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Another doctor calling out Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, WEF, Gates, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media for Crimes against Humanity.

Video: WHO about to take over the world. NWO order upon us - 8min

WHO about to take over the world. NWO order upon us

May 23, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Countries are currently meeting in the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva to signover – LITERALLY – the Sovereignty of their countries.
  • They are going to do this by handing over all powers to the WHO to control pandemics and healthcare emergencies.
  • The WHO will have the power to determine when there’s going to be a pandemic and when they should declare a lockdown.
  • We know how miserably they have failed in managing COVID.
  • The WHO gave us the WRONG instructions.
  • They didn’t acknowledge that lockdowns didn’t achieve the goal of reducing deaths – they caused more harm but the WHO didn’t give a damn.
  • Now they’ll have the power to issue a lockdown and that’s going to mean more hardship for people all over the world.
  • These powers were suggested by the Biden administration. Don’t know what’s so democratic about the US when their main thrust has been to curtail freedom of speech, restrict access to free information, pillaring anybody who has been opposed their narrative, and curtailed our rights. The aim of a democracy is freedom of speech, have more rights, we don’t want “less” of it – we don’t want to be controlled by a central-controlling body.
  • The worst part is the person who would be in charge of this would be Tedros – who is the Director General of the WHO. He is not a doctor. He’s a refugee from Ethiopia. (01)
  • He doesn’t understand the science about Covid. He doesn’t know the treatment for Covid. He has no clue about it. He’s been making these long statements how we need to be ready for more pandemics. He is very closely allied to the other devil on this earth, and that is Bill Gates.
  • Bill Gates is another very confused man. He confuses himself. He is a man who keeps claiming that the world is over-populated, and they need to find a way of reducing the population, whilst at the same time, he has his chosen scientists to determine “pathogens of concern” for the world, and of course his next move is to work with pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines to control this pathogen.
  • What if the pathogen is a harmless pathogen like Omicron? Nobody needs the vaccine but yet, Gates will push for it. He’s a bit of a dubious character. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about. On the one hand he talks about the world being overpopulated and in the next breathe wants to save the world from pandemics. How hypocritical and contradictory is that.
  • He’s also been implicated in some way with the food shortages. He’s got some artificial food manufacturing outfits. The man is really dubious. Hungry for more money, power, and control and I don’t think we need to be taken over by another Hitler, in the name of Bill Gates because he’s got the money.
  • If we don’t protest against this is we’ll just become another Colony to be abused by the rich in the WEF.
  • When it sinks-in to the broader population, the damaging effects of the tyrannical, communist, dictatorship of rule, where there will be lockdowns, inflation will go to the sky, we are expecting 300 million people to die of starvation, and we’re worried about the few people dying from COVID. What nonsense is that.
  • Maybe today our governments will sign over our countries and our sovereignty. But that is going to stir the nations of the world, the citizens of the world to fight back and win back their sovereignty and democracy. Their right to freedom. Dictatorships have been toppled down before through uprising. I do not think anybody wants to be governed or controlled by a dictator like Bill Gates.
  • Klaus Schwab – we are the 99%. Even those have been vaccinated by an agenda will soon realize they’ve been duped into a poison. There’s over 1,000 articles showing that the vaccine doesn’t work. (02)
  • Boosters have now been shown to decrease our immune response.
  • MonkeyPox is nothing more than MONEYpox. It’s not a respiratory virus, it’s a skin disorder that can only spread through direct-contact. The idea is to scare people into buying vaccines again and all the stuff that Bill Gates is trying to push. The US stupidly has bought 13 million smallpox vaccines which aren’t going to benefit anyone except bigpharma.
  • Fight this New World Order and all that it stands for.

“Today our country, along with 193 other countries will lose its sovereignty to the Evil globalists via the control of the the WHO under the leadership of the reprehensible Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, the DG of the WHO. Our president, Cyril Matemela Ramaphosa handed our country over to the WHO on a platter over dinner to the evil Tedros, under the direction of the psychopath, Bill Gates.

