Nov 2020 – Melbourne Security Chokes Teen #CovidPsychosis

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Nov 14 2020: Melbourne security guard chokes a teenager unconscious and carried him out like a ragdoll.

The original reports were that he was not wearing a mask. This is true but it was reportedly NOT the reason for the eviction (witnesses say he was ‘rowdy’), however strict Mask mandates & Social restrictions were in place at that time and Victoria was under heavy “covid psychosis”, despite just passing 2 weeks of ZERO new cases and ZERO deaths. (01) All Victorians at that time were required to wear a mask if they left the house.

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Incident happened Nov 14, 2020 (02)

Covid Restrictions Nov 14, 2020 in Melbourne: (03)

  • All Victorians “Must wear a face mask when leaving home
  • Outdoor gatherings were limited to up to10 people
  • Aged Care facilities required visitors to have current flu jab, and only one visitor a day.
  • Pubs/restaurants had maximum: indoor 40 / outdoor 70 patrons with Social distancing of 1.5 metres
  • Victorians couldn’t leave the state but the 5km / 25km limitations within state were no longer in place.
  • Weddings: 10 people.
  • Funerals: 20 indoor, 50 outdoor.
  • Home weddings/funerals limited to 2 visitors.
  • In general: Up to two visitors at home.
  • Work: staff must work from home if they can, no carpooling, enforce face masks, PPE

NEVER FORGET HOW OVER-THE-TOP CRAY-CRAY PEOPLE GOT and what everyone under the spell felt was FAIR and JUST whilst believing their government was “keeping them safe”. I even had a relative send Dan Andrews love hearts.

7News has witness interviews & more footage (04)

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