Inner workings of the FDA’s Marriage to Pharma: “Don’t rock the boat”

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How did I miss this last year? Project Veritas recorded an FDA executive admitting that the FDA is nothing but a food & pharmaceutical company whore, the approvals are rigged in industries’ favour, and it’s better to “look the other way and not rock the boat” if you want to move up the ranks, and there’s no incentive or protection for people who stand up. Feb. 15, 2022 | Christopher Cole, FDA Exec. Officer on hidden camera.

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Feb. 15, 2022]
Food and Drug Administration [FDA] Executive Officer, Christopher Cole, inadvertently revealed that his agency will eventually announce that annual COVID-19 vaccinations will become policy.

Christopher Cole is an Executive Officer heading up the agency’s Countermeasures Initiatives, which plays a critical role in ensuring that drugs, vaccines, and other measures to counter infectious diseases and viruses are safe. He made the revelations on a hidden camera to an undercover Project Veritas reporter.

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  • “There’s almost a billion dollars a year, going into FDA’s budget, from the people we regulate”
  • Annual vaccine = recurring fountain of revenue
  • Not enough testing
  • Not tested enough on Pregnant Women
  • Not tested enough on kids
  • Not as effective as they were expecting
  • Under EUA, the efficacy data doesn’t have to be as high, just “more benefit than harm”
  • Big Pharma gives FDA money to increase the chances of approval of their products, they pay for more “reviewers” to be hired, which fast-tracks the approval process, but there’s more pressure to approve something due to the amount of money involved.
  • FDA are dependant upon the drug companies, food companies, and vaccine companies for their agency to operate
  • They get paid hundreds of millions a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products
  • If they mandate it, it’s guaranteed income
  • Congress approved user fees for FDA, allowing FDA to charge Industry millions of dollars in order to hire more drug and vaccine reviewers, which will speed up the approval process, so they make more money.
  • FDA budget is like five and half billion dollars
  • Almost a billion dollars a year going into FDA’s budget from the people they regulate, so there’s more pressure to approve something
  • Organizations within the FDA have cash in their eyes, and they’ve gone too far in charging excessive user fees to other non-payroll expenses, because “why not?”, “it’s multi-year” and the “money gets banked”
  • Not enough people willing to stand up and say it’s not right. “You don’t want to be that person”, “You’ll be marked”, and you won’t have a long shelf life in the agency if you’re the person “criticizing or suggesting that maybe we shouldn’t be doing this”
  • “There’s not an incentive to speak out in government. It’s better just to not say anything and just ignore it.”
  • High profile whistle-blower’s statutes are ridiculous – there’s no protection for someone who speaks up, you’ll be marked from getting other jobs because another office is not going to want to hire you if you spoke up about something, right or wrong, they don’t look at what you’ve spoken out about.
  • Government’s don’t like people rocking the boat, for right or wrong, at all costs.
  • “They want to hire a safe person, that can do the job, but isn’t necessarily a great hire.” They would hire someone who would turn a blind eye to what they’re seeing.
  • It’s better just to “stay quiet and accept it”

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