The fight for our sovereignty has just begun.

Shame on our politicians both from the ruling party and opposition, except for the ACDP for selling our country for a few pieces of silver.

When the citizens of this world wake up to the reality that they have become overnight slaves in the NWO, they will fight for their freedom like never before. I hope that day will be from today. We cannot lose a moment to save our sovereignty.

We do not need an illegitimate world body like the WHO to tell us what to do in our own country.”

Dr EV Rapiti

Video: Successful recovery from bells palsy using Ivermectin - 4min

Successful recovery from bells palsy using Ivermectin

May 19, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Vaccine-caused Injuries
  • Patient was devastated after ending up with bells palsy (paralysis of the face), severe headaches, and more after her firm insisted she must take the vaccine which is totally ludicrous as she’d already had a covid infection.
  • People are being forced to take a vaccine.
  • Bells palsy is one of the most common side effects.
  • She was withdrawn, devastated, didn’t want to leave the house, didn’t want to see people, her life was a wreck, suffering from severe pain.
  • Proof that Ivermectin is not only successful with Covid, but also in Vaccine-Injuries.

Video: Stop WHO, infant mortality rises in Scotland - 9min

Stop WHO, infant mortality rises in Scotland

May 19, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

Video: Vaccines and Myocarditis - 9min

Vaccines and myocarditis

May 18, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • The VAERS and UK data show a huge spike in myocarditis in the 14 to 45 year age group.
  • It’s a serious complication.

Video: FDA losing credibility - 10min

FDA losing credibility

May 17, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • A scientist from the FDA commented that the biggest cause of death in America is disinformation.
  • What a daft comment.

Video: Covid Treatable | WHO is a Dictator - 9min

Covid Treatable | WHO is a Dictator

May 15, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • The WHO has become a total dictator.
  • We must get rid of them.
  • Covid is highly treatable, where is there a need for a toxic protein.

Video: Early Treatment prevents Death & Hospitalizations

Early Treatment prevents Death & Hospitalizations

May 13, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

Early detection with a proper clinical diagnosis can prevent death and hospitalisation without the need for sophisticated tests, x-rays and useless PCR tests. Simple repurposed drugs will suffice.

Video: Pfizer CEO Unethical, Dictatorial WHO - 9min

Pfizer CEO Unethical, Dictatorial WHO

May 13, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Pfizer’s CEO guilty of promoting paxlovid as an off-label drug without understanding the science of Covid.
  • WHO will become a dictator by 22 May if the treaty is not opposed.

Video: Masking in the Absence of Danger - 10min

Masking in the Absence of Danger

May 6, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Dr Joe Phahla has reintroduced masking even though there is no evidence of severe covid infection.
  • Masks have no value in decreasing spread of infection.

Video: WHO is a private enterprise, must be disbanded - 10min

WHO is a private enterprise, must be disbanded

May 2, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Vaccines NOT Safe. NOT Effective.
  • Pfizer’s latest 80,000 page document clearly states to shareholders that they cannot predict safety and efficacy of their Vaccine and and cannot predict growth in sales especially if the medical fraternity starts criticising the vaccine.
  • The WHO is funded by the private sector by 80%. It no longer represents the interests of the citizens of the world.
  • Its CEO doesn’t understand medicine or Covid.
  • The WHO must stopped from getting their treaty to control the world pandemics and disasters.
  • They must be disbanded.

