Long Covid & Prolonged Mask Wearing [Study]

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A new (April 3 2023) study shows how prolonged mask wearing over the last couple years may have been misinterpreted as long COVID-19 symptoms. Kristen Meghan walks us through the study. (Highlights)

Study: Is “Long Covid” from mask wearing? || Kristen Meghan (Highlights)

April 18, 2023 Rumble-Highlights | Rumble-Full | Telegram-Highlights

Systematic review with meta-analysis and comprehensive evaluation… and what do I want you to get out of that just at the beginning before I bring in our distinguished guest? Right here in discussion it says that, “so far several mask related symptoms may have been misinterpreted as long COVID-19 symptoms. In any case, the possible MIES contrasts with the WHO definition of health.” So we’re going to be asking some questions about what the WHO has been telling us about this.

Kristen, why don’t we start with a quick background on you and then we’ll get into the topic at hand. I’m going to just bring up the study real fast too, just to remind people what we’re going to start talking about today. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why we should listen to you related to this topic.

I’ve worked in the field of occupational and environmental toxicology for 20 years, nine of which was active duty the Air Force working in bio environmental engineering. So basically what my job is, is I’m an exposure scientist and I have to know in occupational setting everything that affects the human body. From inhalation hazards, contact, absorption, lighting, ergonomics, chemicals, vibrations, you name it. So we are the subject matter experts when it comes to exposure controls and I’ve managed the respiratory protection programs for over 76,000 people and I’ve tested over 10,000 masks and respirators. So I’m a court credential expert and I’ve never been ousted as an expert in any litigation.

So let’s start with this here. First off, let’s just bring this down. What is physio, metabolic and clinical consequence? What does that mean?

So it’s basically when we talk about metabolic rates, there’s Basal Metabolic rates when you’re dealing with pregnancy. This is just inclusive to what happens to your body, the demand on your body and the health impacts associated with it basically to dumb it down because I have been screaming since 2020, I was one of the first to come out and explain that prolonged mask wearing impedes natural gas to exchanges and this is exactly what this thing is saying. So this is my vindication tour. (01) (02)

Hopefully they don’t take down this video then. Okay, so they say here, the background is that “As face masks became mandatory in most countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, adverse effects require substantiated investigation.” and these are the results:

“We found significant effects in both medical surgical and N95 masks with a greater impact of the second.”

Okay, why wouldn’t N95 have a greater impact?

So masks are, if you’ve noticed, masks have gaps on the side in the bridge of the nose and underneath they are class two medical devices, but they don’t seal, which is why they provide less than 1% risk reduction. But N95s are not just masks. N95 are respirators and under OSHA, it’s called 29 CFR 1910.134 appendix C. It’s a medical evaluation because respirators create such a demand on the body. You actually have to be medically qualified to wear one, and this is why you see N95s have a greater impact because it further restricts breathing and where the masks have the gap, you get less of the improper exchange, but there’s different types of N95s. So this is why you need medical clearance.

I think what’s interesting about all this is that I believe I also saw that the CDC even had something comparable to this up years ago that you could still find. I think I saw somebody on Twitter posted it the other day, and so it’s not like the CDC doesn’t know this stuff. Okay, let’s look at this first: “Decreased SPO2“. What does that mean?

It just has to do with your oxygen levels, and that’s why when you’re wearing a mask or an N95 respirator, and I just want to reiterate that N95s are respirators, but they’re bottom of the barrel and they’re not preferred by people in my profession. They’re uncomfortable and hard to seal. But what it does is it disallows you to get enough oxygen and it disallows you to get rid of your carbon dioxide. So it just basically after a while, of improper gas exchanges, if some people wear a pulse oximeter or they’re doing air sampling inside of a mask or respirator, it just decreases your intake and how your body uses oxygen to transport hemoglobin and it disrupts that whole process.

Okay. What about.. “is this minute or minute ventilation?”

Yes, so I know people get intimidated by looking at the numerical aspects of studies like this, but the best way for me to just dumb-down what I’m seeing for you is that this is just talking about certain situations and how it’s increasing your respiration rates, and you know how you’ve seen people that are claustrophobic and they start to kind of hyperventilate? That’s what naturally happens, but at a slower cause and a slower rate. So that’s what it’s doing is disrupting proper ventilation and it’s just giving you numerical values of different blood gases and different things. So this is going to be very technical for your audience, but if you scroll down and you just look at the wording rather than the numerical aspects, it’s just showing you that your heart rate is increasing. If you scroll up just a little bit, I wish I had a screenshot of what I posted on Facebook way back in the day, but it talks about it increases your blood carbon dioxide, increases your heart rate, your blood pressure, skin temperature. That’s why you saw things like headaches and ‘Maskne’ (mask acne), it’s actually Perioral dermatitis. (03) (04)

And little known fact: If you were in an occupational setting and you had that maskne and you’ve got anything greater than first aid like a steroid cream from your provider, that’s an OSHA recordable against your employer. So they could have had to pay for lost time, wages and your healthcare. It’s an injury and illness in the workplace.

But it affects, like I said, the heart rate, your blood pressure. I actually, this is hard for some people to believe, but this is why I told people masks are not one size fits all. I lost my father in July of 2021. He was diabetic and had high blood pressure and was doing heavy lifting at his job. He dropped dead. I lost him in 2021 and I had told him stop being afraid to stand up for yourself. You have legitimate medical reasons that you cannot prolong wear a mask, and this is when we had that really heavy heat wave here in the Midwest. I’m in Michigan. He was in Chicago and all these confounding factors and he died. Not only am I a subject matter expert in this, this hits home, and there are so many medical reasons that people cannot don a mask or respirator and this is not new. So all of the data that you’re seeing about increasing heat and humidity, people get very light headed. Again, they increased for respiration rates. It was like small hyperventilation.

