Dr. Marty Makary: Greatest Covid Misinformation = US Govt

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“The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government.” Dr. @MartyMakary – (Under oath)

Mar 1 2023: Twitter | Rumble | Telegram (01)

Marty Makary MD, MPH is a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and author of “The Price We Pay” testified before the House COVID subcommittee alongside other top medical experts.

“Misinformation that COVID was spread through surface transmission, that vaccinated immunity was far greater than natural immunity, that masks were effective? Now we have the definitive Cochran review, what do you do with that review? Cochran is the most authoritative evidence body in all of medicine, and has been for decades. Do you just ignore it? Not talk about it?”

“That myocarditis was more common after the infection than the vaccine. Not true. It’s 4 in28 times more common after the vaccine. That young people benefit from a booster? Misinformation. Our two top experts on vaccines quit the FDA—in protest over this particular issue—pushing boosters in young, healthy people. The data was never there, that’s why the CDC never disclosed hospitalization rates among boosted Americans under age 50.”

“The vaccine mandates would increase vaccination rates? The George Mason University study shows it didn’t. It did one thing! It created “never-vaxxers”, who are now not getting the childhood vaccines they need to get.”

“Over and over again we’ve seen something that goes far beyond using your best judgment with the information at hand, we’ve seen something which is unforgivable and that is the weaponization of medical research itself.”

“The CDC putting out their own shoddy studies, like their own study looking at natural immunity, looking at one state for two months—when they had data for years on all 50 states. Why did they only report that one sliver of data? Why did they salami slice the giant database? Cause it gave them the result they wanted.”

“Same with masking. Well the data has now caught up in giant systematic reviews and Public health officials were intellectually dishonest, they lied to the American people. Thankyou.”

Marty Makary

He’s also the author of the recent article “10 myths told by Covid experts — now debunked” on News.com.au & NYPost.com (02) | (03)

In the article, he calls out public health officials for refusing to change their directives that didn’t support their directives or policies in the face of new evidence.

“When a study did not support their policies, they dismissed it and censored opposing opinions.”

He also called out the CDC for “weaponizing research by putting out its own flawed studies in its own non-peer-reviewed medical journal, MMWR”.

Misinformation # 1: Natural immunity offers little protection compared to vaccinated immunity
Misinformation # 2: Masks prevent Covid transmission
Misinformation # 3: School closures reduce Covid transmission
Misinformation # 4: Myocarditis from the vaccine is less common than from the infection
Misinformation # 5: Young people benefit from a vaccine booster
Misinformation # 6: Vaccine mandates increased vaccination rates
Misinformation # 7: Covid originating from the Wuhan Lab is a conspiracy theory
Misinformation # 8: It was important to get the 2nd vaccine dose 3 or 4 weeks after the 1st dose
Misinformation # 9: Data on the bivalent vaccine is “crystal clear”
Misinformation # 10: One in five people get long Covid

“Public health officials actively propagated misinformation that ruined lives and forever damaged public trust in the medical profession.”

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