Video: Vaccines, Boosters & Variants - 8min

Vaccines, Boosters & Variants

April 24, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

Video: Pfizer Docs reveal Natural Immunity Effective - 9min

Pfizer Docs reveal Natural Immunity Effective

April 22, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Data from the 55,000 page document dump.
  • Pfizer reveals that natural immunity is as good as Vaccine immunity.
  • Pfizer knew this a year ago and withheld this information from the rest of the world.
  • They wanted to keep these documents secret for 75 years. You don’t wait 75 years when half of them will be dead. FDA & CDC are working in Collusion with Pfizer.
  • A health worker in Spain gets infected with two strains in three weeks after being boosted, shows vaccines are useless against Omicron. She had the vaccine and wasn’t protected. 12 days after she got her booster, she got infected with Omicron. 12 years is long-enough time to confer sufficient immunity.
  • Vaccines are riddled with side effects that they are shoving under the carpet.
  • Natural Immunity is better and yet employees are being fired without any regard for the science.
  • Our ministers had the documents and still hasn’t informed the public.
  • WHO is despicable. Their definition of pandemic is invalid.
  • We have good treatments, and the world is not in threat.
  • To all the Employers still going on about mandatory vaccines: “who are you protecting? against what? you’re not following the science”. God forbid the day this comes out in court – you’ll have no leg to stand on because these vaccines are hopelessly inadequate at protecting anyone.

Video: Masks are just Theatre - 9min

Masks are just Theatre

April 21, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Masks have had a damaging effect on our lives for two years.
  • Two years of masking has caused immense damage to society with absolutely no real benefit.
  • Children were affected most. It must have affected their breathing adversely. Football players don’t wear masks for the 90 minutes that they play. Children run around the whole day. How can they function effectively if they masked all the time?
  • Masking for long periods can give you headaches and affect your concentration.
  • They are more a hazard than a benefit.
  • The PCR is terribly unreliable so we should abandon it
  • The strain is really a flu. no need to be alarmed.

Video: Snake Venom Theory Far-Fetched - 8min

Snake Venom Theory Far-Fetched

Apr 19, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Was asked by his patients to watch Dr Ardis’s Snake Venom interview on the Stew Peters show.
  • As a clinician, that has treated over three thousand Covid patients, of which 1000 were severe covid pneumonias, he has acquired a great deal of understanding about the pathology of the infection and its treatment.
  • There were many things claimed by Dr Ardis that he doesn’t agree with at all.
  • In this video he gives his reasons for his stand.

Video: Boosters - 10min


Apr 13, 2022 Rumble | Telegram

  • Empathy with the Employees going through a harrowing experience with the Impossible Choice – keep their job by taking a jab and suffering the consequence of the many adverse reactions to the vaccines like myocarditis and heart failure and strokes, or lose their job. (06)
  • Vaccinated are as infectious as Unvaccinated after 3 months.
  • Vaccinated after 3 months are three times more likely to get infected.
  • Israel study, Natural Immunity is 13x Superior than the Vaccine.
  • After 3 months, would need Booster but Boosters cause your natural immunity to be decreased and you will succumb to other common illnesses.
  • Fails to see why employers are still coercing their employees, it’s so unfair. God knows what ‘experts’ they are listening to.
  • Ordinary citizens are genuinely petrified – they don’t really understand the science but they’re not stupid – they know what these vaccines can do to them, so they naturally have the instinct to resist. They are not being unwilling citizens of society to protect the rest of society. They care.
  • There’s adequate evidence for good treatment for covid.
  • Now reached the point where Omicron is now gone – we don’t see it any longer. I’m only seeing patients with very mild strains and all they are getting is a high fever, and nausea. Nothing else. I’ve not seen one pneumonia in the past month.

Fauci | CNN | FDA | CDC | NIH | WHO | WEF | Big Tech/Pharma/Media (Note)

WHO | UN | WEF (Note)

May 15, 2022

Great Reset | Klaus Schwab | NWO/UN | Ukraine | Russia | Plandemic | Fauci (Note)

March 7, 2022

Draconion Science (Note)

April 18, 2022

Ten point plan to save democracy (Note)

March 13, 2022

Ten point plan to save democracy

Objection to Permanent State of Disaster Law in South Africa (Letter)

Good day all, Here is my objection to the government’s intention to make the state of disaster law permanent by incorporating it into the national health act which will give the minister of health unbridled powers to violate your constitutional rights. (March 31, 2022)

World Council for Health Interview (Transcript)

Watch on World Council for Health

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