE HARM THAN GOOD” released in December, and already attacked by the pharma-funded agenda-driven Fake Fact-Checker sites that people have been duped by for almost 2 years. Dec 16 2021

Further, another group Doctors4CovidEthics.org – consisting of doctors and scientists from 30 countries – have published a document entitled: “On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination” | PDF

Over 16,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists have formed the GlobalCovidSummit.org after millions of patients treated and following 20 months of research and hundreds of clinical trials and shared scientific data, recently published the Rome Covid Declaration, to alert citizens to the deadly consequences of disrupting life-saving treatment and suppressing open scientific discussion, recently adding supporting evidence added to warn about not subjecting healthy children to COVID vaccines. that naturally immune should not be subject to any restrictions or mandates, that health agencies & institutions should cease interfering with physicians patients care. Their first declaration covers all aspects of Covid-wrongdoings by Policymakers and alerting the world to the fact that physicians are being prevented from providing treatment and recommendations to their patients, and that these barriers being placed on them and their policies may constitute crimes against humanity:


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