You guys, this data has existed since before I was born, and if you go back to OSHA’s training videos in 2005, 2006, 2007, they will literally tell you:

  • That they’re not designed for prolonged use.
  • If you touch it one time, you have to remove it.

And what did we see? We saw this, this, this, every five seconds, even the public health professionals, Dr. Fraudchi, all these people, they touched them over and over. Those are the super spreaders, not people like me that never wore one.

Dr. Fraudchi, I like that. Well, you did a pretty good job of summing it up. I mean, you’re right. I’ll just read the discussion here:

“Masks interfered with O2 uptake and CO2 release and compromised respiratory compensation. Though evaluated wearing durations are shorter than daily / prolonged use, outcomes independently validate mask-induced exhaustion syndrome (MIES) and downstream physio-metabolic dysfunctions. MIES can have long-term clinical consequences, especially for vulnerable groups. So far, several mask-related symptoms may have been misinterpreted as long COVID-19 symptoms. In any case, the possible MIES contrasts with the WHO definition of health.”

So, um, uh-oh, because, I mean, on YouTube, you still can’t go against the WHO. So anyway. What do you think about their posing this theory that long COVID symptoms may have been misinterpreted as prolonged mask-wearing health effects?

Well, I have been saying this on media interviews, documentaries, on my social media, since “long COVID” became a word, I said a lot of it is actually from prolonged mask-wearing, because one of the most egregious things of all these mandates was that pregnant women had to wear them, and let me tell you, in my profession, we don’t put pregnant women in masks or respirators, unless it’s very short duration. We put them in powered air-purifying respirators. Why? Because this impedes the gasses exchanges. It puts an additional workload on their metabolic system, and there are studies showing that it affects fetal metabolic weight. So the growth rate of your fetus.

So if I remind you the study that you just showed, did studies “at rest”, but what did most people do? You had here in Michigan, we have like ship shoppers, we have people that get your groceries, it’s hot, they’re lifting. You had construction workers having to wear these outside. So one thing we do when we look at the use of N95s is as an industrial hygienist, I have to look at what are they wearing them for? How long? What conditions? And what other PPE are they doing? And what tasks are they doing? Why? Because the first thing I do is I have to make sure I’m not creating a greater harm, and then does it work? And this violated both of those things, because it’s not one size of it’s all. So this whole thing is criminal and egregious, and I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops going on three years.

It’s got to feel like you’re going insane at that point, and this, I don’t even know how you look at the study like this, and everyone would go, oh, yeah, okay, you just probably want to beat your head against a wall. Making moms wear masks during labor. I was one of them. I had my first child at the beginning of 2020, May 2020, and I was required to wear a mask for pushing. They did not make me wear a mask oddly for like any other part of labor, except when I actually really needed to breathe. That’s when they made me put the mask on. Of course, I did not put it over my mouth and nose. It was under my chin, because I’m not insane, and nobody seems to care about that. It was very odd that all these people had been around me and my bodily fluids for like 48 hours, and all of a sudden I was going to put a mask on? I mean, the whole thing was just nuts, but yeah, I was one of those moms. It was crazy.

Industrial hygienists that don’t work for the government are the only subject matter experts on masks and respirators. What you saw was doctors being interviewed, virologists, epidemiologists, public health professionals. While we are a faction of public health, you saw people going outside of their sandbox into mine and stealing the microphone, and I don’t mean that for the spotlight. I’ve been in the health freedom movement for 13 years, I’m in media, but you got the wrong messaging from the wrong people and they shunned us away and said, “you’re not a doctor”. Well, you’re damn right. But guess who trains them on the use of mask and respirators? Who installs the ventilation systems with engineers and designs them in hospital systems? We do. We are the exposure control experts, and that’s where everything changed is that the public didn’t understand our profession, and I couldn’t believe it because never before would you ever see a doctor talking about mask or respirators and their efficacy.

Pilots were prohibited from wearing masks due to the rise of blood pressure beyond FAA medical limitations.

So while that’s happening, people are still freaking out that if you question masks, you’re what? A psychopath? What’s your read on why masks became this symbol of something far greater than just a thing on your face?

When I realized this was never about health and safety based on the lack of response, by the way, I have 12 years in pandemic preparedness planning and response. I knew this was about control. That’s not conspiratorial. I believe it was, and I heard this straight from an industrial hygienist who worked for my state, OSHA. They had to do something. They had to make people feel better. That’s not okay. We had engineering controls that provided a 90% risk reduction, and we went with something that had less than one, and people were making masks out of curtains and t-shirts. So I think it was about a control and a purposeful divide in a climate where we had a huge election. That’s my opinion.

Yeah, they are loaded with bacteria, and that’s why I saw a lot of people have pneumonia and different issues because this is a bacterial nightmare with the moisture that is built up from prolonged mask wearing.

If you’re getting your information about masks from anyone other than a non-governmental industrial hygienist, you’re in the wrong place. But with that said, there are doctors and nurses who have learned a lot and know that it’s our profession, like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Lynn Fynn-derella. There’s a whole bunch of doctors who are so respectful, understanding, so they speak on it from the harms that they’ve seen and it doesn’t take a genius to read, but just remember, and the reason I say non-governmental is because if you work for the government, you’re going to be afraid to go against the fray. So just don’t think that the mask argument is over. I’m still being asked to do court cases. I’m going to three different states about it upcoming to still fight these mandates. So it’s not over, but continue to share these. I am very loud on Twitter about it, so you can retweet my information, but definitely follow myself, Tammy Clark and Stephen Petty on Twitter.

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